Chapter 11


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His lips came hot and fierce as they moved over hers, large hands shaking as they cupped her face, pressing her further into the door. Heart pounding, Videl's eyes flew open as she battled to make sense of the situation. This was coming out of nowhere and she was absolutely stunned. But as her eyes fell on his closed lids, her stomach making a dip, Videl realized with absolute clarity that he was really kissing her. Really kissing her, his mouth hot and insistent, speaking of longing and urgency as it moved hungrily over hers.

H-How... how could it be? But her brain wasn't being allowed to think all that much because the feel of his mouth, of his hands and body as it pressed further into hers was wringing out sensations that had no place in their tattered circumstances. Her body was reacting way too keenly to this, as she tasted tea and heat and a desperation in him that further threw her mind.

She had to put a stop to this before she got swept up in an irreversible torrent of madness. She was already trembling from the way his mouth and his ragged breathing were sending hot bouts of heat down her spine. Without the strength and will to fully push him off, she promptly turned her face away instead, attempting to recover both her breathing and her wits.

It seemed to do the trick though, for his lips now clashed clumsily against her cheek. Thankfully, he seemed to get the message, and with a breathlessness that mirrored her own, he began to pull away, the absence of his body evident from her sudden loss of heat. His eyes slowly peeled open, revealing a slightly dazed, but most definitely shocked expression on his face.

"I'm sorry," he rasped, backing away from the door... from her.

"I'm sure you are," she said defensively. It would hardly be the first time a man had kissed her, only to regret it. It was just one of those things, there wasn't much she could do about her physical shortcomings. One look at his face and she knew without a doubt that he was already regretting it. Still though, did he have to have that shocked, near-horrified expression on his face? It's not like she asked him to do it!

"Why would you even kiss me?" she blurted. Even though she'd been the one to put a stop to it, something about the look on his face made her feel like she was the one being rejected. And why it stung, only Kami knew.

She didn't know what she was expecting as a response, the question was more of an outburst than anything else, but that belaboured sigh he'd just made really grated at her. If the act was giving him such a bad headache, then he shouldn't have done it in the first place! "That's not an answer," she bluttered, wondering why she was still standing around in his room.

She was right at the door. She ought to bolt and be done with it. She ought to flee to her own rooms and forget all about this ill-advised incident. But she didn't move. "Well?"

"I thought the reason would be obvious." Though slightly gruff, his voice was rather quiet as he spoke with his eyes rooted to a spot on the carpet.

"Well it's not!" she snapped.

He looked up at her then, startling her when she saw the exasperation written in his eyes. "I couldn't keep my feelings in check, not then, not at that moment. So, I kissed you. I'm sorry."

Videl narrowed her eyes, "First we're allies, and now I'm supposed to believe that you're harboring feelings for me? Sure," she rolled her eyes. She'd heard just about enough from him for one night. It would have been sufficient to say that he felt sorry for the poor scarred girl. It would have left a bad taste in the mouth, but at least it was believable. She shook her head, turned and grabbed for the doorknob.

And for the second time in one night, he stopped her. He spun her around and pinned her back against the door so fast she wasn't even able to object.

"Why else would I torture myself day in and day out, watching you?" he said harshly, his eyes blazing with something she couldn't quite read. "Didn't you just ask me a while ago why I did it? Didn't you want to know why I can't seem to keep my eyes off you?"

Videl promptly swallowed, stunned by the rawness in his voice, in his eyes. "I... "

"You must have known," he added, hesitant fingers twirling at strands of her hair. "How could I spend all that time, all those hours, looking at you, watching you and not have these feelings?" he murmured dangerously close to her face.

"You can't... have... I'm not," she began to explain to him, even though he'd seen with his own eyes. "I mean you saw... my face, my body, I'm-" She was terribly afraid that he was going to kiss her again. Really her heart was beating way too fast, just way too damn fast.

"But why should that even matter?" he dismissed her feeble protest. "Videl, whether it's the you now, with this new hairstyle and these streaks down your face," he let his thumb swipe at the smudges, "or the crime-fighter from the articles I read about in the archives. The girl overflowing with a dangerous passion for justice. So young, so... selfless," he said wistfully.

She stiffened; she was not that girl anymore, she would never be.

