Chapter 1: Run

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"I-ZZZAAAYYY-AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" The monster fiercely bellowed from behind, charging right at me in a blind rage.

I wonder what it was that I said or did to get Shizu-Chan so infuriated? "…Tch." Well obviously being on 'his' turf was enough. -And maybe it was that somewhat offensive comment of him chasing me down like an obsessed fan trying to get an autograph from a popular celebrity. Or perhaps it's just a combination of things like our mutual rivalry and hate, with the trespasses and childish remarks added on~.

"What did I say about returning to Ikebukuro!"

To gather information of course Shizu-Chan~. Nothing to concern you with anyways. I wanted to say, but it'd be a waste of precious time to stop and just taunt the brute a little more. I did encroach upon his 'territory' and like a vicious animal protecting it's hunting grounds and potential mates; I was the interloper, the den's threat, and it meant that my destruction would see to it that his environment would be safe. … Ahh- Such a simpleminded protozoan.

It would be entertaining to enrage the beast some more- However, sticking around to play with Shizu-Chan would just consume my much needed work time and it's significantly too important to disrupt right now. I tightly squeezed the handle of the black pilfered suit case in hand. Can't lose this case, there's too much information and recorded data that is at stake. It is bothersome to keep the thing in hand- but I can't return to work without it. …And I'm sure that Shizu-Chan would be ever so curious as to snoop about my new luggage, though he probably could guess what it contains since he has enough memory to at least recall my profession. …Not that I usually 'fetch' requested material oppose to digging it up on the network.

"Get… back- here!" He huffed in between breaths, shoving innocent pedestrians aside in the chase.

It's amazing how much stamina he has, especially since this nearly endless game of cat and mouse has been going on for at least fifteen blocks. I was beginning to get a little winded myself. "No time to play today, maybe later?" I mused while I kept my quick pace.

He deeply growled and stopped before effortlessly ripping a street sign from it's foundation and flinging it at me.

I instantly leapt to the side of the street and took a quick turn around an intersection with him shortly behind in pursuit. Looks like he's putting in such an effort to keep up today, seeing that he was showing signs of tiring out but he's pushing through anyways. "About out of steam? Or…- is all of that smoking finally taking it's course on your health?"

He irately snorted from my reply.

"Just can't ever give up can you?" I ceased as he took another stop to grab the next convenient heavy object to chuck. "A vending machine? … How- 'Original.'" I snidely stated, rolling my eyes to his rile up.

Nearby people screamed as the heavy machine flew at me, but a swift step to the side ensured my safety. It's pointless for him to keep launching dangerous projectiles given that I'm too fast for him. He may have all of that inhuman strength, but it's wasted if he can't even land a single blow.

"Damn it flea!" He panted and slumped for a second, then regained his posture and came running at me yet again.

"Persistent aren't we?" I bolted in an instant.

Looks like I'll have to lose him somehow. Maybe through the next crowd of people up ahead? … Nah, too risky since this suit case is a little heavy and bulky. For a laptop containing so much valuable data over secretly imported documents; it sure weighs a lot, and it would be a bit of a hassle to slip by the humans without slowing down or accidentally bumping into them. Wouldn't want to bring any unnecessary harm to them. Nor should I endanger them by leading a very infuriated monster with Neanderthal-ethics towards them. I took a sharp turn through an alleyway and made it out through the other side before he could even enter. Hopefully that prompt maneuver threw him off my trail.

I blissfully continued my jog through the back roads of Ikebukuro, that was until a loud crash came from behind. Out of the corner of my eyes; there he was, hurling more handy solid items. An old photo booth was next to fall victim to his monstrous strength. What a waste. There wasn't too many humans back here, so I guess it was more suitable for our game. It's a shame I'm getting bored with it already.

I made a few more turns and ran across a busy street, easily dodging various speeding vehicles that sounded their horns at my unexpected presence. There, that should definitely slow him down now.

"Izaya!" He stopped on the other side of the street and just stood there, furiously glaring at me as cars mockingly blazed by, preventing further pursuit.

That made my day.

"If I ever get a hold of you I'll…"

"You'll what?" You'll never catch me…


"So long Shizu-Chan, see ya later~!" I playfully shouted and waved before resuming my stride. Funs over, now time to get back to wor- …

Time seemed to slow to a halt as a small searing object suddenly pierced my right lower thigh, painfully shredding and burning through muscle, grazing against the bone in a split second. There wasn't anytime to think or comprehend what had really happened at that exact moment, my mind and body seized up at once and I went crashing to the pavement from my remaining momentum, bouncing and rolling against the hard textured concrete until I came to an abrupt stop against the suit case. A sharp unbearable throbbing erupted from my thigh all the way down to my toes. I found myself inaudible from the massive shockwave of pain that quaked my body. A woman shrieked in horror from my fall, running as she saw… crimson?

Blood? I reached down and ran my fingers across my inflamed thigh, coating them in red and wincing from the slight touch. It was then when I realized that I had been shot. …Obviously, I should of known from the start. Like a bullet, it had cleanly entered and exited out the other side, almost leaving a perfect circular rip through the skin. I watched in curiosity as the warm sanguine liquid pooled around my leg, slowly oozing out of the fresh wound. What was so interesting about this shot; is that I didn't even hear a sound, no sound other than that of distant vehicles and some birds chirping from above. No gunshot rang, so it must have been a sniper to load a bullet into my flesh. But for what purpose? I'm not dead… yet. "Tch." I guess 'they' anticipated my route, game over huh? Task failed… and all for a little entertainment? -But still, why not shoot me in the chest and end it already? Unless- they would rather observe my struggle. ... I grinned. Looks like someone also gets the amusment from suffering individuals, but they won't get much from me. "I'm above them, this is nothing."

The pain ultimately dissipated as the adrenalin flowed, leaving me with a numb and somewhat sensational feeling. Now was the time to get moving while I could.

I horribly failed in my endeavor to pull myself up. No surprise to be honest. Forcing one's self to stand on damaged limbs isn't the most smartest idea even if the pain is temporarily blocked, it's still damaged and that practically renders it useless and very ineffective. But nonetheless, I had to escape before they finish me. Probably wanting their case back I assume.

I pulled myself up again and actually managed to stand until I lurched forward, someone then proceeded to grab my wrist and prevent my fall.


His abrupt voice sent panic flooding through my body and mind. … I look back and there he was holding me in his astonishingly gentle grip, his fuming expression unaltered.

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