Severus was very angry. Someone had broken into his private stores and pinched enough ingredients to start up their own laboratory. He stalked down the corridor, robes billowing behind him. He was going to see the Headmaster about this, which was certain. He was sure it was Potter, the insufferable brat had been grating on his nerves for months now. Ever since the final battle the 'hero of the hour, the saviour of the world' had been the most stuck-up, selfish and inconsiderate little boy that the Potions master had ever come across. It was the Golden Trio's final year, they had all repeated much to Severus's annoyance, well not so much Granger; Granger was tolerable he eventually conceded within his mind. Brightest witch of the age, yes that she was, although he would never dream of allowing that thought to escape, if Minerva caught wind of it, he would be doomed. That woman was too tolerant of her precious Gryffindor's and she was already insufferable enough with her house winning the Quidditch cup.

What was he thinking about before he got sidetracked by thoughts of Granger? Back on track, yes Potter! That trouble-maker and his red-headed side-kick. He would see them expelled yet. If anyone caught sight of the Potions Master at this moment, they would have witnessed the evilest of smirks lighting up his face and scurried in the opposite direction. Severus Snape smiling will strike fear into any heart!

Hermione Granger was currently pouring over a potions textbook and surrounded by various ingredients, all labelled in very familiar spiky handwriting. Twisting a strand of hair around her finger and chewing on her bottom lip, a habit that many found annoying, she did not notice the resident Hogwarts poltergeist, Peeves till it was too late.

"Oooo-er has the Head Girl been stealing from the Potion Masters stores?" Peeves swooped overhead cackling.

"SHIT!" yelled Hermione, "Peeves please don't tell the Professor!"

"Tell me what?" drawled a silken voice.

Hermione paled, her mind whizzing through possible excuses and none making the cut. She slowly turned around in her seat and faced the ferocious face of the most feared Professor in Hogwarts.

"Naughty Hermione Granger, stealing potions supplies, gets in trouble with teacher, I bet she is going to cry" Peeves blew a raspberry, laughed manically and disappeared.

The silence in the unused classroom was deafening. Neither student nor teacher made a single sound. Hermione was in shock, she knew that she shouldn't have stolen from his private stores, but she needed to make this potion, surely he will understand a voice inside her head reasoned. Almost immediately the voice stopped as her instincts took over and screamed 'He's going to kill me!'

Severus could not believe what he was seeing. He had been making his way to the Headmasters office and his inner monologue was rudely interrupted by the devilish cackle of Peeves. Not wanting another water-balloon incident he had followed the spirit in time to hear what he gleefully exclaimed to someone in a normally emptied classroom. He had whirled around the door, in quiet an intimidating flourish (if he said so himself) and parted with his opening statement before being shocked into silence. Hermione Granger was sitting beside all his stolen ingredients.

For reasons completely unknown even to himself Severus Snape swept into the classroom locking and warding the door with a flick of his wand and whispered into Hermione Grangers ear, "My, My what a naughty Head Girl you are Miss Granger, do you know what happens to naughty girls who steal from my stores?" Hermione was frozen in place. "They get spanked" Hermione shivered and she didn't feel that it was from fear.