"Or whether it's the you from Capsule Corp. with chopped hair, and this-" His fingers disappeared under her fringe, making her flinch when he brushed lightly against the hidden scar tissue. "Even then, when you couldn't see me as anything but a monster, I still couldn't keep my eyes off you. I didn't want to look away." He swallowed, moving his eyes away from her face as he let her go. "And it's true," he said painfully, like an innocent man being forced to confess, "that I found you incredibly attractive back at Yamcha's apartment."

She gasped at that; it simply couldn't be true. "But you tried to kill me," she blurted. Was he some kind of sadist then? Her heart was pounding so much, she wanted to tone down the thudding in her ears.

"You tried to kill me first," he injected. Which was more the point she supposed, given the he some kind of masochist then? But then again, she had never been a real threat to him to begin with. She really, really should have just bolted out of this room a long time ago. Her fingers were becoming fidgety, her nerves shot and it wasn't just the desperate need for a cigarette talking. Though, that particular need was quickly becoming unbearable.

"Look, I know, it was inappropriate back then, I know that." he emphasized. "I didn't even know you, and the circumstances were..." He paused as he seemed to be thinking of a suitable word. "Complicated."

She almost laughed at that. Complicated didn't even hint at their brand of circumstance. Only in an absurd world would a duo like them end up... end up...

He was looking at her again, but at least now he was keeping his distance. This way, she could hopefully think. "But," he started to say. "We know each other a little better now right? I mean... at least I feel that we do even if it's just a little bit," he added, staring at her with expectant eyes.

There was an unvoiced question there, but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what it was. How could she possibly decipher anything, when her mind was still reeling from... from... she swallowed. Or tried to swallow the dry lump in her throat. When she didn't answer him, he slipped his hands in his pockets.

"I... I m-mean," he stuttered. "Is it okay that I... l-like you?"

What was he asking her permission for? It was either he liked her, or thought he liked her, or he didn't! "You can't really ask me to give you permission for something like that."

"Oh," he said dejectedly, his eyes returning to the floor. "Is it... the alien thing?"

Eh? What alien thing now?

"Or is it just me that you don't like?" he added. "Not that I've given you many reasons to like me, but... I just thought that maybe, if you got to know me a bit more as just Gohan, you might... anyway, never mind."

"It's not the 'alien' thing," she added quickly, finally understanding what he meant. "It's the 'unexpected' thing."

He stared at her, obviously confused.

"The idea that you might like me," she clarified. "It's just something that I never entertained. It's a little difficult to believe even. You were my enemy and then I was your prisoner and we've just recently become allies. So of course it's unexpected. Everything to do with us has been so abnormal that I never thought... it just... it just never crossed my mind. There is nothing normal about this whole situation at all!" She was ranting now, and well aware of it. But jeez, just blurting out that he had feelings for her just like that was enough to get anyone flustered.

He didn't say anything for awhile. He just stood there, looking at her - something she was well used to by now. It was a look she had seen before during her days of "observing" him. He would have that thoughtful expression on his face as he sat in his study going over papers for his mine. Yeah, she'd definitely seen this look. And just as she was getting ready to squirm or bolt or scream or something, he suddenly broke the silence.

"My team has a baseball game tomorrow; will you go with me?"

She blinked. Well that was... random. Well, at least it kept up with the theme of this bizarre night she was having. "Lil'Bandits?"

"Yeah," he said as his hands dug deeper into his pockets. He really did look like the Executive of Son Inc. in this light. "Going to a baseball game on a date is something normal, I think," he added, eyes falling back to the floor.

"Except ...I'll be in the stands alone, while you're down with your team. Not much of a date," she couldn't resist the smile. "What time?" she heard herself say.


Dr. Petula Lefu entered the powerplant with a confident stride. A flash of her pass at the guards and she breezed through the security checkpoints without trouble. Considering her seniority amongst the plant's staff—and the fact that she had the most recognizable face there—she was given the most leeway with the security guards.

Waddling down the sterile hallways, her white lab coat rustling against her aged, flabby body as a briefcase dangled from one of her hands, she allowed her beady eyes to flicker from the forms of her co-workers. Compared to most of the people here, she was very short, her poofy white hair barely reaching the chest of many of the men there. With the women she was lucky to see over their shoulders when they were standing.

