Author's Note: Look who's back to write more? I dunno, me? X3 Sorry I was gone, reaaalllly sorry DX


Amy let out a choking cry.

U stared her down, eyes widening in horror.

The black-haired girl was dead.


Violet munched happily on the squishy muscles of the girl.

I silently felt bad about Amy, but I willed myself to do the plant's needs.

"You still hungry?"


And the plant ate on.

I shifted her feet, staring deeply at the purple leaves. Silver stripes had begun to form on the branches, and my small room was becoming tiny compared to the plant.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

The phone.

Violet looked carefully to the left after finishing her fine course.

"Answer it, doll." she mused, suddenly interested.

I grabbed it, quickly asking, "H-hello?"

"Trina, honey." Seymour answered. I grinned widely, clutching it harder.

"Dad!" I squealed.

"Your mother is in the hospital right now…your baby brother came early. We're naming him Richard." he said grimly.

"That's great! But what's wrong?" I asked. I looked to Violet, who did what I think is a shrug.

"She's dead." he choked out.

I dropped the phone.

"Trina? Trina!" Seymour sounded nervous.

I shriek and pick the cherry phone back up.

"Wh-what happened?"

"We were too late. She died giving birth."

I want to scream. I want to throw up. I want to die.

My mom is dead.

Violet reaches out with one of her vines and wraps it around my shoulders, cooing gently to calm me down. I hug it and wail.

"I want my mum! I want my dad!" I cry out.

"Shh, I know, I know…"


Mark smiles and cuffs me.

"Must be hard work taking care of a plant and a brother."

"Nah, my dad feeds the plant water when I'm away and takes care of Rick when I'm not around."

He smiles. His tan skin is gorgeous. His lips are perfect, his black hair is combed back neatly, and his blue eyes are sparkling.

"Sorry about Amy." I say quickly.

He looks up at the sky.

"Yeah. I know."

I give him a hug. He kisses me. On the lips.

I accept that kiss.

"Love you." I say quickly as I head towards my house.

"You too!"

I go inside.

"Dad! I'm home!"

No reply. My blood turns ice cold.

That's when I hear his bloodcurdling scream.