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"WHAT?" Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, yelled at her friend, Poppy Pomfrey, Hogwarts Healer.

Poppy leveled a stern glare at her friend, who was currently sitting on one of the Hospital Wing's many beds. "I said you're pregnant Minnie," Poppy said. "About three weeks along."

"But how?"

Poppy smirked. "You work in a school filled with teenagers Minnie, I hardly think I need to explain the mechanics."

Minerva scowled at her friend. "That's not what I mean. I haven't had intercourse with a man in years Poppy, how can I be pregnant?"

"You've obviously had sex with someone," Poppy pointed out. "I didn't detect any memory charms." The healer raised an eyebrow. "Your sure you haven't had sex in years?"

Minerva rolled her eyes. "I just told you..."

"That you hadn't been with a man in years. That doesn't mean you haven't had sex. And since we live in a world filled with magic, anything is possible," Poppy pointed out.

Minerva blushed and mumbled something.

"Speak up Minnie," Poppy said, "I can't hear you."

Minerva cleared her throat. "Cats. In my animagus form. But they couldn't have impregnated me, animal blood isn't compatible."

Poppy groaned. "But what if one of the cats was an animagus like you?"

Minerva opened her mouth, then closed it at the obvious implication. "Oh Merlin," she muttered.

"Yes, oh Merlin," Poppy admonished. The healer sighed. "Wait here, I need a blood sample."

"What for?" Minerva asked.

"So that I can tell you who the father of your baby is! Preferably before the students arrive tomorrow."


"Mr. Potter!" McGonagall called as Harry was leaving the carriage he had ridden in with his friends.

"Yes Professor?" he asked.

"Come with me please," McGonagall instructed.

Harry sighed, thinking he had gotten in trouble somehow, and followed his head of house. She lead him to her office, then instructed him to sit.

"Mr. Potter," McGonagall began, facing away from him, "tell me how long you have been an animagus?"

Harry's eyes widened. "Um...Since this summer," he said meekly.

McGonagall sighed. "First let me say how disappointed I am that you undertook such a task illegally. Secondly, We have bigger problems."

"What problems?" Harry asked nervously.

McGonagall glared down at Harry. "One reason I check the animagus registry regularly, is so that I don't encounter any other animagus' when I am in my form during certain...activities. Not knowing that you were an animagus, I spent time around your Aunt's home, so that I could check on you when I was...done. Tell me Mr. Potter, do you remember what my animagus form is?"

Harry shook his head. "No professor."

"I am a cat animagus Harry, a CAT animagus who had no idea another cat animagus was in the area. Which means that I didn't mind certain activities happening because there was no chance that I could get pregnant, from a normal CAT." McGonagall's glare was full force now, but Harry paid it no mind. Things had just clicked into place for him.

"You and I...?" Harry asked.

McGonagall nodded.

"And you're pregnant?"

McGonagall nodded.

"With our...?"

McGonagall nodded. "Yes Mr. Potter, I'm carrying your child."

Harry fainted.


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