Turning a corner, she made her way to a set of doors at the end of the corridor. As she closed in on the steel doors, she pulled out her keycard, ready to swipe it in the card swiper next to the metal door frame. However, before she reached it, the doors swung open and a rather attractive man in a blue overall appeared in her sights. His first action upon seeing her was to wish her a "Good morning," but his words died on his lips once he saw her. Considering her face was wrinkled with flabs of skin hanging from her cheeks, she looked more like a pug dog than an actual person. A large wart that grew above and to the right of her right eyebrow also didn't help her looks.

"Well? Are you going to stand there like a slack-jawed idiot or are you going to get out of my way?" Lefu demanded crankily. The worker immediately moved out of the way, holding the door open for her. Glowering, the scientist walked through the doorway without so much as a "Thank you."

Once the door closed behind her, Lefu stared at the large reactors in front of her. Glaring at them, she turned her sights to the left and then the right, looking for the control room. To her right she found a metal staircase that led to a room that hung from the cinderblock walls. A large window was at the front of the room, allowing the doctor to see the forms of people inside. With a grunt, she trudged her way towards the staircase and mounted it one step at a time until she reached the top. Swiping her keycard in the swiper, she heard a dull buzzing sound, indicating that she could open the door. Grasping the handle, she yanked the door open and walked in. Immediately she spied the presence of two other scientists. The two ignored her as they continued their monitoring of one of the computer stations there.

Waddling into the room, Lefu made her way to her own personal station and dropped her briefcase next to it with a loud thud. One of the scientists looked up from his station and stared at her, rolling his eyes a brief moment later before turning back to his work. Lefu just gave him a sour look in response. Sitting down in her chair, she immediately turned on her computer and watched as the monitor flickered into life. Typing in her ID number and password, she waited until she was allowed into the computer system.

"Johnson, Sparks," she suddenly barked in a grave voice, getting the attention of the other two scientists. "Have you inspected the reactors yet?"

"We were just about to go do that," Johnson, the man that had rolled his eyes at her, answered. Immediately, Sparks nearly jumped out of his chair and began making his way to the door, Johnson following at his heels. It was almost as if they were grateful to have an excuse to leave the woman's company. Lefu watched as the two exited the room, the door closing loudly a moment later. She continued staring at the door for a few more moments, waiting for any other plant personnel to arrive. When no one came, the scientist turned back to stare at her monitor.

It was then that her features began to smooth out. Her stumpy body began to elongate and thin out. White hair darkened into black and flowed down to touch her shoulders. Beady eyes slanted, but maintained their dark color. Once her transformation was complete, Agent Black crossed her legs and began typing on her keyboard.

Windows began popping up on the computer monitor as she flew through several different computer programs. Her eyes processed every flash of data and action the computer made until she found what she was looking for. A schedule for reactor maintenance was displayed on the screen. Searching what times each reactor would be shut down, a smirk began to form on Black's mouth as she found one that matched her specifications—Reactor 6.

Immediately, she began accessing the Reactor 6's power levels. Since every thing about this powerplant was computerized, all the gauges and scales were digital, giving a numbered reading of every relevant statistic necessary. Searching each number, Black soon found one indicating MWt. The current level read 1282 MWt.

Her fingers began a blur of activity then. It only took a couple moments before a small window popped up entitled CALIBRATION. Finding two icons that held a plus and minus sign, Black clicked on the plus sign and notice a bar appear next to it. Typing in 500, she then saved the entry and looked at the MWt reading.

A shark-like grin appeared on her face as the number read 1782.

Black quickly began closing all the windows and programs she had opened until her screen was blank. Uncrossing her legs, she then assumed the hideous form of Petula Lefu, twisting her ugly face into a snarl. Standing up, she grabbed the handle of her briefcase and began waddling her way out of the room.

Her job was done here.

To think, she was actually going to come.

He'd barely seen her this morning, though they'd woken up in the same house. The damn thing was so big. With her father wanting to hoard her attention all morning, he'd barely been able to utter a nervous good-morning. The words had barely left his mouth when the father-daughter duo had disappeared to do whatever it is that fathers and daughters do. He wouldn't know, he'd never had a sister.

