This is the final arc to my previous story BandiChron: Legends United. Reason why it's a separate story is because this one has inevitably darker themes that reach the rating of T. Here's a quick rundown of what happened in that story so you're not forced to plow through ninety-three chapters of awesomeness…

-One day, five evil bad guys (original characters) named Reiden Long, Arden Calypso, Dr. Mavo, Isaac Bifford, and Draksin Mefisto escaped from captivity in the Oblivion Realm, heading for Earth Realm.

-Five gods of the Twilight Realm (original characters) Orphco, Jeycko, Glen, Gladdus, and Eurathaccus responded to this threat by recruiting as many willing heroes as possible. These included Crash and his family, the Cooper gang, Ratchet and Clank, characters from Jak and Daxter's world, Link from Hyrule, and characters from the Kingdom Hearts universe.

-They united to defeat and destroy the Chinese emperor Reiden Long, a fire-powered man who turns into a dragon.

-Crash mercifully let Reiden live, but he hasn't told his allies about this yet.

-They split into two groups afterward, both led by Jak and Link. At this point, Mario from Super Mario Bros. joins the heroes.

-Jak led his group to compete in a super race to ultimately climb to the top and defeat its evil promoter, Arden Calypso, who could transform into a beastly harpy.

-Link led his group to find Dr. Mavo's secret Russian lab, but he was seduced, mind-controlled, and kidnapped by Arden Calypso before that happened. Later, he was freed from her control by Jak and his group. Sora took over as the leader and soon found himself being mentally tormented by Draksin Mefisto, a man who could somehow control Sora's actions upon will.

-After finding Dr. Mavo's lab and falling under the influence of a fear-inducing toxin, the two groups of heroes unite once more to confront and defeat him.

-Before escaping his lab, Sora is captured by Draksin Mefisto. The other heroes come to his aide and free him, but not without hearing that Draksin Mefisto is Sora's father. (Shocker)

-The united heroes travel to Chicago, Illinois to meet Mario's fiancée, Peaches. Coincidentally, Isaac Bifford is there to destroy the city and has a personal vendetta with Crash Bandicoot.

-Isaac kills Crash Bandicoot. (Aw…)

-The others heroes barely manage to hold off a super-powered Isaac.

-With the help of his deceased father, Burnec, Crash Bandicoot is given a second chance at life and the ultimate power to defeat Isaac.

-Crash beats Isaac, but doesn't kill him. After a short exchange of words, the heroes convince Isaac to come to the light side. Isaac unites with the heroes to defeat their last enemy, Draksin Mefisto.

-Draksin appears, angry with Isaac for betraying him.

-Draksin promptly kills Isaac.

-The rest of the heroes escape a war-torn Chicago with their lives.

And here we are. After this brief futuristic intermission, we will rejoin our heroes on Wumpa Island, a few hours after the Chicago incident.

Chapter 1: Approaching Storm

Sometime in the future…about a year after Crash passes away from the mysterious terminal illness…

Coco pressed the phone to her ear while staring at the television screen intensely. The news station showed two figures running through a city's street, blasting Mojo projectiles at anything they saw. The footage paused and zoomed in on their smiling faces. Coco spoke into the receiver, "Yeah, I recognize them, Crunch. That's definitely Evil Crash and Evil Coco."

Through the phone, Crunch replied, "Those monsters are goin' on a rampage, destroying city after city. Sources say that they're headed in Wumpa City's direction."

Frustrated, Coco said, "I don't understand—those two have never been this crazy before! And it's like they're as strong as me and Crash. How did they get here all the way from the tenth dimension?"

"I have one idea: Cortex."

"But authorities found his dead body under the crumpled ruins of his castle a few weeks ago, right when their rampage began." Coco then analyzed, "Do you think Cortex brought them here, but then they went rogue on him?"

"Could be. Hey, I heard Sonic and Shadow went to go challenge them," Crunch informed.

"What? But they'll get—"

"Don't worry. They can go Super, remember? Besides, they're only doing it to slow down the Evil Twin's path to Wumpa Island."

Coco looked uncertain as she asked, "What happens when they finally get to Wumpa Island…?"

"Then you, me, and Naomi will take 'em both on."

"What about Nathan?" Coco asked.

