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Episode 3: Magma Lake

"One fragment of Napoleo's road has been filled, now the next fragment shines revealing the next story in Willow's road..."

Team Silva's Base - One day after the reunion...

Bracken and Rip were silent, after the big reunion. Team Silva's mission status has halted. The duo was mainly curious about Willow's past and her connection to Voltage and Forsteri's leaders. Both of them were hanging out at their Barry Bar hoping for once to actually do something.

Rip took a munch on his Oran Berry before finally breaking the silent barrier covering Team Silva's base. "So, when do you think we'll actually do a mission?" Rip asked his Sneasel teammate.

Bracken was practicing his claw movements before glancing at the Gible. "From what I'm sensing, the chances of a mission are slim to none," he spoke. "Not unless Willow actually decides to exit her room."

Rip took a small glance at Willow's room and back to his Oran Berry. He sighed. "Well, our leader's just a ball of sunshine, isn't she?" he sarcastically joked.

The two carried on with their activities as they curiously waited for something to happen.

"Team Voltage has yet again accomplished another heroic mission of rescuing more innocent Pokémon from the depths of evil! It was all thanks to the handsome, modest, attractive, and rich Geno! For it was all thanks to hi-"

A smack from behind the head greeted him.

"OW!" Geno whelped in pain, causing his narration to stop to a halt due to the immense sting caused by the smack on the head.

"Was that really necessary?" Geno frowned as any Pokémon can visibly see the damage on Geno's forehead.

"Yes," Volt calmly said smiling. "You really need to stop narrating." He complained as the trio headed down the road back to the base.

"I was made to narrate! Pretty soon, I will be a star! I will be rich and I will claim the heart of my princess!" Geno dramatically replied, getting sighs from both his teammates.

"The Pecha Juice has finally gotten to him…" Flare whispered to Volt, getting a nod from him.

Unknown Rescue Base - One day prior to the "Reunion."

Three mysterious figures were inside of this rescue base, however their faces cannot be seen.

"Useless, pathetic morons have been broken! Do you know what that means?" The figure yelled out. She was floating in mid air, looking towards her other companions.

"Shucks... uhh... We go to the flower field again?" The tiny figure asked, bouncing. She had a tone of a southern female.

"We finally decide why no one wants to get with a guy like me?" The last figure answered.

"No, you incompetent buffoons!" snapped the first figure. "Team Silva's mission rate has been unknowingly decreasing as time goes on, with each passing moment in time. We are rapidly over-passing them!"

"Don't we only get like one rescue mission every two days?"

"Silence! Do not ruin my moment, now!"

Willow was in a deep sleep, although she didn't care about the "reunion," Thoughts began to burn deeply in her mind, and memories began to rush forward at a rapid pace of the "good old days."

Willow's Dream - 4 years ago

"Are you sure about this, Volt?"

"Positive Silvie! You'll come with me, won't you Leo?"

"Well, I guess."

"Now you see? Come on! After all, we are best friends."

"Okay, fine! I'll go..."

"That's more like it! Come on, let's go!"

Her dream stopped there. It constantly began to repeat itself over and over to the point of where it can be formed into a nightmare.

Silence. The thoughts have stopped, panting heavily. She had finally gotten out of the horrible nightmares of that night. Even though her dream was completely vague, it only took those exact sentences to send her to spiraling nightmares. The thoughts of those dreams completely overshadowed her, she didn't care about her past life, but... it seemed to be coming back.

"I need some air…" she said to herself opening the door. That creaking sound got the attention of her two teammates. She was less than enthusiastic to see the same happy face made by Rip.

Rip kept on his idiotic happy face and finally broke the tension. "Well, have a good sleep, sleeping beauty?" he joked with his team leader, only to get no response from her.

She exited the team base, leaving no word of where she was going.

"Well, that was awkward..." Rip chatted with his sneaky cat friend.

Bracken made no attempt to speak, but nodded in agreement.

"Princess?" repeated Flare, holding in a snicker.

"Yes!" Geno declared boldly, raising up his paw for emphasis, "my lovely soon-to-be girlfriend, Chrystal the Glaceon!"

Flare couldn't hold it back… he let it all out exploding with laughter. "Oh man! This is just too good!"

Geno just rolled his eyes. "Oh, laugh it up! I know you like someone too, why not confess?" he asked the fire lizard.

