Her phone has been ringing for a long time now, but so far no-one had tried to answer. The person on the other end must be going crazy now. It must have been 6th or 7th time that the phone rang. Finally she ran from the bedroom to answer.

"What ?" Jenny shouted.

"About time, Shepard," NCIS director Tom Morrow said on the other hand.

"Sorry, I was busy. I was thinking about the game plan and Catherine was getting on my nerves," Jenny said in one breath.

"Where is Gibbs ?" Morrow asked.

"Out with the Russians, they called and asked him to come. Something wrong ?" Jenny answered, the worry obvious in her voice.

"Everything is going according to plan, at least how much it can with those missions. I wanted to let you know that those 2 agents will be coming and taking over the mission, at least part of it. I'd like to bring you out, because of Catherine. You can think of me as jackass, that I gave you the mission, but I don't like innocent deaths and I do care about the well-being of your baby girl," Morrow explained.

"Gibbs ?" Jenny asked.

"I knew that was coming. He'll stay in Moscow. I can't pull him away too, we are short on trained agents and he is already in," Morrow said.

"I won't be coming home without him," Jenny stated.

"I was afraid of that. It's your choice Jenny. I'll give you till Sunday, it's 4 days. Johnson and Burrows will arrive in 2 weeks. I'll figure out the game plan by that, until that be safe and keep Gibbs under control," Morrow said and chuckled.

Before Jenny could answer she heard moving in the hallway. She moved to her gun and had that ready to shoot. She heard the lock moving and then opening. She aimed at the intruder, but comes out it was just Gibbs.

"Jenny, you there ?" Morrow asked.

She had forgotten the phone on her ear.

"Yeah. Gibbs came, wanna talk with him?" She asked.

"No. I trust you to pass the information," he said simply.

"I will. Bye," she said and shut the phone before Morrow could say his goodbye.

Jenny put her gun on the table, put his phone beside it and went to greet him. He managed to take off his coat and skarf.

"Who was that ?" Gibbs asked, when he saw her appear again.

"Morrow," she said.

She moved closer to him and kissed him. He leaned in to have a better hold of her. Her hands pulled him closer he did the same. Their tongues did the dance they knew so well.

Finally they pulled away in the need of air. Their breathing was rapid.

"That was nice," he commented.

"I was scared," she admitted.

"Hey, I'm good. This isn't a mission that could kill us. What did Morrow want ?" he asked, when he remembered about the phone call.

"He'll be bringing 2 other agents here in 2 weeks. He also wants to bring me home, but I refused the offer of course," She said and hugged him tight.

He took a hold of her hands and pushed her so far that he could look at her.

"You did what ?" he asked.

"I won't leave you here alone," she protected her side.

"I'll be fine. You take the chance and go home. Get Catherine away and be safe," he said looking in her eyes.

"I won't leave you. Yes, I want Catherine to be safe too, but I want you too. If something happens, I can't have another you. So I am staying," she stated.

"What if Cathering gets dragged in the middle of this ? What will happen if she gets hurt or worst killed, because the mission goes south ?" he asked in raised voice.

"It won't. We'll have this under control. Jethro, I can't leave you again. Today I was having troubles getting Cathering to sleep, because she wanted Daddy. She can't lose you, because somehow she is so used with you that she needs you just as much as I do," she said louder than she planned.

The cry came from the other room.

"And now I managed to get her awake again," she said in annoyance.

"I get this," Jethro said, kissed her temple and left her standing there alone in front of the door. She heard him talking with Catherine and singing a lullaby. She had a smile on her face – yeah, he was good at it, unfortunately they might be separate again...

"She's asleep," he said as he came back to her. She hadn't move from the spot he left her standing. Her mind was full of countless ways this could end. She didn't know what to do and it wasn't her fault – if you don't know then you won't know until it snaps and you have your answer.

"Jen ?" he asked.

"I'm still here, if you mean it," she said quickly recovering and coming back to the present moment.

"Now, you'll call Morrow and tell him that you'll be coming home. I'll finish this mission and come home to you, darling," he said softly.