"He'll show up," Crunch said confidently.

"You think we can do this without Crash?"

"If there's anybody who's as tough as Crash ever was, it's Nathan. Oh, and one more thing, Naomi should be there any minute to take your kid back to her house on the island. Hey, I'll call you back when it's go-time."

"Right, bye, Crunch."

Coco hung up and sat down in a chair, rubbing her forehead in exasperation. She'd give anything for a time machine right now…

"Mommy…?" said a child's voice in front of her. Coco looked forward into her two-year-old son's green eyes. The little boy had untamed long green hair, a white T-shirt, and white pants. Being Coco's offspring, he was a naturally smart child. Unaware of the imminent disaster, Cade asked, "What's going on? Was that Dad?"

"No, it was Crunch," Coco answered with a weak smile. "Hey, you wanna go to your cousin Cristi's house and play with her for a little while?"

Casually, Cade shrugged and answered as if he were a few years older than two, "Sure, but I'm gonna be P.O.'ed if she won't let me near her new fire truck again."

Staring at Cade for a couple of seconds, Coco sighed and said, "You gotta stop eavesdropping on my everyday phone conversations."

"Whatever you say. Need help with anything?" Cade asked.

Sighing, Coco smiled and directed, "Whip up a time machine for me before its time to go."

Nodding dutifully, Cade ran back to his room, promising along the way, "I'll have it ready in a jiff!"


Back in the present day, the united heroes had gathered in the Bandicoot Home's kitchen. It was late in the middle of the night, and the Twilight Realm's five remaining deities were also in attendance. As of now, the heroes were discussing what Isaac Bifford had informed Crash about before Isaac was brutally killed. Crash did his best to repeat the phrase Isaac had labeled Draksin, and Bentley the turtle was there to correct him.

After telling everyone what a "reproductive abuser" was, Bentley was reminded of one of the journal entries in Dr. Mavo's digital diary and began to read it out loud from his laptop. He reminded everyone that Draksin obtains eternal youth through extracting the souls of the living, but a newer entry from Mavo's journal explained that the only souls he can extract are those from people he is related to by blood. And since all of Draksin's family has long since died off, he must keep reproducing children in order to one day extract their souls for bonus years of youth.

Reading the notes from his laptop, Bentley explained, "And it seems that the older his child is, the more years of life he can obtain from them."

Leaning on the counter, Ratchet said with a shudder, "What I don't get is who in their right mind would want to have Draksin's kids?"

Sitting on the counter next to Ratchet, Clank quickly covered, "No offense, Sora."

Rolling his eyes, Sora replied with a sigh, "None taken."

Bentley answered Ratchet's question, "That's the thing. Mavo notes that Draksin…doesn't find remorse in disabling a woman into submission…and then doing his deed."

"That's awful…" said Jak, leaning on the refrigerator.

"So he's a rapist—in other words, a scumbag," Coco concluded. "How soon can we kill 'im?"

The bald, blue-skinned Twilight precursor Orphco responded, "It's not that simple. Draksin isn't easy to kill, but I do believe he can be outsmarted. You should all come up with an elaborate scheme, first."

Link suddenly stood up from the kitchen's dinner table, planting his hands on the table's wooden surface and declaring, "Our first order of business: you two have to go home."

Link was pointing to both Keira and Kairi, the former of whom retaliated, "You're joking, right?"

The Hylian shook his head sternly. "No, I'm not. The two of you are in the most danger."

Directly across from Link, Keira stood up from the table and irritably opposed, "We've been in the same amount of danger since this started. I'm not backing out now!"

Leaning over the table with an equally tetchy expression, Link said, "I admire your determination, but I'd rather not risk your safety and wellbeing."

"Then send us all back home!" Keira exclaimed in Link's face.

Losing his patience with the blue haired lass, Link raised his voice, "As long as Draksin continues to walk the earth, he's a greater threat to you than anyone else here!"

Keira crossly suggested, "Why don't you stop trying to be a little boy scout—"

"Keira, he's right," Kairi suddenly interjected. She was sitting at the table with a tired expression.

"You can't be serious…?" said the aqua-haired girl in disbelief.

