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Note: This is Yue's POV about the whole thing. I apologize if the chapter is disjointed; I'm kind of stressed right now and I rarely write well when I'm stressed.


His Imperial Majesty, the only true and rightful King of Caldia and her protectorates and territories, requests the attention of a certain former General Lenolora of Caldia, as well as the obedience of Minister Yue Alistelaford.

His Majesty has retracted his late wife's previous, foolish order to have General Lenolora exiled from Caldia, and demands she be returned to her proper place at Caldia's palace, accompanied by the possible spy, Mr. Alistelaford, so that he might be dealt with accordingly.

The two aforementioned persons must report to the gates of Caldia's capitol within three weeks from this date: August 9th, 785 W.E.. If said persons fail to appear at the appointed time, Caldia will have no choice but to assume Viegald is harboring them and therefore aiding and abetting at least one criminal. In the result of such a delay, there will be no acceptable path open to Caldia but to deploy her military forces into Viegald in hopes of finding the two persons...

Yue stopped reading and sighed, then crumpled up the note and threw it into the trashcan next to the desk in his room. He had the message all but memorized, anyways. There was no sense in keeping the paper around.

The style was pretentious and roundabout, and Yue found two loopholes in the part about the date alone ("two aforementioned persons" when three people had been mentioned; "within three weeks" could mean from three weeks before to three weeks after). It bothered him that he could do nothing about those loopholes - pointing out flaws in the wording would only get him into more trouble.

In fact, it just bothered him that he could do nothing about his dismal situation. Though the note hadn't stated it explicitly, it had implied that Yue was a criminal, and had also implied that he was working with Lenolora, who was implied to still be working for Caldia, which implied Yue was a criminal in both Caldia and Viegald.

Gossip would undoubtedly go wild.

And, since he would probably be in Caldia sooner rather than later, there was nothing at all he could do about it.

And he knew it wasn't fair of him to blame Lenolora; Lenolora was no more at fault for this mess than Yue was with the entire business with Lecto and the documents. Lenolora had just made a mistake, Yue shouldn't have been blaming her for everything when the King of Caldia was truly the one at fault. But he was frustrated, and needed to take his frustration out on someone, and that someone happened to be Lenolora.

Of course, since he doubted he'd be reutrning to Viegald - with a pang he realized anew that there was a good possibility he would be put to death or imprisoned for life - he would need to make sure that everything would run smoothly in his absence.

It was customary, when resigning, to pass on one's position to one's heir. Yue had no children, so he wouldn't be able to take that path. And while he could have made Lecto his successor in the Magical Department, Council positions were hereditary. So he was going to need to have one of his younger siblings succeed him.

Yue had four younger brothers, and he would need to choose one of them. It would be a hard choice; he hated all of them, and the feeling was mutual. However, it was wrong to appoint someone to a government position because of like or dislike, and Yue silently reprimanded himself for almost having taken that shortcut.

Unfortunately, he did not consider any one of his brothers worthy of the position. True, the second-youngest brother, Aaron, had a sharp intellect and respect for his superiors, but Aaron could also be very prejudiced and tended to be a bit of a womanizer (Yue imagined the latter flaw would disappear if and when Aaron found himself a loving wife). But, then, other than Aaron, none of the brothers had any useful redeeming qualities at all.

So Yue would have to pass the position on to Aaron. After all, though he could have gone up the family tree, his father had already passed the position on to him in the first place and probably didn't want it back.

And everything was happening so suddenly! Just a week ago, yes, Yue had had his fair share of problems to deal with, but nothing of this scale! He wasn't ready to deal with everything, but he didn't have much choice.

He would have to get packed, and try not to think about what was going on. If he avoided thinking about it, then maybe, in a sense, it wasn't real.

He certainly hoped so.


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