Hidden In Plain Sight

The young woman exited the hospital with a spring in her step. This in itself would seem unusual to anyone who happened to be watching; very few people ever left Tokyo's largest hospital looking so happy. But this young lady was not a mere patient; despite her lack of scrubs s or a doctor's uniform she worked there, as a nutritionist.

The fact that she wore civilian clothes helped her fade into the background, a useful thing in Tokyo's streets. Not that Kumakari Mari would be any thug's hapless victim, not after both she and Akko had earned their black belts in Karate at a self defense class they had taken together at U of T.

The young woman had gotten into the most prestigious University in the country, enabling her to have her pick of places to work.

This helped her to be near her favourite designer. Just the thought of Akko caused Mari's lips to lift into a smile. She felt a spring in the steps as she hurried toward the building where her girlfriend worked.

Akko was waiting outside for her partner, when Mariko got there. She smiled at Akko, in a way that betrayed her desire.

Mari laughed a little. "Nice try, love," she said. "But you know you don't have to hide anything from me." She said, leaning in for a kiss.

"Oh good," Akko said with a slight bounce, after their lips had parted.

She leaned forward to take Mari's hand and in that moment, with Akko's hair dancing in the wind, Mari had found she had to hold her breath. She could barely believe this beautiful woman was hers.

"Mari-chan!" Akko called, breaking into Mariko's stream of consciousness. Mari blinked and focused on her love.

"Does this mean we can go to McDonald's?"

She may have been a nutritionist now, but she knew better than to deny her girlfriend her favourite treats, at least occasionally. "Okay," she replied.

"And Mr. Donut afterwards?" Mariko laughed long and hard at this, shaking her head at her girlfriend's antics.

As they made their way along the busy streets, Mari said a silent pray of thanks to Kami-sama. She was grateful she realized. Both for the anonymity of the large and for the far more precious gift it protected.