"I am," Kairi replied. "For a newbie fighter, I think I did…pretty good. So far, I fought a crazy Chinese overlord and his army of undead soldiers, faced my fears because of a doctor's weird toxin, somehow managed to stay alive against a killer werewolf, and got groped by a raccoon twice…"

"I said it was an accident!" Sly Cooper shrieked.

"Anyway, I've done enough, and I'm going home," Kairi finished. "You should, too."

Indecisively, Keira crossed her arms and said, "I don't know…"

Still not satisfied with her stubbornness, Link turned to Jak and asked, "Jak, as someone who has known Keira longer than I have and probably cares about her, do you mind telling us what your thoughts on the situation are?"

Apparently unsure of how to answer that, Jak shrugged and said, "She…she should do whatever she wants."

Keira smiled. Losing more of his patience, Link said frankly, "Let's try this again. As someone who doesn't want to see Keira become Draksin's childbearing slave, what are your thoughts, Jak?"

Sighing, Jak answered truthfully, "You should go back home with Samos, Keira."

Huffing heatedly but still somewhat touched that Jak had suggested she do what she wanted, Keira mumbled, "Fine."

Nodding with a smile, Link turned to the five precursors standing in the kitchen and requested, "If one of you would come by tomorrow morning and transport them back to their worlds, that would be most appreciated."

The five blue-skinned people looked at each other and must have mentally nominated Glen to do the job. Glen scratched his scraggily orange hair and asked the heroes, "What time do you want me here?"

"Eight-ish," Link said.

"Ah, geez, now I gotta get up early…" Glen complained.

Just then, Crunch had a thought. Uncrossing his arms, he spoke up and pointed out, "Wait a minute—what about Sora? He's not exactly expendable, either."

In thought, Bentley reflected out loud, "He's right…Draksin could extract Sora's soul to gain more youthful power, consequently making our fight against him that much more difficult."

Link admitted, "I didn't think of that…"

Riku asked, "So does that mean your going home too, Sora?"

Clearly uncertain, Sora said, "I'm…not sure."

Link looked up and assisted in his decision, "Of course he isn't leaving. His fight isn't over yet."

Keira exclaimed, "WHOA! It's nice to see you've got confidence in him but not me!"

Kairi added, "Yeah, maybe you should let Sora decide for himself."

Link had given Kairi a slightly unnerved expression that she almost didn't notice. Sora had noticed it, too, which made him begin to wonder what his angle was. He suspiciously asked the tunic-wearing hero, "What do you mean by 'my fight isn't over yet'?"

With a vaguely truthful look, Link answered, "I just thought you still wished to settle things with Draksin. Don't you?"

"Yeah, I do. In fact, I'm not leaving until I see him dead for himself," Sora stated in an uncharacteristically dark tone. And that's when Sora figured out Link's little hidden agenda: he didn't want Sora going back home with Kairi just yet. Sora couldn't believe how much of a weasel Link could be. No, that was insulting to Daxter. Sora officially declared Link a snake.

Coco suddenly intervened, "Wait, before anyone leaves, I think it'll be a good idea to spend some time on N. Sanity Island. Our master Aku Aku has a magic tomb that can take all of you to this really cool training room. In there, you can fight these ghostlike copies of Reiden, Calypso, and Mavo that Aku Aku summons to help train you. You guys should hone your skills for a few days before you go home, or before it's time to fight Draksin. Trust me, it's good for getting better at fighting…or leveling up, whatever you wanna call it."

Murray the hippopotamus complied, "Sounds good to me! After getting my butt handed to me by the same werewolf twice in a row, I'd say I'm in need of a dire upgrade."

"Same here," said Jak, who had been weaponless for the past week.

"Nice, then it's settled," said Coco with a smile. Turning to Glen, she told him, "You don't have to pick anyone up tomorrow, but it would be nice if you guys stopped by every now and then to check on us."

"Agreed," said Orphco. "You heroes sleep well. We'll be monitoring every evil disturbance that occurs on the planet to make sure we locate Draksin." Less than a second later, Orphco disappeared in a flash of light.

"Peace out!" said Gladdus as she also disappeared in a flash of light.

"Later losers—er, heroes!" said Glen as he vanished.

"Catch ya later," Jeycko said simply, vanishing after Glen.