Still, he grinned happily. She was coming, in the fully disclosed spirit of a proper 'date' and in itself was more than enough to carry his mood for the rest of the day. To think that when he'd accepted Yamcha's offer to join the coaching staff as an assistant manager, he'd had no idea that it would come with the potential to pay dividends in his romantic and social life. Because here he was, galloping around the Lil' Bandits' field, preparing to show off his more normal side to Videl. He wanted to see those newly-redefined features, that slightly more vibrant smile beaming at him, but he needed to make it happen, and soon. The raven-haired beauty had yet to arrive, but she was scheduled to any minute with her father.

Since all of the youth baseball players were either nine or ten years old, it was rather impossible for him to showcase any advanced techniques or skills, so the mining entrepreneur was currently standing off to the side, leaning against the silver linked fence. The scar-faced former bandit had his hands grasped around a cylindrical, beige maple bat and was attempting to exemplify the perfect stance to generate enough balance and power to drive the baseball.

"Hey Gohan, can you come over here?" he called out. Gohan quirked an eyebrow curiously, but nonetheless abandoned his relaxing position and strutted over to his companion.

"What's up?" he said, glancing down at his watch, wondering exactly when his special guest would arrive at the ballfield; he could still sense her ki rather far away. Refocusing his eyes on the older warrior, he saw an outstretched hand with a worn, dirt-stained baseball in it.

"I'm trying to show these kids the importance of a clean, level swing and how keeping your eye on the ball, but maintaining your balance is important to hitting the ball on the nose. Can you do me a favor and pitch a nice, easy toss down the heart of the plate? Make the ball curve away from me a tiny bit to throw me out of my normal rhythm and force me to reach for it."

Gohan nodded fervently and stalked out towards the pitching rubber. Obviously both he and Yamcha could clobber the ball into the next stratosphere using their powers, so it would entail a good amount of restraint to keep it not only visible, but up to normal standards. The young man gripped the small object with his right pointer finger and pinky along the ruby red seams, preparing to create the correct amount of spin on the ball to make it tail away from his opponent.

Once his friend and comrade found himself in a comfortable batting stance, Gohan slipped his throwing arm out his glove - which he'd picked up after receiving Yamcha's instructions - and stealthily hid the hand behind his back, bending forward slightly. The batter held the hitting instrument between his hands, grasping the handle of it. The barrel of the bat was positioned above his back shoulder, swaying softly in the light breeze; his legs were bent at the knees and positioned a few feet apart, lending him flexibility in his next move dependent on where the pitch went.

With Yamcha ready, the pitcher reared his pitching arm backwards and simultaneously engaged in an over-the-top leg kick before hurling the baseball at professional-like speeds towards home plate.

The Bandits' coach took extra precaution to exaggerate each motion since he knew his Saiyan counterpart had pinpoint control. He leaned his weight backward on his back foot, making an 'L' with his back elbow, before stepping forward and towards the likely location of the pitch with his lead foot. As his weight transferred from his back foot to lead foot, his arms reached full extension and the barrel of the bat connected with the baseball, the small sphere making contact with the sweet spot. Yamcha had restrained enough of his strength to not send the ball into orbit, but it did go rocketing towards the outfield grass on a sharp line drive.

With his mission complete, Gohan stepped off the dirt mound and walked towards the black, metal bench with a hop in his step. That demonstration, as simple as it'd been, had also been rather fun since it was alongside his childhood buddy. As he sat down and tried to think of anything but Videl, he heard Yamcha preach on and on about how the solid, strong contact displayed in their little exhibition at-bat was only possible because of the balance, weight shift, and level swing.

Rolling his eyes at how much Yamcha was bullshitting - he only was good at baseball because he basically saw the ball in slow motion - Gohan laid his back on the bench and dozed off, the final image crossing his brain before dreams overtook him a small, petite body pinned up against the wall of Yamcha's apartment.

He was woken up some amount of time later by a small, soft tap on his shoulder, signalling somebody wanted his attention. He stretched his arms out and yawned, then groggily opened them, wiping the grit out the corners. When his world came back into focus, a pair of beautiful, ocean blue pools stared right back at him.

