The warm, summer sun rose creating a colourful atmosphere in the kitchen, where a young miss Mae was bent over and looking in a cupboard under the sink, and a boy named Alan sat on a chair at the table eating his favourite cereal.

Mae began to throw objects over her shoulder that didn't seem to be what she was looking for. She was only wearing pants and a baggy strapped top.

The floor began to get covered in random object that belonged under the sink, that Mae had thrown.

"For gods sake! Where is it?" Mae frustratedly mumbled to herself, as she looked at an object before thrwoned that too over her shoulder and onto the floor.

There was some footsteps heard but Mae did not seem to hear. The footsteps belonged to a tired Nick walking into the room to find Mae throwing things onto the floor. He was weaing a short sleeved baggy top with i have a knife, so keep on walking printed on it and some red checkered boxer shorts.

He walked over to Alan whilst staring at Mae, and sat down infront of Alan who looked up to find Nick curiously staring at Mae.

"What is that woman doing at this time in the morning?" Nick asked Alan.

"Well she is digging in the cupboard, so i presume she is after something. She has been here even before i got up and came down" Alan replied, placing his empty bowl of cereal infront of him.

"Really? Well what on earth could she be looking for?" Nick retorically asked, scratching the top of his head.

"She has looked in nearly all the cupboards for something she so badly wants" Alan added, turning to look at Mae.

Mae suddenly shot up holding something in the air as she proudly shouted "Yes! I have found it!"

"What is it Mae?" Alan asked, rasing an eyebrow.

"None of your business!" Mae snapped as she blushed with embarassment.

"Well your God damn rude this morning," Nick replied with a frown "Jeez Mae. Are you always going to be like this every God damn morning?"

"Nick calm down. If she doesn't want to share what she has, it's upto her" Alan said, shaking his head slowly.

Mae held the object close to her chest, it was obviously something special. She closed her eyes and smiled.

"It's probably some worthless piece of junk anyway" Nick replied, turning to face Alan.

Mae suddenly opened her eyes. So quick the speed of light was challenged. Then tears began to pour from her eyes, like a waterfall fastly flowing over some rocks in a rain forrest. Then she ran out of the room tightly holding the object and leaving a trail of tears behind her.

"Great Nick! You had to go there and upset her. You are such a jerk!" Alan shouted "Now i have to mop the floor!"

Alan got up and walked over to where the mop was before grabbing the red, wet mop.

"Well sorry. She was being completely selfish! She was practically rubbing the fact she has found something in our faces!" Nick replied in a rough tone.

"Well it was her business. You never know what it could be, it could be something important and private. You was wrong to yel lat her and insult her, Nick" Alan said, mopping the tears u off of the floor.

"Well..." Nick didn't know what to say to what Alan just said.

"You know you was wrong. So go and appologise Nick, before it's too late. Oh, but don't wake Jamie up. He went to a party and got slightly drunk and is sleeping it off!" Alan chuckled, placing the mop back into the mop bucket.

"Yeah. I had better appologise for being rude" Nick said.

He frowned because he didn't like being wrong and having to appologise. Then he headed on upstairs to find Mae and appologise.