Written for the NGF Song of the Day 18th July 2011

Pairing: LouisOC, prompts: crushed, make up, lies

I do not own the song, Harry Potter or Louis. Andrew's mine, though.

you, with your words like knives

and the swords and the weapons that you use against me

you, pickin' on the weaker man

Mean - Taylor Swift


He can't cope.

You can see him c r u m b l i n g.

How long until he gets [crushed?]


You don't want him to get hurt.

You love him, after all.

It kills you to see the words

cut him down like knives.


It's always {Andrew}, never you:

you're LouisWeasley -

you're i m m u n e.

They know they'll have to contend with the rest of the Weasleys

if they try to hurt you.

So they leave you alone,

hurt him instead.

You'd rather it was you in the f/i/r/i/n/g line.


Mostly they're just first-years,

spreading silly stories they [make up].

He brushes them away like they're flies,

{a minor annoyance}.

He laughs off the feet stuck out in the classroom,

waiting to trip him up.

He's stronger than they think.


But he's not strong enough to take it all.

The poisonous, malicious


the older ones tell;

the same stupid


[little lies]

all insecure guys tell.

It makes you sick to your stomach

because he has to take it all a l o n e.


You won't give up on him -

you don't know what you'd do without him.

You won't leave him by h i m s e l f again.


One day, you have enough.

The *constant taunts* get to you

even more than they bother him.


you barrel towards them like a


One punch is enough:

you've got their attention.

Then you hurl words like fireballs.


"Why are you so Goddamn pathetic?"

Their faces are carefully blank.


"You're so pathetic, you know that?

What gives you the right to

treat him like


They still don't speak, but look scared -

they're just cowards.

"Don't you dare go anywhere near him,

ever again.

Don't. You. Dare!"


they run.

The cowards run and they




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