"I need you Jethro," she said quietly, but he heard it, even if it was barely.

He didn't reply, instead pulled her closer and hugged her. His hands kept her body pressed tight to his flat chest.

"Jen, I'll come back to you. I won't survive without you by my side. I depend on you and even if you are in DC and I am here, we'll find our way. We will make this work I promise. I won't let you get away again," he whispered to her ear.

"If you ever dare to let go of me, I'll castrate you," she threatened.

His chest moved in laughter and she felt the shaking. He moved his head and tried to catch her eyes. They looked each other for a quick moment, before their lips crashed together and he pushed her to the door. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around her middle. Her hands were under his shirt, touching her back, while he struggled with his belt and zipper, and then moving to her waistband. He probably ruined her panties, when he got rid of them in one rough movement. She had pushed his boxers down the same time and without second guessing he thrust inside of her. He gave her a moment before he started thrusting.

Their moans were muffled in the kiss they were sharing. It was fast and their climax reached it's peak too fast for their liking. She hit her head on the door, when she finally came and broke off the kiss, he hid his face on her shoulder.

Neither Jenny or Jethro moved for a moment – they needed to get down from their high.

"Damn, I'm gonna miss that," he said, his breathing still rapid.

"You live in Moscow, I'm sure you can find some woman willing enough and if you're lucky she's a redhead too," she teased.

"Maybe I will, but I don't need it. I already have my woman and she is a redhead too. Plus I have a child with that woman, so I'm good," he said and kissed her cheek.

He sensed that she was recovered enough to stand on her own and let her down. He pulled his boxers and jeans back up while she did the same.

"Plus my head hurts and I am pretty sure it's your fault," she said and raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't hear you complaining before, Jen," he smirked.

She playfully slapped his chest to smother the laughter that escaped from his lips, but not too long after she was laughing too.


"Jenny, we need you out on the field, I'll be there in 10, get Gibbs and dress casually," Decker said on phone and hang up before Jenny had chance to say anything.

She looked at Jethro confused. Gibbs was sitting on the couch and watching Catherine color one of her books. Jenny had left her spot right next to him, watching their daughter and letting life be normal, even if it is just for a night.

"What Decker wanted ?" he asked, looking at her.

"He said that we are going out and he'll be here in 10. We should dress casually," she said, but she didn't move from the place she stood while

"That's not good, when Decker calls us like that, beside you were supposed to leave soon," Jethro said and took Catherine to his lap.

"I don't know. We'd better change, Cath will be okay on her own for a moment," she said and went to the bedroom.

Gibbs put Catherine down so he could change. Jenny was right, Catherine went back to painting and probably didn't realize that her parents had left the room. When Gibbs came to the bedroom, Jenny had already changed and his clothes were on the bed. He pulled his black jeans on and removed his loose t-shirt to replace it with tighter long-sleeved shirt. She just stood there, waiting and watching. This time Jenny's look didn't belong to his lover, it was his co-worker's.

Doorbell rand as he finished changing.

"Decker," she said and went to the door.

Decker rushed in without the invite. Gibbs pointed to the bedroom and so the three of them walked there.

"Talk," Gibbs barked.

"We have a situation. Our friends are planning on murdering local arms dealer, but they don't trust anyone anymore. You will be asked there, but they are suspicious about you two, so play your cover well and try to stay in the background. Earn your trust, but do it slowly, so they won't realize how much you know and how valuable you really are. Whatever you do, don't mention your child – that will destroy you," Decker said quietly.

"I have no plan of dragging Cath in the middle of this," Jenny hissed.

"Just letting you know. I'll stay with Catherine and you two are headed to the Red Square, where people are waiting for the New Year to start, they'll call or look for you there," Decker instructed.

"Okay," she said after a moment of silence.

Jethro looked at Jenny, Decker and then Catherine. His eyes stopped on his little girl and it reminded him of his mission – get home fast and safe.

"Keep an eye on her," he said softly to Decker.