Flare ceased his laughter and stood back up. "Because I didn't watch the play 'Cacnea and Kirlia,'" he retorted, still making fun of Geno for seeing a girly play.

"I heard it got good reviews...by girl Pokémon." Volt commented.

Geno frowned. "I only saw that because Chrystal invited me! Of course I wouldn't turn HER down!" he excused.

Volt shrugged. "Well, guess you're right, but all I do know is that you should act soon."

"Soon? The heck you talking about?" asked Geno, confused.

"He means that you should take her out on a date," Flare said.

Geno's face began to sweat violently, making him very nervous. "A-a-a-a-a-ask her out?" he stuttered. "Maybe… maybe next time! So, wegoingtoVictini'sHangoutorwhat?" said Geno rapidly, completing avoiding the subject.

"I still say you ask her out!" Flare pestered the Eeveeloution. "We won't know unless you try!"

"Okay, first of all, I'm only an Eevee. Second, I am out of her league and let's not forget the most important of all: SHE IS A GLACEON!" Geno completely yelled in Flare's ears giving him the exact reasons.

"Okay, okay! Sheesh, ever learn to eat a mint?" Flare frowned feeling his right ear, due to it being paralyzed by Geno's loud scream.

"So, until I become an Umbreon or maybe even a Leafeon, then I'll ask her out," Geno told him.

"I still say you do it now," Volt spoke, eavesdropping on Geno's romantic life. "It's gonna be a while before we all evolve and I'm pretty sure once you do, Chrystal will be taken."

"Yeah, he's right!" Flare agreed on Volt's statement. "Just look at Volt! He doesn't have a girlfriend and look what happened to him!"

"And what exactly happened to Volt?" Volt asked in the third person, giving Flare the stink eye.

"Well, we never exactly seen you with a girl, heck we only seen you with your mom!" Flare replied being completely honest about his answer.

"Not unless you count Willow," Geno added on.

Flare and Geno were Volt's best friends. They practically knew everything about him, except his past. The reunion practically caused the two to become very curious, even coming up with hare brained topics to make Volt reveal more about his friendship with Willow and Napoleo.

Volt rolled his eyes. "Nice try, guys. I'm not falling for it again," he said, figuring out their little plan. "I don't wanna talk about my past friendship with 'Willow' and Leo."

The duo groaned, unlike Volt. They were complete gossipers; any secret juice they find, they spread it around Hollisty in a matter of seconds. "Oh come on! Just one little secret?" Geno begged.

"The last time I said 'one little secret' you two managed to spread it in a record time of five minutes," he reminded him. "Besides, you're lucky I don't spread your little crush on Chrystal."

Geno froze in fear; Flare however contained a little snicker. "Or someone's little crush on Petal," Volt teased Flare, causing him also to stop in fear.

"You w-w-wouldn't dare!" Flare yelled out.

"Try me," he said calmly. His acting was so good that he managed to convince the duo.

"Okay, okay! We won't ask anymore," Geno frowned. He hated to admit, but Volt won this round.

"Good! Now come on, let's go to Victini's Hangout, my treat," Volt suggested as the two nodded in response.

As Volt was ahead of the two, Geno took this time to whisper something in Flare's ear. "Okay, here's what we do. We find out who he likes and then we blackmail him into telling his past," Geno explained quietly to the Charmander.

The two nodded in response, if Volt wanted to play that way, they'll do it as well.

"So, uhh... this Petal girl, isn't she that Chikorita from Team Graminoids?" Geno asked curiously.

Flare froze, he practically forgot that he only told Volt his little crush, but decided to face it and tell him. "Yes, she is."

Geno held in a snicker, until he finally exploded from laughter. "Oh wow! You like a Grass type! How ironic!" He fell to the ground, unable to move.

As Flare pulled Geno's tail, dragging him along, they finally started walking to Victini's hang out. "You're lucky that I don't spill your secret, Geno," Flare said quietly to himself, annoyed by Geno's continuous laughter.

"This must be it," Willow said standing on a branch, staring towards at the heavily lighted area, "Magma Lake."

New dungeon detected.

Dungeon Name: Magma Lake

Floors: 7

Habitats: Fire Type Pokémon

Difficulty: D-Ranked Dungeon

Description: Unlike a regular lake, which contains water, Magma Lake contains lava containing a large area of the forest. The dungeon entrance is directly below the lava depths. In the past, only the luckiest explorers got to see what was inside the dungeon. However, due to recent events, the dungeon was easily accessible by rerouting the lava away from the staircase. It was home to many Fire type Pokémon.

