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Pokemon Contests?

The companions were just walking into Nimbasa City after a very long and boring trip trough the desert.

"Argh! I can't wait to get to the Pokemon Center. I need a shower really badly after traveling through that horrible desert" Kaoru complained as they walked along.

"It wasn't that bad. At least we were able to see some interesting ruins" Cilan replied with a smile.

"The only reason we saw those ruins was because we got lost for a week out there. It was lucky that when we found those ruins that the archeologist's there were able to help us get here. Otherwise I think we would have died of thirst out in that desert," Iris said with a weary look on her face.

They continued on in silence until they got to the Pokemon Center. As they walked into the building they saw two girls arguing at the counter.

The first one had an orange sleeveless shirt with white pockets, black biker shorts, black and white biker gloves, orange shoes, a green hip bag, a yellow backpack, a green bandana on her head, blue eyes, and brown hair with two large groups of it framing her face. The other girl had a black sleeveless shirt, pink skirt, red scarf, white ski hat with a pink pokeball symbol on it, pink boots, black socks, dark blue hair, and blue eyes.

When Ash saw them he immediately smiled "May! Dawn! What are you two doing here?"

Both girls then turned towards the group and yelled at the same time "Ash!" Then they came over and gave him a combined hug.

Misty cleared her throat loudly "Would you two let my fiancée go."

The girls quickly let go of him when they heard her.

The one with the orange shirt then smiled as she looked at Misty "I'm glad you finally managed to get him Misty. So how did you do it?"

"Umm…before we get to carried away maybe we should find a quite place to introduce everyone," Cilan said with a polite smile.

The others agreed and Nurse Joy led them to a private room, after they asked her for one.

"So Ash, who are these two" Iris asked curiously.

He pointed to the girl in orange "This is May" he then pointed to the other girl "and Dawn. They both Pokemon Coordinators."

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Cilan, I'm a Pokemon Connoisseur" Cilan said with a bow.

Iris then stepped forward "My name's Iris and I'm a dragon trainer."

"Hello, My name is Miyako and these are my friends Momoko, Kaoru, and Peach" Miyako said as she introduced herself and her friends.

"It's nice to meet all of you. Now, could you explain how you managed to get Ash to agree to marry you" Dawn asked Misty with a smile.

"Oh, it was simple really. I talked to his mother and she got everything set up" she replied with a smirk.

Ash grunted "Darn my mother. Interfering with my life with out asking me"

Everyone just ignored his comment.

"So, what's a Pokemon Coodinator?" Momoko asked the two new girls.

"We're like Pokemon Trainers, in that we train our Pokemon battles. But we try to win contests with them instead of gym badges. Contests consist of Coodinators showing off their Pokemon's best moves to get the best appeal from the judges. The top eight or so then have to battle each other while still showing off to the judges. The winner of a contest gets a ribbon that represents the contest that they competed in" May answered her.

"That sounds exciting" Miyako replied with a little awe in her voice.

"It is. Exspecially when your trying to develop new combos to use in a contest" Dawn said with a smile.

"So, what are you two doing in Nimbasa City?" Ash asked the two girls.

"We're here for the annual Nimbasa City Contest" May told him.

"Wait, there's a Pokemon Contest happening here in Nimbasa City?" Iris asked with a bit of surprise.

"Yeah, it occurs once every year and is judged by Elesa the model and local Gym Leader" Dawn said with a small smile.

"Let me guess. While the Contest is going no one can challenge the gym for a badge" Kaoru asked sarcastically.

May shrugged "I guess. The Contest will only last for about two days."

"So we have to wait until after the Contest to end, great. When does this Contest start anyway?" Kaoru asked with a groan.

Both Dawn and May's eyes immediately grew wide as they looked at the clock.

"OH NO! The Contest starts in about fifteen minutes!" May yelled as she and Dawn ran from the room and out the Pokemon Center.

The others followed right behind them as they ran to a large stadium. They followed them as they ran up to a desk with a man sitting behind it.

"We're here to sign up for the Nimbasa City Contest" Dawn said as she leaned against May panting.

"You just made it," the man behind the desk said. He then looked at the others "Do any of you want to sign up?"

"I will" Miyako said as she walked up to the desk.

"Are you sure Miyako?" Iris asked her.

"Yeah, I think this might be a nice change from doing all of those gym battles" Miyako told her with a smile.

Then those that weren't going to participate in the Contest went into the stadium to find some seats to watch their friends compete.

May, Dawn, Miyako, and Miyako's Dratini went in a different direction.

"Is there anything special that I need to know before I compete?" Miyako asked the other two girls.

"Not much. Just try to come up with some combos for the appeals round and the battle round, if you make it that far" May told her with a reassuring smile.

"Also, use a Pokemon that you're confident will perform well" Dawn added.

The three girls and Pokemon arrived at an area that was filled with a huge group of people.

As they all waited in the room Miyako noticed a familiar face in the crowd.

A girl about her age wearing a dark purple bell shaped dress, with a large bluish purple bow on the front, an emerald set gold near her neck, black stockings, red shoes, yellow eyes with circles in them, and a red afro with a crown in it.

Miyako immediately moved over to a corner and pulled out her compact.

As the companions sat down Kaoru and Momoko's compacts started to flash.

Kaoru took hers off and opened it "What's wrong Miyako?"

"I just saw Princess among the other contestants back here" she replied.

"What would she be doing here? There's nothing related to us here that she would want to destroy" Momoko said confused.

"Maybe she just wants to get some recognition," Peach answered.

"Are you all going to have to go and capture her?" Iris asked slightly worried.

"No. As long as she's not causing any trouble right now I think we can leave her alone. After the Contest we'll capture her and free any Pokemon she has" Kaoru said with a sigh as she closed her compact.

Just then a woman wearing a yellow dress with black v-shaped stripes on the front, black stocking, yellow shoes, short-cut blonde hair, and a pair of headphones walked onto the stage. "Hello and welcome to the Nimbasa City Annual Contest. My name is Elesa and I will be judging it along with Mr. Contesta and our local Pokemon Center's Nurse Joy. Now this year we'll be changing up the way the contest is done. There will be two appeal rounds followed by the battle round. During the appeal rounds our participating Coordinators will be using two Pokemon, but they have to use a different set of Pokemon for each round. In the battle round they will be teamed up with another Coordinator until we have four participants left. Then they will be put against each other in a round robin tournament. Then one with the most wins left will be the Nimbasa City Contest winner," Elesa told the cheering crowd.

"That's going to make this a very difficult contest," Cilan said with concern.

"Why's that?" Momoko asked.

"It means that if you don't have at least four different Pokemon you can't even participate in this contest" Iris answered her.

"Well it's a good this that Miyako has four Pokemon" Kaoru replied.

The others nodded as they watched Elesa walk over to the side of the stage and take a seat next to a Nurse Joy and a man with a red jacket behind some desks with screens on the front.

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