Prompt: Obssessed

It happened that first day he woke up, the first day he was actually 'there'. Axel had come to take him on a mission and afterward had rewarded him with a break. Together they walked up so many stairs to the tip top of the Clock Tower that watched over the town. Axel plunked himself down, Roxas following suit and looking around, taking everything in with childlike wonder.

Axel chuckled and patted his shoulder to get his attention. Roxas turned his head quickly; almost sticking his nose into the cold blue treat he would soon not be able to get enough of. "Sea salt ice-cream Rox." Roxas stares at it with crossed eyes before he takes it, eyeing Axel questioningly and finally sinking his teeth into the cold treat. Immediately his mouth starts to water and he brings the ice cream away. "It's….sweet…and salty…"

And it was love

Every mission after that was always brought to a close with a trip to the ice cream stand, the long walk up the stairs(because using portals ruined the effect) and a nice long sit as he ate his ice cream. Sometimes Axel would look at him with humor in his eyes. "You really like that stuff huh?" Roxas would only nod, sometimes ignoring him altogether, far too occupied with the sweet, salty smoothness of the ice-cream in his mouth.

Sometimes waiting till the end of a mission wasn't enough. Sometimes he would crave it so bad that he would leave in the middle of a stakeout to get some ice-cream before returning to his hiding spot. Sometimes he would be late to meetings, opting instead to warp to Twilight Town and satiate his need. Axel said he was obsessed, just a little, maybe more like a lot, but definitely obsessed.

Roxas didn't really know what that meant but he figured he would think about it over some ice cream.