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CHAPTER 14: Turning Turmoil

Po eyes was glaring at the peacock was Shen did the same, moments later Tai Lung walk as a big grin was present in his face

"Why Tai Lung?' Po asked with grave seriousness

"Why what?" The leoaprd asked back

'Why had you become a Shen's minion? The panda asked causing the leoapard to barged his fangs and peacock to laugh

"What! Do I look like someone who will follow such a whimp!" Tai Lung snared

"And why him?" He added

"Because I'm the smart one" Shen spoke in a arrogant tune

After a short argument between the two Po stare withgraw from Tai Lung and change to Shen "And you Shen such a royalty now you drop down to being a rapist?"

"You moron!, How dare you accuse something to me!" Shen shouted while slowly drawing a blade from his robe

"Because you just did it to my friend monkey here" Po spoke causing his opponent jaws to drop

"Your accusing something you don't know!, That is not rape if you must know" Shen spoke as the leopard beside him just dumbstruck

"Oh, sorry,So can you show me?" Po asked now smilling forgetting that he is in front of the two deadliest fighters he ever faced


"But I will show you your death!" Shen flew to the air drawing several blades and aiming it at the panda's body

Po realizing it tried to run away but his path was soon block by the leoapard

"There is no escape for you" the leopard spoke grabing the panda by his arms then tosing him back to Shen. The peacock rained numerous blades to Po , luckily Po rolled out of the way but it was soon a short time as the leopard using his speed lauched a straight kcick to the panda smashing him to the walls.

"Ok this is not good" Po spoke as his adversery came closer

Po came back to his fighting stance as his enemeis did the same, a second later Tai Lung jumped to the air planning to land another kick to the panda but the panda just let it land it on his abdomen

Smilling the leopard did but it turned into a frighted one as he saw the panda grinning, utilizing his spring like fat Po bounce back the attacking leopard back hitting the peacock in the process

Using the time Po sprinted away but the peacock saw this and again thrawing his blades at the panda

Po can only run away as the blade came nearer, time seemed to slow down as he run but he knew this can only be the adrenaline from his body in fear, the blades keep getting nearer and nearer soon Po knew that it will hit him and will eventually lead to his death

'Wings of justice" a voice came then a sudden gust of air knocking the blades out of trajectory

With out a moment sooner the rest of the five appear to Po's relief

"You still still breathing buddy?" Mantis asked

"Yeah awesome!" Po smilled but he then felt a paw in his shoulder his eyes tuned to the owner of the paw as he then saw Tigress smile at him

"Glad your okay" She said causing Po to blush

Tigress piercing eyes turned to the two adverseries as she unsheath her claws ready for combat

She can feel all the emotions rushing through her veins, like adrenaline like a drug quickly causing her to growl

The five was draw back by their friends sudden mood swing as then with immense spped and force she came to a quick sprint followed by a huge leap to Tai Lung

Reacting quickly the snow leopard evaded his attacker as she lay open in his sight he unleashed a barrage of punches, Tigress with her years of training deflected his attacks. Hit by hit fist and kicks was thrown to each other opponents both are seemingly equal but that is were the Tiger was wrong.

Tai Lung then launched a kick to the Tiger's abdomen which was easily blocked after the failed attempt the Tigress thought she it was her chance to strike an critical blow to her opponent backing a little back from her enemy she charge for a quick hook punch to him but unfortunately for her he was expecting it and now that her defense is in unattended he manage to land a strong solid punch in the tiger's chest throwing her to his comrades' side

"Still fighting to prove that you are the better warrior" Tai Lung spoke

Tigress just lowered her head showing both sadness and anger from their short brawl

"We were trained by one master, trained under one father yet he is still the better warrior, why?" The tiger can only clenched her fist while her adversery looked at her

Po then put his paw to his friend's shoulder as to comport her then standing up and taking a fighting pose

"You may be the better warrior Tai Lung but Tigress had became the better person, and now I will show you how better I've become after our battle" He said earning a growl from the snow leopard

A short silence happened next before Po took a deep breath then a exhaling the air he took, everyone around him observe his unique movements as he took again a big gulp of air this time while moving in a tai chi pattern, slowly and seemingly like a leaf in a breeze his arms sway left to right as he close his eyes showing a sign of meditation

"Inner peace!" Everyone observing the panda gasp as the snow leopard became more aggravated by Po's action

"This must be joke that damned turtle took half of his life just to discovered that! And now your telling me he learned that in such a short time!" Tai Lung snarled

"He did you brute and if I were you I wound not consider attacking him at that state" The peacock spoke causing the leopard to hit him with the back of his palm

"SHUT UP! I don't need you or him to finish them of" Tai Lung shouted as again he lunged with extreme speed to the panda

The snow leopard performed a high jump while swing his leg back aiming a good kick to the panda's head, but the panda was unafraid of this nor is he intending to evade the attack. "DIE!" the snow leopard shouted as he swing to the panda's position but then something happened, with one small sway the panda avoided the attack even thought that we had his eyes closed

Tai Lung can only gasp in shock as the panda avoided his attack, after returning to the ground he then came to the panda charging at his full speed intending to crush his enemy with his ferocity and fist. Fist, punches and kicks came to Po's direction but amazingly none of it was successful to land, every attepmt made by the snow leopard was either blocked or deflected.

"I've seen it multiple times but even now I am amazed to see Po use such technique" Crane said as they all watch Po incredible performance against Tai Lung

"It like he is a different person once he started to fight like that" Mantis added

"I may be stronger than Po but in Po showed us that it is not strength alone is needed to win" Tigress spoke

"Shut up all of you!" Tai lung again shouted now frustrated not able to land even a single blow to his opponent

Tai Lung slowly lose his energy as Po on the other hand haven't broken a sweat, after all of his failed attacks fatigue has to takes it toll on him and as soon it did he then felt his own body started to disobey him, his movement started to stall until in eventually began to stop, Po noticing this grab both of the leopard arms then bringing him to a dangerous range with the panda. "FEET OF FURY" Po yelled as he delivered countless kicks to Tai Lung's lower jaw, after a barrage of kicks the leopard was barely hanging on to his consciousnesses as he felt not pain but his self slowly slipping away he then felt to arms cradling him but what suprise him more is who holding him.

It was his enemy it was Po who was holding him preventing him to fall

"It's over Tai Lung you lost" Po spoke as his opponent cast a small growl to him