"If I'm gonna figure out the cause of these dreams, the answer lies within here," she heads down the stairway, closing in on the entrance. "Hmm, this is sure to where the reason is for my dreams, it's where I first...explored with them..." Shaking off her past emotions, she enters the dungeon preparing to face the risk of the type disadvantage.

B1F - Magma Lake

When Willow first entered the dungeon, she only managed to run across a few Slugma.

Using Razor Leaf, she managed to knock them out before getting hit. Due to Magma Lake being a weak dungeon, she was able to plow through any Fire type Pokémon in the way.

She heads down further after finding the staircase.

B2F - Magma Lake

This time, two Slugma were there to greet her. "Oh please..." she said disappointingly, keeping her smug look.

Two Razor Leaves was all that she needed to get them out of the way.

Carefully navigating one of the narrow pathways, an aroma trap was spawned underneath her. "Oh great..." Suddenly, two Ponyta surrounded her.

She sighed and realized that she can only manage to defeat one Ponyta before getting burned by Ember. Taking the risk, she easily defeats the Ponyta.

Having no time to turn around, she takes an Ember to the back. She easily plows through the Ponyta finally getting out of the pathway.

Opening up her toolbox, she grabs one of the Oran Berries and consumes healing her of any damage caused by Ember.

With her healed up, she heads down the staircase.

Back at Hollisty Town, Team Volt was at Victini's Hangout. Like always, Geno was gazing at Chrystal's amazing appearance, causing some rolled eyes by his teammates. Flare had some self control, unlike Geno.

"So, tell me again why we're here?" Flare asked, slurping on his Oran Berry shake.

"I heard that new teams were hanging out here, so I decided that we introduced ourselves," Volt explained, peering out into the groups of teams to see any unknown teams that may come in.

Until one team caught his eye, they were wearing purple scarves and ribbons. Due to Volt's curiosity, he just had to meet them. "Flare, Geno, we might as well do something other than eating!" Volt called out, completely oblivious that the duo was still "eating."

Flare and Geno flat out ignored Volt's request, due to the fact that they were still eating. Volt grinned mischievously. "Unless... I could go over to Chrystal's table," he teased, getting Geno to choke on one of his Oran berries and spitting it out violently. "Or... maybe even Petal's table," the Pikachu continued, making Flare spits out his drink in horror.

"Really, and I mean, really!" Geno yelled out in anger, but only Volt and Flare could hear.

Volt shrugged. "Hey, it's what you two do every day. Now, I see why you do it! It's so much fun!" he forcefully grabbed the two by the tails and dragged them along with him. "Now come on!"

Flare quickly yelped in horror of what he saw. "Geno, look!" He pointed to the many empty cups of Rawst Juice under Volt's seat. Geno and Flare were afraid. Volt was addicted to Rawst Juice, overdosing on it causes him to enter a lunatic-like trance and causes severe sugar rush... which was... interesting. However, they gasped in relief when they realized he only consumed three bottles of it.

"Well, at least he didn't drink five bottles..." Geno gulped, imagining the last time Volt first tasted Rawst Juice.

The two struggled trying to release themselves from his strong grip.

BF6 - Magma Lake

Willow was burned, with her body was covered in soot and her health was rapidly decreasing. She struggled down the staircase hoping to make it through the last floor. Her burned body was the cause of a monster house last floor, completely surrounded by fire types. Thanks to her supplies, she was able to defeat them all, but sustained a burn with all her supplies gone.

Just ahead of the staircase, a rug can be seen set up along with many supplies encase one would need to stock up. "Hmm, maybe setting up a shop in a waypoint wasn't much of a good idea..." said a motherly woman's voice.

"Hmm?" A small shadow figure can be seen slowly approaching the waypoint. Her two children weren't the least bit worried, due to knowing that their mother would protect them.

It was none other than Willow, beginning to feel the effects of Burn. Her body was covered in soot. "Must… keep… going…" she said weakly, starting up another walk.

"No! You've been burned and you're in critical condition! If you exit this tunnel, you'll faint!" the figure explained worried about the little Snivy that just stumbled upon her shop.