"Over and out, soldiers," said General Eurathaccus, the war veteran of Twilight Realm's precursors.

After the godlike beings had all disappeared, Donald Duck was rubbing his eyes irritably, muttering under his breath, "If those palookas make me go blind, I'll sue!"

It was time to finally rest, and after a day like that one (fighting an insanely long battle with an enraged wolfman, only to watch him be violently executed by Draksin himself), the heroes knew how precious it would be. Yawning and stretching, Daxter announced to everyone, "Whew. Man, this week has been like a bad massage…" The ottsel gave Coco a wink, a grin, and a few raised eyebrows. "…and I could use a happy ending."

Jak overheard this remark, which led to the following equation: Jak's hand—Daxter's head.

While the furry sidekick was angrily rubbing the back of his head, Coco dismissed before turning to go to her shared room, "Go play with your tail, Dax."

While everyone else was moving to go to their shared rooms, Crash seemed to be the only one who was having trouble standing up from the table. Actually, he looked quite pained. During the entire conversation, Micayla had quietly sat next to Crash at the table, allowing the heroes to discuss…whatever they were talking about. When Cayla noticed Crash's odd behavior, she promptly asked, "Crash, you feelin' okay?"

Everyone else in the room stopped to observe Crash, whose head was now collapsed over the tabletop as he held his ribs. Feeling the many eyes on him, Crash sat up with a sheepish expression and quickly explained, "Sorry, I think that fight with Isaac—you know, the first one—is just starting to hit me. My insides feel twisted…"

Concerned, Coco turned to the duck-magician and said, "Donald…?"

"On it," Donald replied, raising his staff to cast a healing spell on Crash.

Later that night, when everyone had gone to their selected rooms, Crash lay awake in his small bed, feeling a little healthier thanks to Donald's Cure spell. He still felt a little woozy, but that's what sleeping was for.

From the floor, one of Crash's roommates, Ratchet, suddenly asked with a strangely humorous tone, "So…when are you gonna ask her out?"

"You're still awake?" said Crash in disbelief.

His other roommate, Murray, responded from his sleeping bag on the floor, "Yeah, your insanely in-love heartbeat is keeping us both up. We know you like her…"

Crash rolled his eyes. There was no question that they were talking about Micayla. "So what if I do?"

"Ask 'er out, dude!" Ratchet said, barely able to control his chuckling.

The bandicoot sighed and said, "I will, alright?"

"When?" Murray inquired.

"Tomorrow, or something…" said Crash in a mumble.

Murray was shaking his head. "Procrastination. Fear's ugly cousin."

Scoffing, Crash asked, "So you're saying I should get up and go ask her out right now?"

Suddenly, a new voice responded, "That's exactly what you should do."

"What the…" Crash turned on his side to see a certain furry ottsel relaxing on his bedside table. "Daxter? How'd you get in here?"

"The Doctor of Love always answers the call of duty," Daxter simply responded.

"Okay…then what d'ya think I should do?" Crash asked. "Go in the girls' room, stop their pillow fight, and just ask her out on a date right there?"

"Oh, sweet, now they're havin' a pillow fight?" Murray asked.

"Sounds hectic," said Ratchet with a devious undertone.

Appalled, Crash scolded, "For goodness' sake, control yourself, Ratchet! One of those girls is my sister, geez. Anyway, what should I do, Daxter?"

Approaching the situation professionally, Daxter instructed, "First, you get up and interrupt the girls' pillow fight—"

"I was only kidding when I mentioned the pillow fight!" Crash cut off, regretting the moment he said those two words.

"What, no pillow fight?" Murray asked in fake dejection. "There's gotta be a pillow fight…"

Ratchet added, "At least some hair-combing, right?"

"For the last time, Ratchet, control yourself!" Crash chastised, perturbed by the Lombax's behavior.

Daxter continued, "Okay, FINE, there doesn't have to be any hair-combing or an intense pillow fight. You get up, go in there, stop their heated game of CHECKERS—while they're in their skimpy pajamas—and you ask out Micayla! She says yes, everyone else in the room gets excited, and you start a pillow fight. It's a flawless plan."

Somehow, Crash began to consider this idea. Not the pillow fighting part, just the summoning-enough-courage-to-ask-her-out part. He turned his head to Daxter and asked, "Do you really think she'll say yes?"