"Sleeping on the job, I see," Videl snorted. Her usual sarcasm had returned a bit but it held a different, more playful tone to it than before. She outstretched a hand, beckoning for Gohan to sit up on the metal seat.

Flips and flops competed in his stomach when he saw her. "Y-Yeah, sleeping," Gohan mumbled tiredly. "When did you get here?" he hoisted himself into a seating position as he awaited her answer, doing a quick sweep with his eyes to locate Yamcha and the rest of the youth players.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe twenty minutes or so," she shrugged. "Shouldn't you be helping your womanizing friend, though? Does he know I'm coming?"

"Err," he scratched his head. "He doesn't," he grimaced as he dusted off his gray, loose-fitting baseball pants and rose to his feet, "I guess, I owe him an explanation about" The word felt so loaded, it just wrecked at his nerves even more. Especially considering how 'normal' and at ease she seemed. He would have to get a grip as well, if he was hoping to impress her.

He cleared his throat. "Shall we?" he offered his hand. Sure it was agreed that this was a 'date', but he'd hate to be presumptuous and just take her hand. He'd been presumptuous enough with the kiss last night. He was trying to woe her here, fully aware that her feelings for him were not quite decided, so he wanted to be a gentlemen at all costs.

He was quite relieved when she reached out to take the hand without hesitation, their fingers locking as they walked hand in hand towards Yamcha.


"Hey Yamcha," he began sheepishly as they neared the ex-the bandit, who was standing alone, away from the kids. "I err," he began nervously, his hand sweating in hers. "Invited a guest to watch us coach; I hope you don't mind..." he trailed off. He knew very well that Yamcha would definitely mind, given what Videl had put him through. But it was best to get this out of the way as soon as possible.

The reaction of the former martial artist could only be described as a picture worth a thousand words. His eyes widened to extreme proportions, his fingers twitched visibly, and his ki unconsciously rose.

"What is she doing here, Gohan?" Yamcha spat out through gritted teeth. His aura began to intensify in strength, the winds it produced zipping through the air at greater speeds.

To anyone except Gohan, he just looked angry, but the eldest demi-Saiyan could tell he was barely holding back well-placed anger and animosity directed at the girl who'd nearly castrated him.

"Calm down Yamcha," he began soothingly. "I know it's a lot to take in all of a sudden but she turned over a new leaf," he explained as calmly as he could.

That did nothing to appease his friend's murderous aura though.

"Look," he tried again. "She's helping us bring down her former bosses, okay?"

Yamcha walked over to Gohan, his frustration and anger written across his face as he pulled him aside. "She tried to kill you, Gohan!" he hissed, "She would have succeeded too if you didn't have an impenetrable skull. She shot you point blank," he reminded his conversation partner, "and she is an extremely well trained assassin. We have innocent children here!"

"I know, but Videl would never hurt an innocent child, please try to bare with it Yamcha. In time you'll come to see for yourself that she's changed. It's not like she was evil to begin with. Besides, you know that everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone Yamcha." he added meaningfully.

"Do what you want, but just keep her the hell away from me," he spat. "but if she tries anything at all with these kids, I won't hesitate to snap her pretty little neck."

Gohan had to resist the urge to growl at his friend. He couldn't help feeling protective of Videl just as much as Yamcha couldn't help loathing her. He took a deep breath, and addressed his friend calmly. "Did you not have less than pure intentions the first time you met my father and then have an epiphany, a renaissance?" he attempted to reason with him.

"That's different!" Yamcha protested vehemently. "I fought with your father but I never fired a weapon at him point blank with the intent to murder him. I was just making ends meet at the time, but your father helped me see the error in my ways."

"That's fine Yamcha. Videl now knows that her boss was a very dangerous and corrupt man. She's through with that life now." Gohan asserted. "Please try to accept it. Besides," he added lamely. "It err... it would be real awkward if you... you know, hated the woman I was dating," he informed him, cheeks burning.

"Say what?" Yamcha's head snapped up, his eyes growing larger than Gohan had ever seen him as he looked between the two of them. "D-Da... d-dating?" he finally spattered in shock looking down at their hands, noticing for the first time that they were joined. "Y-You're dating her too?"

Gohan nodded, "We just started. Please Yamcha you can't tell my mom about... you know," he pleaded softly.

