Once upon a time, there lived a crazy Psychopath name Miema. She's a very cruel person and she's very selfish. One day, she called her slave (and his name is Sebastian)

Miema : Seby, I'm starving! *bite Seby hand*

Seby : Mistress, I'll prepare...

Miema : Wha do you call me?

Seby : Apologize for my mistake, master.

Miema : *mad* Never call me mistress you stupid! *hit Seby head*

Seby : I'll take any punishment *bow*

Miema : *evil smile* Khukhukhu….

Seby : *scared*


Seby : *shocked and blushing* William? Uke? Dun wanna.

Miema : Or I'll bring Grell into your room, hide him somewhere, and then he will…

Seby : *holds his ear tightly with his hand* OK, OK, as your wish my lord!

Miema : Tonight in my room before I sleep. *get up from her chair* I wanna tell William and the fujoshi group


And then, in Miema's room on the third floor of that mansion (which the coolest place ever with Jacuzzi and a secret batman cave and it wasn't a secret any more, also a bookstore and a gold toilet with an emerald on the flash button, and a Konata statue that can say: "Kagame") some of Miema fujoshi friends have waiting to watch the 'lemon' WillSeby (and I'm writing this with holding my nose, coz…ya kno, nose bleed). Then Seby entered the room and Miema fujoshi friends and also Miema were speechless (the truth is they shut their mouth because wanna laugh loudly till they have a stomachache) coz Seby use bikini pink color with dots on the bikini. And a few minute later, William entered the room and his hair was drooped down and (Miema: Too much and you idiot! Me: Sorry..) He didn't use his spec. All the audiences were clapping their hand when William walks genteelly (with slow motion effect).

Patricia (Lucky Star): And today in Miema's room we gonna watch SebyWill...whoops, I mean WillSeby!

*clap**the audiences make a boring faces**and Patricia couldn't move*

Seby was blushing when look at Will were ready to 'move' and 'attack'. She, eh I mean he just sit on the bed and in one attack from William Seby already pushed to the bed and they were kissing (my nose feels weird). And then, William licking all over Seby body and Seby just can scream when William bite his neck. All the audience were speechless and holding their own nose when looking the beautiful 'lemon'.

William started (you kno) and Seby screaming nicely while he holds Will's hair tightly. Seby blushing hardly and he were just like wanna explode when William licked all over his body again. One of Miema's friend, Yo (she's a girl) is knock down and she can't holds her nose bleed, so her white black pajama were dirt by her blood. One over one audience collapse and only one audience still standing there with her nose bleed…Miema. She can holds her nose as long as she can, but she can't holds her mouth.

Seby and William still on the bed till midnight and Miema still stand on her place from the first time. The beautiful 'lemon' that's makes me hang for a while didn't stop until 3 a clock in the morning.

3 a clock in the morning:

Miema: *shaking* STOP! I CAN"T HOLD IT ANY MORE! *Collapse*

Seby: *worried* master...*wanna stand up*

Will: *pushed Seby* Where were we? We haven't finished yet.

Seby: *blush* I, I guess we need to stop. I feel exhausted and weak...

Will: *smile* that's good! * Attack Seby more hardly*

Author: I guess they will do it until morning *looking at Miema* I'll help you boss.

Lyne: Sorry if there any mistake, please reviews so we can make it more better...and I guess Miema still enjoying her dream.

Miema: *sit* I'm a wake, I'M A WAKE!

Hato: *give Miema somthing* here's your pils.

Miema: *anger mark*

Hato: *run*

Lyne: ...