"Of course she will," Daxter assured with a confident smile. "And if you're nervous, we'll even come with you!"

"Sounds like a plan, my man!" Murray chimed.

"I'll start the pillow fight!" Ratchet called.

Crash thought of something. "Um…what if they're just sleeping?"

Silence fell over the occupants of Crash's room. Speaking matter-of-factly, Daxter admitted, "That does put a hole in my flawless plan. Oh, well. Just ask her out tomorrow."

Looking up at the ceiling, Crash sighed and said, "That's what I was gonna do, anyway. Thanks for the advice, though, Dax…Daxter?"

Looking back over at his bedside table, Crash noticed that the little ottsel had vanished as imperceptibly as he came. Sighing again, Crash decided now was a good time to go to sleep.

From the floor, Ratchet uttered in a low question, "So…it's a no-go on the field trip to the girls' room?"


Draksin felt cold and isolated. He looked like a dark ghoul as he trudged through the snowy Antarctic winds. After shooting down some of America's Air Force jets in Chicago, he had teleported to the dead, cold region mainly because that was how he felt inside.

In the distance, Draksin saw with his acidic, golden eyes…nothing. Just darkness creeping on the snowcapped horizon. He stopped walking through the cold, remembering that this was the place that he and his "team" had first touched down upon entering Earth Realm so many days ago. They had just escaped the Realm of Oblivion, thanks to an expensive ride from that ghost, Boofus.

Now it was nearly three weeks later, and his entire "team" was dead. He had never contemplated how hollow he would feel without them. They had been by his side for so long…

Enter Flashback

"So you're sayin'…you can give me powers?" Reiden Long asked.

Draksin was training Reiden inside an old Chinese dojo hidden in the woods. The whole nation was very foreign to the dark lord. It was the first time he'd traveled outside of his homeland. And of all the foreign objects, customs, and traditions within China, the thing that confused him the most was the people's inexplicably firm grasp of the English language, especially with Reiden. Draksin shrugged this off and decided to answer the young warrior's question, "Yes. I've already seen your dragon form, but I want you to embrace another transformation."

"Sorry, D-Man, I've only got one transformation," Reiden casually said.

"One, don't call me that. Two, I'll be giving you one more," Draksin declared. "In this regular form you're in now, you're agile, you have great stamina, and you have ideal strength for a regular human. In your dragon form, your strength is insanely amplified, but the rest of your attributes seem to suffer. And if I'm not mistaken, you go through some sort of physical pain every time you transform, right?"

"Yeah, so?" Reiden said, not getting the point of all the useless conversation.

Draksin continued, "I will help you reach a transformation that's in between."

Now interested, the young future warlord asked, "You mean like a third form?"

"Precisely. Now, you obviously won't have the same caliber of strength as a dragon, but you will become like that of a superhuman. Like me." Draksin raised his hand and snapped his gloved fingers, beckoning a purple fire to float above his fingertips. "I'll teach you to control fire."

Reiden stared at the dark lord's flame, eyes wide with astonishment. Smiling malevolently, Reiden stated, "Now that's cool."

Extinguishing the fire, Draksin warned, "Learning this skill won't be easy—"

"I'm a quick learner," Reiden said with a grin.

Draksin smirked at the young man's arrogance.

End Flashback

Back then, after Draksin had trained Reiden to the fullest, he was hopeful that Reiden would be his best and only apprentice. He made him immortal, gave him powers beyond expectation, and treated him like a champion.

But then Draksin remembered how much of an idiot Reiden was. Not only that, but he had an unbreakable connection to his land and people that Draksin found…really annoying. How much he cared about protecting them disgusted the dark lord greatly.

Taking his mind off of the subject, Draksin began to reminisce about the time he first trained Calypso. She was such a novice…

Enter Flashback…

Draksin and Reiden were standing atop an Athenian hill, watching a figure struggle to stay alive in the distance. That figure was Arden Calypso, who was standing at the base of a rocky, mountainous landform. A few minutes ago, Draksin had blasted the top of the rocky mountain with a dark energy blast, causing many rocks to fall down toward the frightened sorceress. He had ordered Calypso to use any method possible to keep herself from being killed by the falling rocks.

