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Chapter 3

"Well, this is a first."

"What is?"

"This…" Andrew said, gesturing to himself and his lover as they lay naked next to each other in Wilson's bed.

"I'd say it's hardly the first time we've been in this bed together Andrew."

Andrew placed a gentle kiss to Wilson's temple. "I meant us meeting here at your loft for a bit of 'afternoon delight'." That said with a sexy look.

"Oh…well I guess there's a first time for everything." Wilson told his boyfriend with what he hoped was a sly smile but it only felt forced. That didn't go unnoticed by the other man. Andrew hesitated for a moment before turning on his side to face Wilson as he spoke. "James?"

Wilson turned toward Andrew but not before making his face neutral as to hide his turmoil from his lover. "Yeah?"

"You've seemed pre-occupied since the visit last night from your colleague." Not what Wilson wanted to hear or even speak about; he was here trying to put House out of his mind…he was here in the middle of the afternoon, naked in bed with Andrew to remind himself that he has moved on from his best friend. Wilson was still lost in his thoughts when Andrew spoke again.

"Another first was how you acted while we were having sex just now. You seemed more aggressive…almost angry." 'Shit' Wilson thought; he was angry, but not at the beautiful man lying next to him…he wasn't even sure he was mad at House. Wilson was very angry with the whole situation and it certainly wasn't his intentions to take it out on Andrew while fucking him. Wilson turned his attention back to the ceiling that he came to know too well. "I'm sorry Andrew, I didn't mean to make you think I was angry…I just…"

Wilson didn't know what to say. He admitted to himself before he even reached the loft for his meeting with Andrew that he was using said man during that particular moment to forget about his earlier confrontation with House. What he wasn't ready to admit however, was whether he'd been using Andrew during their short relationship to also forget. He noticed the movement next to him as Andrew sat up on the bed. "Look, I'm not entirely sure what the story is with Doctor House but based on the way you've been acting since his visit, I'd say he was more than just a colleague to you."

There it was; what he'd been trying to avoid. Does he tell the truth about his love for House? Does he lie? If he did, could he get away with it? Not a great way to act in a new relationship but telling the complete truth would definitely end the relationship…or at the very least put a huge damper on it. "He was my best friend, but that's in the past." Andrew eyed him suspiciously… "just friends?" Wilson was more defensive than he meant to be… "What? You think I'm lying to you? He was just a friend…nothing more and now well… nothing at all!"

Andrew could see through the poor attempt Wilson used as a half truth. He spoke tentatively as to not upset his new partner any more than he already seemed to be. "James…"

Wilson hurried from the bed in an effort to end the line of conversation. "Look, I'm sorry if I made you feel…I don't know…but I have to get back to work. I'll give you a call tonight; we'll go out or…something." As almost an afterthought, Wilson turned back toward Andrew, flashed a winning smile and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Take your time, hang out here…whatever, just lock up when you leave." With one last attempt at a genuine smile, Wilson took his leave.

Andrew watched the man in his life click the door behind him as he left. "I think a visit to Doctor House is in order; need to make it clear that his presence is no longer needed, or wanted in James' life."


House sat at his desk; attempting to slide back into the life he abruptly left behind a year before: his mind reeling over the changes that had happened in his absence. He hated change but when you're locked up, time as the tendency to march on in your absence…for good and for bad. He'd gotten his job back relatively easy, which was a pleasant surprise but Chase was now his boss (still had to get his mind wrapped around that one and also find out how he was chosen), Thirteen was leaving due to her illness progressing, and his best friend not only was now in a romantic relationship with a man but wanted nothing more to do with him. Change sucked indeed!

House didn't expect to come home to open arms from Wilson, but he didn't expect Andrew…An early thirtyish gorgeous man, slender; around the same height as Wilson with piercing green eyes: House had to at least appreciate that Wilson had good taste. That didn't of course make House feel any better; he worked hard while in prison coming to terms with his feelings for his best friend and hopefully said feelings being reciprocated. Andrew was most certainly not part of the equation.

What could be done though? Sure, he could interfere…he'd done it plenty of times in the past, but that was before he knew he wanted a relationship with the younger man. He needed to do something; losing Wilson from his life permanently was not an option. House was pulled from his thoughts with the sound of his glass door swooshing open. To his surprise stood the man from his thoughts…Andrew.

Feigning an innocent smile, House was the first to speak. "Well if it isn't Wilson's new toy…Andrew right? Or is his pet name for you Andy? What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Something flashed in the younger man's eyes briefly that made House take pause. Andrew proceeded further into the office and took a seat across from House without an invitation.

