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"Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime..." Yue grumbled to himself, looking over Vaith's report as he sat at his desk. In truth, he was surprised it had taken so long to happen, but that didn't change how serious it was.

"What had to happen sometime?" Lenolora asked, putting her hand on Yue's shoulder, and Yue spun around, flinging her hand off his shoulder as he readied a seed of magic under the almost instinctive fear that she was there to cause him harm. But as soon as he recognized her, he let the seed of magic die away. Lenolora wouldn't harm him physically; she preferred psychological torture. That didn't mean he didn't need to discipline her somehow...

"What are you doing in my office!" Yue demanded, and Lenolora sighed, shaking her hair out. "This is the third time this week alone you've come in here without my permission!"

"I know, Yue. But it's past midnight. I don't want you overworking yourself. I came here in hopes you'd listen to what I have to say and look after yourself a little bit better and mind your health." Lenolora said, but Yue felt like challenging her. He was frustrated from the contents of the report, and needed someone to take it out on. Besides, there was an issue he wanted to address with her, and if he finally resolved it, that would be one less worry to keep him awake at night.

"You say that as if you actually care about me." He snapped, standing up from his desk, not liking the uncomfortable position of her standing over him, making it seem as though she were the one who held the authority, not him.

"I do actually care about you, Yue. I wouldn't have bothered putting my neck on the line for you and Merleawe earlier if I didn't." Lenolora said. "Why so suspicious, anyways?"

"I can't be so sure that wasn't just a ploy to win my trust and to deceive me, Lenolora. After all, I find it very suspicious that, after two encrypted letters to me, letters that were fairly easily decoded to reveal information very useful to Viegald, while having been under suspicion and tight security to begin with, or so you claim, that even after all that, you still haven't been executed."

"You say that like you wish I had been executed." Lenolora grumbled, and for an instant Yue felt conflicted. Lenolora would almost certainly get the wrong idea if he told her how he felt, and if he lied, he probably would have ended up breaking her heart, and she probably would have betrayed Viegald again.

"I don't want you executed, Lenolora. I like you better alive. But, that said, I also don't want you getting in my way, like you are now." Yue said. "You're in my office. No one is allowed in here without my permission, even palace security, even the cleaning services. I would like to have you reported for this - you aren't entirely trusted not to be a Caldian spy, and a spy would be well-paid to enter this room - but I know better than to take legal action against you; you'd only lose your head, and, as I mentioned earlier, I like you better alive. But know that I can and will make your life miserable if you insist on disrespecting my authority and my privacy like this." Yue snapped. "And as for my health, I've been working this schedule for over a decade and it has yet to do me harm. Stop jumping at shadows."

"I'm not the one jumping at shadows here, Yue. You're suspicious of me without any good reaso-"

"Oh, I have plenty of good reasons to be suspicious of you, Lenolora. Now get out of my office and let me work, now, and I just might forgive you for your trespasses thus far." Yue said, pointing at the door, and Lenolora rolled her eyes, then walked out the door.

"Just because you have the authority to order me around like this doesn't mean you should." Lenolora said as she left. Curse this, she always wants the last word, doesn't she?

"If I didn't utilize whatever authority I have, Lenolora, I'd be nothing but the pawn of some pompous fool. Can you not see I cannot let my composure slip for even an instant? I do what I must." Yue growled at her receeding back.

"Then loosen up a little. Anyways, good-night, Yue." Lenolora said, just before she shut the door. So she got the last word in anyways... Yue thought, glaring at the white door, before turning his attention back to the report on his desk. It seemed what had happened, though subtle, would make a big impact on international politics by revealing the true nature of the most hated man in the world.


Note: And with that I conclude the first chapter of this new story. In case you're wondering about the time frame, I haven't decided when this occurs yet, but that should be revealed in the next chapter.