Willow's vision was blurred up, but she managed to open her right eye to get a look at the voice. It was a Gardevoir and two Ralts. "N-no! I c-can handle this by myself!" she yelled out, ignoring the Gardevoir's advice.

As Willow takes her step, the effects of Burn activated once more finally depleting all of her health. She collapses to the ground and faints.

The Gardevoir immediately rushed to her aid. Carrying a bag of many healing supplies, she pulled out a Revival Seed. Opening up Willow's mouth, she was able to make Willow swallow the seed. A few minutes later, the Revival Seed finally took effect. Willow's burn was completely healed, along with her damage. However, she was still covered in soot.

She stood up, acting like nothing even happened. "Thank you," Willow said in gratitude, looking directly at the Gardevoir.

The Gardevoir smiled. "It was no problem," she replied back, closing up her medical bag. "I usually don't heal random Pokémon, but I took the risk of seeing if you were a good Pokémon."

"Who are you?" Willow asked.

"My name is Angel, I'm a traveling saleswoman that sells many rare and unique items," She introduced herself. "I also come to dungeons and sell my items in waypoints like you see here. Consider that Revival Seed I gave you a free sample of my products."

"Thank you for that. And if you're curious, my name is Willow," she said as she glanced over to the two young Ralts playing. "Forgive me, but isn't it a little dangerous to bring kids in a dungeon like this?"

Angel chuckled, looking over to the two Ralts playing behind her. "No need to worry," she said, looking at her two children. "They're actually my son and daughter, Bit and Byte," she introduced.

"I take it they don't take kindly to strangers?" Willow asked, noticing the two hiding behind her mother.

"Yes, actually… they're very shy," she nodded. "I only hope that one day they will warm up and be friendly around strangers."

Willow stands up. "Well, I think it's time I take my leave. Thank you once again for healing me," she replied, heading out towards the final floor.

"Wait!" Angel called out.

The Snivy stopped and turned around to face her. "What is it?"

"I've been told by another team that they'll be expecting you on the other side," Angel explained, getting a rather confused look at Willow.

"Nothing I can't handle," she answered, turned around and continued to walk. "Well, goodbye," Willow waved to the trio as she slowly started to fade into the next room.

Angel turned to her children. "Well, she was nice," she said, "though it's sad to see her going at this dungeon by herself without someone to cover her…"

Magma Cavern

Willow was greeted with the intense heat of lava spouts gushing forth. Due to her being a Grass type, the heat was almost unbearable for her. Willow had reached the end. A stairway down would lead to the answer she had been looking for. "Okay, great. Now I can finally-"

"Hold it!"

Willow stopped in her tracks, obviously surprised by the voice. However, that shock quickly turned into a groan. She quickly knew who the voice belonged to. "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes?"

She turned to see a Mismagius glaring straight at her. All Willow can do was groan, she didn't want to have to deal with HER. "Silence!" barked the ghost. "You have been an annoyance from the start! This opportunity was a gift that I, Lilienne, would catch you here all alone without your incompetent idiots you call a 'team!'"

"Hey wait...How did you find me? I didn't tell anyone about my location." Willow asked confused.

"It's simple, my dear. Due to an anonymous source, I've known that sooner or later that you stumble upon this dungeon!" Lilienne answered.

Willow rolled her eyes. "Bet she just stalked me..."

"Anyways, anything you want or do I still have to look at your face?" Willow asked.

"Oh I want something. It's called revenge! And this time, I'm resorting to dirty tactics! Behold!" Lilienne opened her mouth. Willow could stare, wondering what she's planning to do. Lilienne was chanting?

Willow quickly realized what she was planning to do. "Oh cra-" Before she can say a word, a painful headache strikes Willow collapsing to the ground.

"Sleep deep, my dear. I will personally make sure you will never wake up!" Lilienne proclaimed.

Those were the final words Willow could hear. She was knocked out, however the headache suddenly disappeared.



Willow was trapped in her subconscious; all she could do was wait in eternal darkness until a bright light suddenly shined forth behind her. Having no other options, she cautiously approaches the light.

"Well, it's not really like her to still be asleep! She's gonna miss the Victini's Hangout grand opening!"

"Give her some time.."

Willow slowly opens her eyes, the voices she kept hearing. They were familiar to her somehow, but what she saw was even more shocking.