Reiden couldn't help but scoff at the brown-haired woman as she desperately dodged each rock that dared to splatter her against the ground. He leaned in close to Draksin and complained, "Not to disrespect your spot-on judgment, D-Bone, but this new chick ain't gonna cut it."

Draksin didn't respond to the warlord. He just kept concentrating on Calypso's movements.

Reiden went on, "Look, I know it's cool to have some gorgeous honeys holdin' us down at the crib, but I seriously doubt she can even fight. I mean, look at her! She can't even dodge rocks."

Draksin hissed, "She's an assassin. Assassins are crafty, and she'll think of something sooner or later. Wait—look at that!"

Calypso had begun blasting any falling rocks that came near her with quick, green energy blasts that hailed from her hands until every last one of them was gone. A bit relieved, Calypso turned around and yelled to Draksin and Reiden, "I'm done! Can I get my new weapons, now?"

Draksin didn't reply. He only held out his hand blasted another energy projectile at the mountaintop, this time causing a greater amount of falling rocks to cascade Calypso's way. Reiden smirked at Draksin and commented, "You're such a prick…"

Calypso nearly panicked at the sight of more falling rocks coming down in greater quantities. She did her best to dodge and blast her way through the rock barrage, but soon found herself being overrun. Quickly, she used her sorcery powers to conjure a wooden barricade between herself and the continuously falling rocks. However, her magic proved to be weaker than she thought because the wooden barricade collapsed on the ground like a playing card.

Reiden shook his head with a laugh and said, "I told ya she wouldn't cut it."

"Shut up," Draksin commanded. He looked on at Calypso with hopeful eyes. He wanted her to survive and overcome this challenge because he knew she could. She may not have been as strong as he and Reiden, but Calypso had power that could move the Earth. He didn't understand why she wasn't using it now of all times.

He continued watching her struggle as she received some damage from the passing rocks. Reiden noticed how Draksin watched her. It was in a way that represented the only emotion Draksin would be incapable of feeling in the distant future…

And with that elusive emotion, Draksin continued to stare at Calypso with his…blue eyes. Suddenly, he cursed and uttered, "She's getting overwhelmed…"

"Better save her quick," Reiden quipped. "She looks like the type to snap like a twig."

Draksin levitated off of the ground, drifting forward and quickening his pace when the rocks began to fall overtop of the sorceress. He wasn't so sure why, but he didn't exactly want to see her dead…

Just then, from the pile-up of rocks and dirt, a winged, light-violet skinned creature rose up and opened its fanged mouth. It suddenly screeched so loud that its sound waves travelled faster than the speed of sound itself, thus creating a sonic boom that pushed any and every rock near her in the opposite direction.

Calypso had taken on her harpy form; flapping her wings, she flew up and turned to Draksin with an angry expression. She asked in a monstrous voice, "Now…where are my new weapons?"

Draksin grinned at his new apprentice. Reiden simply gawked at the beast of a woman.

End Flashback

Draksin needed a place to think clearly. The freezing cold served as a great sanctuary for isolation, but his mind kept wandering in the wrong directions. He knew one thing for sure, though: if Crash Bandicoot could quell Isaac Bifford's anger and defeat him, then he would obviously be the greatest asset to Draksin, even if he was just a pathetic hero.

But heroes can break. And when they're broken, they can be controlled.

He needed to ponder about this new idea. In a dispersal of black mist, Draksin vanished from the frozen tundra.


As most of you might already know, I tend to drop bios at the ends of chapters to explain the background of new or original characters. The only people you really need to know about at this point are Micayla and Draksin. Draksin's got a really, really, really LONG bio, if ya haven't already seen it. This is why I'm going to let GLaDOS from Portal do it for me! There's cake…

GLaDOS: The cake…is not a lie?

Micayla Animo

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Lioness

A resident of Chicago, Illinois, Micayla has lived there for as long as she can remember. After being orphaned at an early age, she spent many of her days on the streets, in and out of foster homes, and in the Spectrum Library with other kids. A little less than two weeks ago, she decided to live within the library when it closes down after running away from her foster home. She hasn't told very many people about her living condition. She can be a bit territorial, and her attitude is on the independent side, showing scorn for anyone who labels her as helpless and whatnot. Strangely, she shares many physical features with Naomi Kitashi, another lioness girl from Crash's dreams. Despite seeming to have no other connection with Naomi, Micayla is deeply fascinated by Crash and his antics. Micayla Animo is an O.C. of CadeXHybrid.