"I will," Decker said and nod.

Gibbs placed his hand on the small of her back and leaded her to their coats and then out of the door.

"By car or on foot?" he asked.

"Cab. We can't drive there, because streets will be closed and we can't walk there, because it's too long distance," She replied easily.

"You're probably right," he said and leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled back.

"Let's find the cab, Jethro," she said simply.

"There are probably some by the shop nearby," he said, but his voice was cold.

They walked in silence to the local shop, where yellow taxis were parked. They walked up to the first one and Gibbs set their destination point. The driver and Jethro exchanged some occasional sentences, but otherwise the drive was quiet. After reaching the town center he payed the bill, wished driver happy new year and then they left the taxi to get to the Red square.

Despite the fact that it was almost midnight the city was full of life. They walked through the Tverskaya street leading them to the Kremlin itself, where the President of Russia residents. Snow had made it white and beautiful. At this time no cars were allowed here as people walked randomly at the heart of Moscow.

When more people started coming around Jethro grabbed Jenny's hand and pulled her close as they walked. People randomly passed them, talked in Russian, offered vodka or champagne and some even came to hug them to wish them better new year or something like that. Jethro wasn't generally bothered, but when people came close to his Jenny, he felt the urge to punch every guy talking to his woman, but he didn't want to get any attention, so he controlled himself and found satisfaction in the fact that she is here with him.

Finally they reached the Red square at the heart of the Russian Federation. It was already full of people, so Jethro and Jenny stayed a little further from the center. He looked at the time and found that they still have 25 minutes before the fireworks starts.

"You wanna walk a little? It's cold to stand, plus we have time," he asked her.

"Sure," she simply replied.

They walked back the way they had came, but turned left on the first chance. Her hand was still on his as they walked in the Moscow winter. They managed to get on a street with no people beside them.

"Are we okay?" he asked.

"Shouldn't we be?" she answered with a question.

He stopped and looked at her.

"You've been distant. It's like you're planning on leaving me," he said out his thoughts.

"I'm not leaving you. I've just got a lot on my mind," she said offering him a smile.

"Wanna share? I'll take half of the weight on me," he spoke softly.

"I'm a woman. I think a lot, sometimes I over-think everything. I'm just constantly scared and it's not something you can help with," she explained.

"I'll keep you safe," he said quickly.

"But who's gonna protect you?" she asked the question he couldn't answer.

The stood in silence for a moment and then he kissed her giving her no way to escape. He pulled away too fast for his liking, but he sensed her rejection.

"You'll keep me safe. I'll be good for you and Cath, because I am not ready to give you up," he said simply.

She closed the distance and hugged him. Her voice was muffled in his coat, but she might have said that she doesn't want to let him go.

"I love you Jen. When we are back home, I might as well marry you and make you legally mine. We could change Cath's name, so she'll be mine too on papers. I'm done with other woman as long as I have you. I have you and Catherine and that's all I want and I won't let anything or anyway ruin that," he whispered.

Her eyes flew open, but her body was stable.

"We should go back," she said letting him go.

He smiled, took her hand and they went back the way they had came. Back at the Tverskaya street a man gave them champagne and talked in Russian, but Jethro didn't bother to answer and Jenny wasn't really listening.

The Red Square was now packed with people. Someone announced that it's five minutes before midnight. Jenny and Jethro stopped a little further than before. His free hand went around her and the other held the champagne. She snuggled close to him to seek the warmth in the ice cold night.

The countdown started at 20 seconds. When the numbers get smaller she got out of his embrace and they looked at each other. In that moment in the crowded Moscow night, they had time for just each other. The blocked out the surroundings and had eyes only for each other. As the fireworks started the champagne bottle fell to the ground and the glass shattered into millions of little pieces as Jenny and Gibbs crashed their lips together. Nothing else mattered at the moment.

They were interrupted by a knock on his shoulder. Gibbs pulled away from the kiss to see familiar face there.

"Happy new year my friend. Care to join us?" Vladimir asked with a devilish smile.