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Hermione awoke to the sound of clinking china, where was she? She felt warm; a blanket was wrapped around her tangled in her legs. The smell of tea and sandalwood drifted through the air and suddenly it dawned on her, she was in Severus Snape's quarters.

He had carried her through a door that Hermione had never seen before, melting away at the sound of his voice. Stepping through the opening she had been shocked by the subtle elegance and masculinity of the room that lay before her. Furniture in deep mahogany, walls in cream and an ornate fireplace that wouldn't look amiss in a luxurious manor hall. Brown leather couches stood facing the fireplace flanked on either side by tables piled with scrolls and books. Even without a single item of Slytherin green in sight Hermione knew that Severus had decorated the place himself. The whole room screamed male.

Caught up in the subtle beauty of the room, Hermione didn't notice the fond glances Snape was gracing her with as he placed her gently the couch closet to the fire. She winced slightly as her ankle made contact with the leather; obviously she had damaged it more than she previously thought. Hermione was enthralled with watching her Professor swiftly moving about the room. He was so sure in his movements, so focused. He left the room briefly returning a moment later with a potion. Crouching down beside her, he uncorked the bottle.

"Drink this, Hermione."

Taking the bottle for his hand she swallowed it down. Her trust in the potions master unwavering.

"Now you may feel a bit sleepy."

Hermione yawned, the potion tugging her towards sleep.

"Thank you Severus," she whispered before drifting off with a quiet snore.

The Potions Master stared at the young woman for a long time. His bottomless black eyes tracing every feature on her face and gently brushed a stray curl away. Hermione murmured in her sleep.

She was standing naked in the middle of the dungeon; an eerie mist crawled along the floor. She wasn't feeling ashamed by her lack of clothing but she was tingling in anticipation. Where was he?

A heavy, wooden door appeared and her Master walked through. Dressed in tight black trousers and a white shirt he looked delicious. Hermione watched him, her eyes heavy with lust as he walked around the room, lighting candles. She knew he would pay attention to her shortly; all she had to do was stand here and wait.

Shadows danced on the walls and ceilings, concealing her master's face. Hermione pulled at the handcuffs, she knew he loved the sound of the clinking; he liked it when she fought.

More candles were lit and the soft light illuminated a large bed that hadn't been there before. Hermione could barely make out the colour of the duvet, but knew in her heart that it would be Slytherin green.

Her Master's strong hands clasped her shoulders from behind and his breath brushed her cheek. "You look entirely too edible like this my pet," his silken voice purred while his hands pulled a satin blindfold from his pocket. He secured it around her eyes and all of her senses spiked in awareness.

Moisture pooled between her legs and her breath caught when she heard and felt the rasp of his zipper being lowered against her bottom. His lips followed his hands along the path of her shoulders as he stroked down her arms.

"Massster," Hermione purred. She didn't dare say another word; she had not been given permission to speak.

She could feel his naked flesh against her back and wanted to reach back and touch him, but with her arms restrained she had to satisfy herself by thrusting her bum backwards, Hermione smiled when she felt him hiss and grind against her, his erection full and insistent.

"Careful my pet," he growled against her neck. "Or I'll bend you over where you stand and shag you until you cry for me to stop." His hands kneaded her breasts and his fingertips plucked her nipples. "Or is that what you want? Is the lust driving you insane?"

She knew she was not to answer these questions, just the image from his words urged a moan to escape her lips.

He kissed a path along one arm and onto her palm, sucking her fingers into his mouth one by one. Once he was finished, he cupped his hand over hers and guided it to her body. For the breath of a moment, she lost the warm contact with his body.

She gulped when she felt his fingertips brush against her folds.

"Touch yourself, Hermione," he instructed, she could feel his dark eyes boring into her and without hesitation, she slid her fingers into her moist slit and rubbed her clitoris.

Hermione whimpered, wanting more than fingers brushing over her clit. "I want more, sir" she moaned, grinding her ass against him.

"Yes my pet," he agreed, pushing her away from him.

"On your knees!" It was a command; she immediately dropped to the floor. She could hear him moving around the room.

"Crawl to me my pet, follow the sound of my voice."

She started crawling toward him; a little mewl escaping in her frustration at being so far away from her Master.

Eventually her hand reached the hard wood of the bed. A hand wrapped in her hair and pulled her up.

"Such an obident pet," her master's voice whispered across her ear.

She wiggled her bottom in pride. She had pleased her Master.

Warm hands picked her up and threw her onto silk sheets.

"My, my, aren't you a wanton little thing."

Hermione moaned desperate for his touch. She could feel his presence climbing onto the bed and was surprised when the blindfold was ripped from her face. Her eyes adjusting she noticed the mirror floating beside the four poster bed.Obviously he'd charmed it so that he could watch. Just as she turned her head, a harsh hand grabbed her waist and flipped her over. She moaned as she felt the tip of him probe her sex. Looking into the mirror, she could see him mounting her.

A clinking of china floated through the air...

"Hermione, I believe we have something to discuss."

Her Potions Master watched her from across the coffee table, stirring his tea.

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