Chapter Four

"So," One of the men who had taken Scipio said as they sat in the small shack. "Have you been spying on us or were you just enjoying the sites of this Isle?"

Scipio shook his head at the men. He was quite afraid of them. They were much bigger than him but they couldn't have his wits or brains. They had barely even tied him up right. He could, if he wanted to, get out of these bonds quite easily. He, however didn't yet have an escape route.

"Spying, seniore?" He asked softy "No, of course not. I just came to the Island to check something out."

It may not have been such a good choice of words, but, he wasn't lying. He couldn't tell the men why he had come to the Isle. They need not know. He was, however, thinking about what they had said earlier. It seemed like they were talking about him and Prosper.

But was it because of that flash of light? Was it because Prosper had returned him to his real age? Was it because Prosper had seemed to stop time when they were in the Stella and that it seemed his friend could use magic? How could these men know that all of these things had happened?

They didn't even know Prosper or himself.

"What did you come to check?" One of the men asked. "Did you come to see that Merry Go Round of yours? You knew it was broken!"

Scipio shook his head. How could these men possibly know about the Merry Go Round that had changed Scipio into an adult?

"Then what was it?" The second man asked.

Scipio shook his head again. It was none of their business. They didn't own this Isle, they didn't have any authority.

Mosca watched the boy and the men. What were they talking about and why did the boy seem so familiar? If only the boy would move his head so that he could properly see his face.

The boy looked like he was in distress. He was, after all, tied up with two large men standing there and these men looked rather menacing. Mosca tried to hear what they were saying and stayed as quite as her could.

"That's my business," The familiar voice rang out.

"It's our business now, boy," One of the men could be heard saying. "You're trespassing here."

The boy was shaking his head. "You don't own the Isle!"

"We might as well," The other man said.

Mosca watched. If only the boy would turn his head a little more. Maybe He should go an help him. These men were much larger than him and he could use the help. Mosca picked up a big rock and threw it at the glass window.

It shattered and Mosca ducked into a bush so he would not be seen. Why had he done that? It wasn't very smart of him.

"What was that?" One of the men was asking and they were getting close to the window to examine it.

Mosca could see inside of the house. The boy was undoing the poorly tied ropes and threw them off of himself. Mosca could not see clearly the boy's face from this angle. He kicked out one of the other windows and the attention from the men returned on him.

"He must be like that little friend of his!" One man exclaimed.

The boy jumped out of this window and began to run from the house. Mosca watched him and tried his best to sneak away back to his boat. That was where the boy was running. Mosca could see him.

The boy kicked one of the boats out into the water and it floated away. Mosca began to approach him as he kicked another of the boats which floated away.

"I'm borrowing your boat," The boy said without even turning to Mosca. "They can't get back to Venice."

"How am I going to get back to Venice?" Mosca asked softly.

"I guess you could come with me but hurry," The boy said stepping into the boat. "They're coming."

"You guess I could come?" Mosca stamped angrily. "This is my boat!"

The men were appearing in the distance.

"Hurry up!"

Mosca pushed the boat off and hopped into it. They began to float back towards Venice with the men shouting behind them. Mosca grumbled at the stranger.

"Who are you?"

Prosper lead Riccio to Victor's house after they had looked for a few hours through the streets. Riccio looked up at Victor's house and shook his head.

"Why are we here Prop?" He asked softly.

"I want you to go and talk to Victor about this person that is lurking around," Prosper said softly. "Please? I need to go out to find Scipio. They haven't seen him for a while."

Riccio looked at Prosper and nodded hesitantly. He stepped up the steps to Victor's office and knocked on the door softly.

"Come in," He heard and opened the door.

Victor looked up from his desk and wore a shocked expression on his face. He had obviously not been expecting to see Riccio.

"I would like to tell you that there is a person lurking around the Stella and I want to know who they are," Riccio spit it out rather fast.

Victor eyed him. "This suspicious person doesn't happen to be you or Mosca, does it?"

Riccio stiffly shook his head. He didn't have much of a taste for talking to adults especially detectives like Victor.

Victor nodded his head softly and then looked at Riccio. "So, can you describe this person?"

Riccio told Victor about the person he had seen at the theater although he hadn't seen him much at all. He had only seen his hair color.

Prosper stood by the waterfront knowing that Scipio must be returning soon. He saw the boat approaching but two people were inside of it. Mosca and Scipio both had their backs to each other. Prosper wondered if Mosca knew who was riding in the boat with him.

He waved Scipio down and the boy turned the boat in that direction. They were headed to the shore and Mosca was now staring at Prosper with a confused look. He obviously didn't know that Prosper would be down by the shore to welcome him back.

Prosper hadn't even known that.

Scipio was waving back and Mosca kept trying to get glances at the other boys face but Scipio would turn his head slightly or tuck it into his chest. They landed on the shore besides the spot that Prosper was standing.

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