Volt the Pikachu's Test


What the heck! Where am I?

Calm yourself Volt...

Okay, I swear if Geno's put something in my Pecha Juice this morning, I'm gonna kill him.

Your team mate has nothing to do with this. You are in your subconscious.

Well, "subconscious", what do you want?

I have a few questions for you, if you are up to it...

Go for it, the sooner I answer them, the sooner I get the heck out of here.

Excellent. Here is your first question.

Lay it on me.

A test is coming up! How do you study for it?

Well, I would study little by little and eventually I'll get to memorize it.

What is your battle style? Do you strategize, attack head-on, or play it safe with defense?

That's easy, I would go with Defense first, then once you're in a safe position, that would be a good chance to fight back.

What kind of Rank do you want to be?

Uhh, my goal right now is to be Gold!

And how will you get there?

Through teamwork, of course! You can't be a rescue team if you have no team! Duh..

What kind of missions do you prefer to do?

Mostly, E-A. We might choose an S if we think the reward is worth it.

Do you have any rivals at this point?

Well, not really.

Who are your Teammates?

Well, there's Geno the Eevee and Flare the Charmander.

We're almost done. Did you have any childhood friends?

...I used to.

And if you can remember, who were they?

It was a Piplup, Snivy, and a Cyndaquil.

Is your friendship still strong or broken?


If you were given a chance, would you do anything to repair it?

Well, of course I would!

We're almost done. Now, close your eyes...I will examine your aura...Concentrate and let me examine you...



It is done... Your personality is brave and kind. You are willing to sacrifice yourselves for others in order to protect them, however clinging on to the past will make you forget about the present. Seek which path is right for you and the doors will open...


Your aura is an Energetic Yellow!

Well, duh. I am a Pikachu.

Yes, now it's time for you to wake will not remember this dream. However, the questions you have answered for me will reveal more questions for you as you face the dangers within..


Yes, now it is time to test the next two...

Wait! Next two! Do you mean..ahh!

Napoleo(Leo) the Piplup Test.


No, you'll never take me alive! You'll never get my treasure!

Calm yourself, Napoleo.

What the heck! This isn't a I dreaming?

I have a few questions for you if you are up for it..

Ehh, it is a dream. Why not.

You receive a gift! But you don't know what's in it. You're curious, what do you do?

Well that's easy! I open it now! I mean it is a gift, it can't be some trap or anything!

What is your battle style? Do you strategize, attack head on, or defend?

Attack head on, of course. Chances are, they will be weak.

What kind of Rank do you wish to be in the future?

I don't really care what rank I have, as long as I finish the mission and get the reward!

You see a figure about to approach you, what do you do? Do you attack or wait to see who it is?

Attack! Chances are it's an outlaw or some wild Pokemon.

Do you have any rivals at this point?

Team Morlock, a team consisting of a Treecko, Sableye, and that fat Kirlia.

Who are your teammates?

That would be Max the Larvitar and Rhosesda the Buneary.

Did you used to have Childhood friends?

...Can I pass on this?

No, please answer the question.

Fine...yes, I used to.

And if you can remember, who were they?

Cyndaquil, Pikachu, and Snivy.

Is your friendship still strong or broken?

I don't really know at this point..I say in the middle.

If you were given a chance to repair your friendship, would you do it?

...Well...I don't know.

Now, it's time to examine your aura.

My what? Ehh, whatever. The sooner I get out of here, the better.

Now, close your eyes. Don't think about anything. Just look at the aura covering your vision...and it is done.


It is done..your personality is Hasty and Unsure. You based your decisions only on what you think is right. Your decisions will one day erase the very fabric of your team and you. You are also unsure of what to do next, you make your choices on what you see.

Your aura is an Aqua Blue!

Well, Piplup do swim in the water...duh.

Your test is over. It is time for you to wake up...once you do. You will not remember anything about this dream or the questions you answered, however those questions will unlock your fate and the crossroads between you and your other friends.

Wait, other friends! Wait! Ahhhhhhhh!

Willow the Snivy's Test


What the? Who are you? What am I doing here? Better speak.

I am here to ask you a few simple questions.

Why should I?

Answering these questions are the only way for you to wake up.


Good, now here are your questions.

Do you have a cheeful personality?


What is your battle style? strategy, attack head on, or defend?


What kind of rank do you wish to be in the near future?

Don't care.

Do you tolerate failure?


Who are your teammates?

Rip the Gible and Bracken the Sneasel.

Did you used to have childhood friends?


Are you sure?


Interesting..well did you meet three Pokemon during your childhood?


And who were they?

A yellow mouse, a penguin, and some fire mouse.

Care to elaborate?


Now, it's time to examine your aura.


Now close your eyes, remove every thought in your body. Only look at the color blazing through your body and it is done.


Your Calm and Serious. You don't like failure and seem to not forgive anyone for it. You are also calm in peaceful areas without any conversation with anyone other then your teammates.

Your aura is a deep green.

Whatever, can I go now?

Your questions and your answers will intertwine with the other three. Soon your destinies will cross with one another on a chance to realign fate.


Choose your doors wisely.

Mech the Cyndaquil's Test...


Impossible! A voice coming from the waves of my mind is improbable!

Calm yourself, Mech. I am only here to have you answer a few questions..

Well, I guess that's logically acceptable. Please go ahead.

Do you like to imagine things for your amusement?

Well, yes. I do like to construct various machines using your everyday objects.

Are living in the Hollisty Town?

Unfortunately, my team likes to travel around, but we did live there before we said goodbye to it.

What kind of rank do you want to be in the near future?

I hope to someday attain the Legendary rank of Rukario. It may seem impossible, but with the things I do, nothing's impossible.

Who are your teammates?

Lily the Roselia and Gigant the Golett.

Did you used to have childhood friends?

Well, yes actually. I do miss them. It was Volt, Leo, and Silvie.


That's "Willow's" real name. I'm afraid she doesn't use that name anymore, but the three of us are the only ones who know it.

Is your friendship broken?

Unfortunately, yes.

If you were given a chance to repair it, would you take the chance?

Yes, actually. I do miss the good old times we used to have.

Now it's time to examine your aura.

Aura? Isn't that illogical?

Close your eyes...remove every thought in your mind and only look at the color that's covering your entire body..

It is done..

Now for your final question...

There is four rocks standing in your path. Rocks in the color of yellow, green, blue, and red. What would you choose?

Wait, a rock? I guess the Red one.

Your aura...

Is a fiery red!

You are intelligent and good with machinery. You will do anything that your teammates would wanna do and also a fascination with machinery. However, soon your fascination will become a struggle for survival..

What? are the only one of four who has gotten that question. You will forget everything about this dream...

Then what was the point of all those questions?

They were for the crossroads of your destinies...The four of you, when the time is right will have to settle your differences and join together...

Now it is time for you to return back to your world...

Wait! Join together!


4 teams...4 destinies...16 stones...1 adventure..

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Fallen Souls