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And It Begins

The girls had just gotten to the Utonium Labs and settled into their usual after school routine. Momoko Akatsutsumi was sitting on the couch eating snacks from the Kintoki sweets shop. Miyako Gotokuji was sitting at the other end of the couch reading a fashion magazine featuring the latest in the Petite Jaguar line. Kaoru Matsubara was sitting between them watching a soccer match between her favorite team the Green Rangers and the Golden Thunders.

Lights and sirens began to go off in the room, startling the girls. At that moment Professor Utonium came hurtling into the room followed by his son Ken and their mechanical pet dog Peach.

"Girls you're going to have to transform while we find out what's going on," the Professor ordered.

"Yes Professor" all three said at once.

The girls proceeded to pull out the compacts from their belts and transformed into their alter ego's. Hyper Blossom (Momoko), Rolling Bubbles (Miyako), and Powered Buttercup (Kaoru). After transforming they turned to the Professor to find out what was going on.

"So Professor what's causing the ruckus this time" Buttercup said cracking her knuckles. "Is it Mojo stealing food or the Ameba Boys trying to commit a crime?"

All the Professor said was "Yes."

Bubbles looking confused asked, "Which is it Professor? Mojo or the Ameba Boys."

The Professor turned to look at them horrified, "Mojo is rampaging through Northern Tokyo, while the Ameba Boys are destroying Southern Tokyo. Also the Gangreen Gang with the Rowdyruff Boys are terrorizing the citizen's. Fuzzy Lumpkins has kidnapped Miss Bellum. Sedusa is stealing makeup from every store in town. Princess is sinking all the ships in the harbor. The Great Michel is hypnotizing people. And every child's toy in town is being turned into a monster by Him."

"H…How are w…we supposed to stop them all" stuttered Blossom falling to her knees.

Ken speaks up "Um…papa…I mean Professor I think I maybe able to stop them."

Professor Utonium looks at his son curiously "How's that?"

"Well I've been studying the White Light, Black Light, and Him's Black Particles. Peach has been helping me by gathering data every time the girls transform and they fight the monsters. With that I think I've managed to come up with a way that can get rid of all the monster's for good" he told them.

The Professor and girls stare at both Ken and Peach for a moment. Then the Professor looks at the girls and says with worry in his voice "Ken how sure are that this will work."

Ken says with confidence "I calculate that there is an 87% chance that it will work. But I've yet to test it."

Professor Utonium turns to his son "Ken I pray that this works, because you're going to have to use it now. It may be the only way to save the town and it's citizens"

"Thank you papa…I mean Professor" Ken says excitedly. Then he turns to the girls. "Ok girls you're going to have to stand in a circle around Peach holding hands. Then you are going to have to start spinning as fast as you can while still in contact with each other. Peach you know what to do then."

Peach jumping up and down excitedly said "You mean I can finally do it Ken. Won. Won."

Ken nods at Peach while the girls take their places around the mechanical dog.

After the girls have started their high-speed spin. Peach starts to speak "Let the White Light gathered here find the Black of this world to banish it to another world."

While Peach was speaking the White Light that gave the girls and Peach their powers coalesced into a sphere around them. Then in a blink of an eye it expanded outward in all directions, blinding the Professor and Ken.

When Ken and the Professor where able to see again, they stared shocked at where the girls and peach had been. Only to find that they were gone.

The Professor turned to Ken then looked at the camera's that were showing the city. All of the monsters were gone, but all Professor Utonium could say was "We need to find the girls and Peach now!"