She was sleeping in her bed. She glances over to the left, a small Pikachu was smiling at her wearing a Scope Lens, but the Pikachu wears it in goggle form.. Right next to Pikachu was a Cyndaquil wearing a key tied around it's neck like a necklace. She glances over to her right, it was a Piplup. It was holding a Joy Ribbon on it's neck.

"About time you woke up, Silvie! Come on! We're late to see the grand opening!" The Pikachu blurted out, pulling Silvie(Willow) out of her bed.

"Wait...what's going on? More importantly, who are you?" She asked, clearly she wanted to know how these "kids" would know her true name.

"Something's telling me that bump on the head made her lose her memory." Piplup spoke, rerouting his eyes to Volt.

"We're your best friends, Silvie, remember?" Cyndaquil answered, feeling confused as to why Silvie(Willow) was acting strange.

"Best friends...what?" She finally stood back up, just wondering who these three Pokémon were.

"You're really acting weird, Silvie. It's me Volt, remember?" He asked her, finally revealing his name.

"And your other friends, Leo and Mech." Volt added on.

Silvie(Willow) took a step back. Was this Pikachu telling the truth? Even if he was, how could she even believe it?

Before Silvie(Willow) had a chance to reply, Volt grabbed her hand. "Now come on! We're already late for the grand opening!" He yelled out, not even giving a chance for Silvie(Willow) to reply. The two exited Silvie's(Willow) house with Mech and Leo following close behind.

She didn't even give a chance to answer, but went along with it. However, with each passing step. Volt, Napoleo, and Mech were getting farther and farther away. Glancing towards the buildings, disappearing with each passing look. Finally...Willow was covered in complete darkness.

Volt, Napoleo, and Mech had vanished as well. "Are you having fun, my dear? I must admit you have some very interesting secrets just lying deep within your subconscious."

Willow recognized the voice. "So you trapped me inside my head just so you can look at my secrets? You know once this is over. I'm getting a restraining order."

"Where's the fun in that? Maybe this should help you out. The memories of you being affiliated with Napoleo and Volt disgusts me. So, it's time to suffer!"

Two puddles of dark slime suddenly spawned under Willow's feet. In reaction, she jumped back getting a good view. The slime begins to morph, forming themselves into copies of Volt and Napoleo.

"And how exactly is this making me suffer?" Willow asked unimpressed.

"You will know soon in time, my dear. For now, have fun with your friends!"

The slim copies rushed at Willow at the same time with Slime Volt firing a Thunderbolt and Slime Napoleo firing a Bubblebeam directly at her.

Not having enough time to counter, she takes the two attacks head on. Even though the attacks were not effective, they still managed to damage her.

"This is bad! I need to find a way to defeat both of these slime fakes at the same time, but how?" She tried to come up with a plan in her head.

However, the slimes were relentless. After they first fired off their attacks, they rushed again not even giving Willow a chance to think. The attack completely took Willow by surprise and fell to the ground.

"D-d-damn! N-n-n-o.." She said weakly.

An cackle was heard. "Oh, how I've waited so long for this moment! Once my slime minions erase you from your mind, you will never wake up! Now my slimes, end this!"

As Willow slowly closes her eyes, her vision was getting blurry, but was ready to face the inevitable.



Willow can faintly hear a voice calling towards her, wondering if it was another vision to the past. She slowly heads towards it.

Slowly opening her eyes, her vision was beginning to clear up. Seeing none other then her teammates Bracken and Rip by her side. This time the scenery had change. She was in a hospital bed, easily clarifying she was at the Chansey Healing Chamber.

"Oh hey! You're finally awake!" Rip yelled out, not even attempting to use his indoor voice.

Willow was confused. Wasn't she suppose to never wake up? What happened to Lilienne? Who saved her? And what happened inside the dungeon?

She decides not to question it and was just glad that she was able to see her team and Hollisty Town once more.

"Mommy, why did you fight that ghost lady?" Byte asked.

"Well, let's just say. I can't stand to hear or see suffering Pokémon. So what I did was the right thing." Angel explained, meaning that it was her who saved Willow.

"One fragment of this road has been completed. Two more remain..."

Napoleo's Road: Arc 1 Mission 1 Completed.

Willow's Road: Arc 1 Mission 1 Completed.

Volt's Road

Mech's Road

Arc 1 : Episode 3: Ends

Arc 1: Episode 4: Begins

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