Draksin Mefisto

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Vampire

Devil, Antichrist, and Satan in human form are all synonymous with Mefisto's name. He wields a massive sword called the Sin Blade. He doesn't worship God or the devil, just himself. Technically, he calls himself both of these forces. A child of transgression, Draksin literally thrives off of the evil and negativity of other people. This is partly what sustains his powers…

Long ago, in the late seventeenth century of Massachusetts, Draksin was born with black hair and blue eyes under the name of Rakson Vullord, the son of two wealthy immigrants from Romania. Their wealth travelled with them to America and quickly became the envy of other colonists—so envious, that they all declared the Vullords a family of witches. This led to the town's priests getting involved, and through all the madness, they too confirmed the family to be a stigma of witchcraft and devil worship. At the age of fifteen, Rakson and his family were executed outside their home…

Draksin was denied an afterlife, however. The mysterious ruler of the Nether Realm, Quan Chi, intercepted young Rakson's lost, vengeful soul and gave him dark powers, a new name, and one ultimate mission: to make Earth Realm burn for its sins. During that brief period Draksin was trapped in the Nether Realm, Quan Chi also gave him a necklace shaped like an inverted cross that possessed the ability to entrap the souls of Draksin's relatives, which Draksin could later use to extend the years of his life and promote his youth. After explaining to Quan Chi that he had no family left alive to do this, Draksin was told he'd find a way…

Upon reentering the world of the living, Draksin discovered he'd been given plethoric new powers: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, teleportation, demigod strength, and the extraordinary ability to travel backwards and forwards through time. There are limits to this, however. He can only travel once every hundred years and only to time periods where the darkest of sins occurred. Also, it took a vast amount of concentration to ready his powers and use this ability. Draksin's superhuman gifts came at the cost of being cursed to vampirism, which forced the dark lord to hunt for blood every month.

After swiftly taking his revenge on the American colonists, Draksin grew to be an adult and used his powers to go back six hundred sixty-six years in the past, somehow winding up in early thirteenth century China, where he met Reiden Long and trained him for one hundred years. Next, he sensed incredibly dark sins two hundred years from then and teleported to Athens, year 1530, where he and Reiden recruited Arden Calypso. After another century, Draksin brought his growing team to the next hundred years to meet Dr. Mavo in the U.S., 1754. And finally, after another two hundred forty years, they vacated to Chicago, Illinois, 1994, where they met and enlisted the feral wolfman, Isaac Bifford.

Over the years, Draksin scrounged up souls from unlikely family members—his children, keeping their souls in his necklace. The methods of which he acquired these children were not always consensual. In order to keep his apprentices alive for so many years, Draksin had to let Reiden, Mavo, and Isaac "use" some of the many souls trapped in the necklace Quan Chi gave him. However, those souls were only compatible with undead beings like himself, so Draksin engaged in the ritual of sucking the blood from his new apprentices, thus making them partially undead and compatible, but not vampires. One of the very few consensual relationships Draksin ever had with a woman was with Mara, Sora's mother. Shortly after the future Keyblader's conception, Draksin and his crew were banished to the Oblivion Realm by the Twilight Realm's heavenly deities, the same night he and his apprentices tried to take over the world. During his imprisonment, he succumbed to complete darkness and became what Sora knows as a Heartless.

Fast forward seventeen years later, and Draksin has broken free from Oblivion with his accomplices. They ravaged the Twilight Realm (killing a few of its precursors and inhabitants in the process), crashed through the Forgotten Realm, and finally reentered Earth Realm with nothing but world domination and vengeance on their minds. Draksin has long since forgotten his Vullord past, only focusing on his ultimate goal…even if he is short of all his original apprentices. This time traveling, serial killing, and reproductive abusing psycho is an original character of CadeXHybrid.

Whew…that was an ordeal. Quan Chi is a really cool, yet really annoying character in the Mortal Kombat series. He's responsible for resurrecting deadly warriors like Scorpion.