"I have a problem; I seem to have a boyfriend who is normally very sweet and kind. Also very attentive, but you see, the last twenty four hours he seems to be very pre-occupied. I thought maybe you could help me with my…predicament." Andrew leaned back, much to relaxed for House's liking, something was up with this guy and he was going to get the heart of it.

"I know I've been gone awhile but I seem to remember it saying Doctor Gregory House on that door, not Dear Abby." Andrew leaned forward toward House; his face only inches away, with a smile that only could be described as devious; he spoke in a graveled voice. "I'm not here for advice Doctor House…I'm here to tell you to back off." The younger man leaned back in his chair, donning a charming smile and innocent face once again; House had to say he was impressed at the man's gull. He decided to see what made the man before him tick.

"Why would I want to back off? I have a twenty year history with the man…you've had, what? A month? Sorry pal you don't know who you're dealing with, I don't tend to listen to what people tell me."

"Well, you see Doctor House, you may've known James for twenty years, but he shares a bed with me." That felt like a shot into House's soul. Wilson was his and damnit, no surf boy with gorgeous eyes was going to take him away. Andrew continued with the same sick smile as his earlier demand. "Matter of fact, I just left his bed about an hour ago…nothing like a lunch time romp to get the juices flowing, don't ya think doc?"

House had obviously lost some of his sarcastic edge while in the slammer. He wanted to put this punk into his place but all he could think about was how he kissed Wilson and told him he loved him that day and Wilson's response was to jump in bed with the ass staring him down.

"He'll never love you, you know. You'll never be able to take my place in his life even if he thinks right now that you will. I know Wilson better than anyone, I know that much."

"See that's where you're wrong, he may not love me…yet, but that doesn't matter. I give him what he needs, which you obviously could not. I don't let go of things that I want all that easily, YOU WON'T WIN Doctor House, let him go."

House was taken back a bit by the arrogant and threatening tone that Andrew's voice held. It actually sent a shiver down his spine at how evil he sounded while at the same time giving an innocent smile. He was about to tell the jerk that Wilson was not a thing and could go take a flying fuck when the object of their discussion walked through the door with an angry and very puzzled look on his face.

"What are you doing here Andrew?" At that, the youngest man stood to approach his lover. He placed a gentle kiss to Wilson's lips which seemed to surprise the oncologist a bit. House did not miss the look Andrew gave him while he kissed his best friend. 'Cocky bastard!'

"I was called by Doctor Chase regarding another event here at the hospital for me to cater (a lie), and I thought I'd come up to see you. You weren't in your office and I recognized your friend here and thought I'd say hi." House noticed how Wilson smiled fondly at Andrew, he knew that smile; he hated himself for feeling jealous but he could see through Andrew's bullshit so why couldn't Wilson. 'Because Wilson didn't want too, that's why.'

"You two love birds can leave my office now, I have very important things to do, like watch soaps and catch up on hospital gossip." Wilson turned to his former friend with suspicion in his eyes as to whether he was trying to fuck with his and Andrew's relationship but simply nodded his acknowledgement and led Andrew to the door. Once in the hallway, the younger man spoke. "Sorry to stop by unannounced, I just couldn't get enough of the sight of you this afternoon. " Wilson softened a bit, forgetting they had just left the source of his anxiety a moment ago.

"No…no it's okay, I was just surprised to see you that's all; glad you did." He left out of course, how shocked he was to see him present in House's office. The two men headed toward Wilson's door, stopping long enough for Wilson to put his key in the lock when Andrew spoke. "Oh, I forgot my keys on Doctor House's desk, I'll be right back." Wilson eyed him a bit suspiciously but nodded and entered his own office never the less. "I'll just be a minute."

House looked up as Andrew entered his office for the second time. "What the hell do you want now?"

The younger man approached close enough to speak soft as to not draw attention to what he was about to say. "I will not let him go no matter what you do. He's mine and it will stay that way. If you don't want him hurt, you will listen to me."

"Get the fuck out of my office!" House didn't care who heard him, he'd been discombobulated by this asshole and he needed to think. Andrew turned on his heel and left but not before flashing his cocky smile one more time. "Nice seeing you again Doctor House."

House was usually a good judge of character; usually could pick the jerks out with one glance: after all he was a jerk himself; he knew what he was looking for. This guy though…Andrew, House thought was not only a jerk, but psychotic as well. Yeah, House was that too, at least he was, but that didn't make House feel any better about the situation his friend had found himself in. Was he over reacting? Was Andrew just trying to play the good boyfriend, or as House suspected, was he dangerous to Wilson? He needed to know, and he wouldn't let it go until he did. Yes he loved Wilson, yes he wanted him for himself, but he had a feeling there was more to it than just getting Andrew out of the way; he actually genuinely feared for his best friend.


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