This is basically practice for a drabble writing contest. I haven't written any drabbles before, so I don't expect them to be good at first. The rules I have are the drabble itself must be exactly 100 words, no more, no less. Hyphenated words count as two words except for honorifics. The drabble must be based on a prompt and written in an hour or less. The material must not exceed PG-13.

I also may post some fanfics on here later too. The fanfiction contest rules are the material must not exceed PG-13. The story must be between 1000 and 7000 words. The story must stand on it's own and not be part of a larger series. Stories that deviate greatly from the origional work will be accepted, but may be at a disadvantage.

Propmt: containment

Time: about 15 minutes

Aska was trapped.

He was imprisoned in Thor to be studied, but Thor's citizens were long gone. He just wanted to get out. To be able to feel the sun on his back and the wind beneath his wings seemed nothing more than a wistful dream.

He remembered the half-elf, Mithos, who had made a pact with him long ago, and after him the ninja, Sheena. Both were now gone, and his only chance to escape containment would be to form a pact with a new summoner.

Perhaps the one approaching him now would do.

His name was Claus.

So what do you guys think? I've never written a drabble before so I'm not sure how good I did. Reviews and advice would be appreciated. Remember if you're counting the words, half-elf is hyphenated so it counts as two words. Thank you.