Yamcha muttered a litter of incomprehensible curses, his feet even stomping around before he turned back to face them. They stood there watching as millions of expressions passed on his face before he finally seemed to accept and relent. "Fine, Gohan. I'll back off. I still disagree with you but I suppose everyone deserves a second chance." he mumbled sourly before storming off. And it was just as well that Videl's ears were not nearly as sensitive as his because Yamcha was still muttering as he walked, "... Can't be accused of cock-blocking a friend anyway..."

With the matter settled and done with temporarily, Gohan turned towards his attractive plus one, offering her an apologetic smile. "Well, that could have gone better but..." he trailed off.

Videl regarded him with disbelief, "Actually, it went better than I ever imagined it would. He didn't even try to get retribution, not once. I'm shocked. He should have at least got in one good punch."

"He wouldn't dare," he said dangerously, but then checked himself before he continued. "You'll come to realize that most of our friend's have pasts of their own. It will take time for the trust to grow, but I won't allow anyone to judge you."

"Gohan, it's okay. There are things...I don't expect to ever be forgiven for."

He squeezed her hand, "Nothing is unforgivable," he assured her.

"" he thought it best to steer away from this line of talk. "Let's see if we can find a place in the stands to watch the game," he began to pull her along. "How did it go this morning with your father?" he began to ask as they walked along.


It was rare that something rattled Impho Pho, but this morning something had. He had walked into his office and sat in his chair like always, only to find a manilla envelope on his desk emblazoned with the word 'urgent,' and what he saw inside did not make him a happy man.

Agent Tan's smiling face was not the first thing he wanted to see in the morning, never mind in a picture dated 'yesterday.' Yet there she was, wearing a baseball cap and chatting away with the Delivery Boy himself. He searched around in the envelope, hoping for an explanation of some sort. All he found was a list of digits.

The nefarious man's fingertips flew to his phone, dialing the number. "Khakhi," he said when the ringing stopped. "Explanation."

"I found Agent Tan," she said proudly.

"I can see that..." Pho seethed.

"She's alive," the operative added.

"I'm not blind, agent."

"And it looks as though she's made friends with the Delivery Boy."

The agency director had to agree. From the starry-eyed look on the young adult's face, he'd wager that they were more than friends. Impho Pho glanced down at his wristwatch impatiently. "Just tell me how."

The amount of venom in the director's voice must have shocked the agency's temporary number-one. She gulped, audibly. "I'm still not sure, sir."

"I expect you to be sure before you contact me, agent. That has always been my policy. I don't appreciate it when people waste my time."

"It just that..." Khakhi paused for a moment, choosing her words carefully. "I was doing some research into Agent Tan's past, hoping to find something that might tell me where she has been hiding. The thing is..."

"Spit it out," Pho ordered. "I don't have all day."

"I wasn't the only one looking. Her files have been accessed at least twice in the past several days by IP addresses outside the agency, and it gets worse. Whoever it is has been searching our whole database, sir."

Pho hung up the phone on the spot, swearing loudly. So Agent Tan was a rat now, filthy disgusting vermin. He knew just how to deal with those, but this mysterious searcher; that was unsettling. Whoever it was would soon feel the agency breathing down their neck.

The black phone rang softly, stealing the man's attention away from his furious musings. "What?" he demanded tersely.

"Sir..." Khakhi started hesitantly. "There's more."

The director sighed heavily. "Go on."

"I learned that Agent Tan has been to visit her father, and I inquired around the house. It seems she went on a little trip a few days ago."

"I don't care about her travel plans, agent," Pho insisted.

"But sir, she paid a visit to the World Government."

For the second time that morning, the agency's leader abruptly hung up the phone and swore. Leave it to Del Tan to know just how to wound him most. He took a deep breath, resting his chin on his clasped hands. How could he use this? There had to be some way to take Agent Tan's actions and turn them in his favor... the corners of his mouth twitched upward into a cold smile as his mind settled on the answer. If Agent Tan wanted to warn the World Government, that was fine. Let the government dogs think they were safe. Let the ignorant pigs think his intel wasn't as good as theirs. This was the perfect opportunity to move his plans forward.

He was coming for them, sooner than planned.

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