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An important fact of my fic:

- Since Hermione is almost a year older than Harry and Ron, my story is set in year 7 – which makes her 18.


Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape

Rating: M

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance/AU/Drama

Beta-reader: GabbyFreak - Thanks a lot for your effort! :-)

+ + + Chapter One - "SO UNLIKE ME" + + +

Hermione's candle flickered as she tiptoed through the dark hallways of the dungeons of Hogwarts. Her wand had been confiscated as she had messed up – herself not quite sure if on purpose or not - in Defence Against the Dark Arts class this morning. Being absent-minded, she had managed to blow up the antique projector with a single misdirected movement of her wand.

Needless to say that Professor Snape had not been happy about that and so Hermione was to report to his office for detention tomorrow evening.

But tomorrow was so far away...Hermione was desperate. Being truthfully with herself, she was in an outright desolate condition. This was so not like her at all!

As a matter of fact, she had hoped for earlier punishment, punishment that hopefully would make those feelings go away. These odd and weird feelings she lately had for Professor Snape.

Yuk! What am I thinking? This guy is so mean and harsh and...disgusting in some way and yet...Blimey, stop it, Hermione!

No doubt, Hermione was consumed with guilt, shame and by an inner struggle. However, she couldn't deny that there were glimpses of other feelings, too. - Lustrous and absolutely inappropriate emotions, yet so incredibly strong, it felt like they were going to tear her apart if she couldn't get rid of them.

Closing her eyes, she plucked up courage and knocked at Professor Snape's door.

God, I don't know how to tell him. Should I tell him at all?

The heavy wooden door opened with a squeak. "Miss Granger." The Professor looked at her with his usual stoic and peeved expression. "What are you doing here? Your detention is tomorrow."

Clearing her throat, she answered reluctantly. "I know, Sir. I just wanted to ask you if..."Her voice cracked.

"Ask me what, Miss Granger?" Snape replied sharply, inclining his head. "...if you would mind moving my punishment to an earlier time, Sir." Hermione murmured, trying not to lower her eyes instinctively.

The Professor raised an eyebrow. "Move your spanking to an earlier time?" He asked sardonically while opening the door completely, indicating her to enter. Hearing him say "spanking" made Hermione's knees go even weaker than she had expected.

"Now why would I do that?" Professor Snape asked casually. "Please, Miss Granger, enlighten me with a very good reason."

Because I can't make it through another night with all that unresolved and burning tension, you moron! This is all YOUR fault after all!

Hermione fought back the urge of just shouting out what she had been thinking. If she had, it would have probably been disastrous and he'd most likely kick her out immediately. "Actually it's because I need my wand back for the first class in the morning - and the punishment was set for late evening, so I wondered..."

"...if I would reschedule it." She heard Snape finish her sentence. "So little Miss Know-It-All wouldn't embarrass herself by showing up without proper equipment, right?"


Hermione was used to his incisive tone but this time it hurt on a personal level.

No, you mean bastard, I came here for you! YOU are the reason why I'm here! YOU, who causes all my inner disunity and all those powerful emotions I can't handle. Please, for Merlin's sake, don't make me beg and speak it out loud!

"Yes, Sir." She lied, nodding her head for emphasis, although she wasn't sure if it was convincing. Narrowing his eyes, the Professor inclined his head again. Hermione tried her best to hold his piercing gaze but failed miserably. "Very well then, Miss Granger." He broke the silence. "I shall consent to your request. Your wand will be returned to you after you have received the full amount of strokes, which will be 15. Now go, bend over the desk." His tone was cold and seemed completely free from any empathy.

Hermione wondered if he saw her blushing as his wicked words sent unexpected shivers straight to her core. Complying hesitantly, she bent over the large wooden desk while she sensed Snape stepping up behind her. Suddenly realizing the enormous erotic potential her present position held, Hermione unwittingly started getting fidgety. She was really glad the Professor couldn't see her flushed face right now. If he did, she would want the ground to open up and swallow her.

What the hell am I thinking? He has probably done that a dozen of times since he had become headmaster, no big deal! How can I be so stupid to think of this being more than simply what it is – punishment?

(censored part…)

She had never been spanked before, Hermione liked to think of herself as a good girl. Well, at least she had never been caught. Or her actions had been conducive to Harry's success in defeating Voldemort, so she was easily forgiven...

Anyway, Hermione didn't quite understand all this. Couldn't explain that terrifying and compulsive drive that brought her to the dungeons this late. Shamefully she suppressed her secret wish for more than just a spanking. - Oddly enough, all she knew was that it was right to be here. No matter what.

(censored part…)

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