Blue Moon Princess

The Last Hours of the Moon Kingdom

"Damien! No," I screamed. It was all happening to fast, one minute he was running through the gardens to help his brother and the next he was flying through the air as the ground beneath him exploded. I started towards him, but within seconds of me screaming my court surrounded me, preventing me from even moving even an inch to come to his aid.

"Princess Athena your mother, Queen Felicity, and your aunt, Queen Serenity, request you stay in the palace," Sailor Uranus said, stepping forward. I glared at her, trying to side step them, but she grabbed my wrists and pulled them into a tight lock behind my back. I squirmed in her grasp, unable to move a muscle.

"I'm sorry Princess," she stated, strengthening her grip, "but I will not request."

"Let go of me now, Amara," I screamed, trying to get away.

"Forgive me Princess, I have to."

I was pleading, begging now, but she wouldn't release her tight grip on my arms as she pulled me back towards the palace and away from the gardens. Sailor Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto were running behind us to block any chance of my escape.

"You moon brats can not hide forever," a shrill voice screamed to our right. Oh no, I thought, it can't be; she shouldn't be here! Queen Beryl's hideous face met mine as I turned, and glared, still trapped in Uranus's arms.

"Well looks like I've found one of them," she said cackling, though it ended rather quickly when I spit in her face.

"Queen Beryl," I said bowing my head mockingly, "How nice it is to see you. I trust you had a marvelous vacation in the Negaverse after you murdered my father and uncle." I was red with fury, struggling in Amara's grasp, while Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto moved to act as shield between her and me.

"Well I see your temper has only improved, my darling toy," she hissed as she wiped the spit from her eyes. With one swift movement Sailor Pluto set off a huge explosion and screamed at Uranus to get me as far away as possible, while she, Saturn and Neptune stayed behind. She looked hesitant at first, but Michelle started yelling before she could change her mind.

"Your first duty is to the princess! I'll be fine, just move, NOW!"

Amara dragged me away, not looking back lest she change her mind. Once she got me safely back to the castle, she took me up the stairs to the second floor, pushed me in the closest room, and barred the door behind her as she ran back to help the other scouts. All the anger from before had completely gone, leaving me frustrated and drained. I looked around the room I was in and noticed that there was a set of doors that led to the balcony on the opposite side of the room. Nice job Amara, I thought, put me in a room with a balcony. Quickly, I went outside and was met by my cousin Serena and Damien's twin brother Darien.

"Oh, Athena," she cried, running towards me. She clung to me as she wept senseless and unintelligible things in my shoulder.

"What is it Serena," I asked prying her of me. With her eyes downcast, she pointed to an area below the balcony. I glanced over the edge to see my court lying on the ground, barely conscience, covered with bruises and blood. My hand flew over my mouth. This is all my fault, I thought, if I had kept my mouth shut, they wouldn't be like this. I turned away from the bloody scene before me and collapsed to my knees, tears dripping down my face.

"Does this upset you, Princess Athena," asked a poison filled voice behind me. I got up, my anger resurfacing, and turned to face her.

"Beryl, you will pay for that. You will be sorry for the day you ever decided to touch my friends and family," I was about to lose it and when I did the only thing that would be left of her was a burning pile of moon dust.

"Ah," she hissed, sensing my fury, "but you won't do anything to destroy your beloved prince, will you?" She motioned her hand and brought an unconscious Damien flying through the air to her side. I clenched my fists, very close to releasing everything I had and obliterating her, but if I did Damien wouldn't survive.

"Queen Beryl," Darien roared, unsheathing his sword.

"For the last time Prince Darien I do not want to fight you. Join me or suffer the fate of your dear brother, for he already declined my offer," she cackled viciously. Darien flung himself at her from the balcony, but she caught him in a flash of light and sent him flying through the air.

"Darien, no," Serena screamed.

"Stay back Serena, don't come any closer," he called out, but it was too late. She jumped off the balcony towards him. I stood stunned for a moment then turned and ran down the balcony stairs, past where my scouts were getting to their feet, and towards my prince.

"No Princess, you mustn't," they cried, half running, half stumbling after me, but I no longer saw or heard them, no longer cared what happened to me. Just a few more yards and he would be in my grasp. There was a large blast and flash of light behind me that sent me flying through the air. I looked down and saw Sailor Uranus had stumbled to her knees, the others standing behind her, looking up at me, joined now by my mother, silent tears, some mixed with their own blood, streaming down their cheeks while Amara sobbed on the ground. Please don't cry, I thought, I'm not worth it. I looked to my left and saw Serena and her prince hanging limp in the air, her mother and court weeping on the balcony she leapt from. Oh, no…


I looked in the direction of the voice. My beloved Prince Damien was stretching his arm as far as he could to reach me.

"Damien," I strained, reaching, but only barely grabbing his fingers.

"Oh, so the little prince and princess want to hold hands before they perish," Queen Beryl grinned, raising her staff, "so be it." There was another explosion and flash of light. The last thing I heard was someone screaming, desperately crying, "PRINCESS," and then darkness.