Divergent: Four's POV.

We live in a society where one choice defines you, your friends, and your life. Our society is based on factions and how well our factions get along with those around us. Once a year the 16 year olds will choose what faction they want to be in and will become adults in our society while saying goodbye to their old life. Two years ago, I made a choice to leave my former faction, Abnegation, behind. They are referred to as Stiffs, by my new faction, but they are the faction that believes in being selfless. My new faction, we are Dauntless. We are known as the fearless ones and our purpose is to provide security for the city. Others look at our wild choices and think we are crazy. So you can imagine what a controversy it was for my father, one of the leaders of the Abnegation, to have his only child forsake him and his faction to become one of the fearless. Two years ago I left him and my former self behind. I left Tobias, that scared, terrified little boy behind. I am Four and I am a member of Dauntless.

Once I passed initiation, I had my choice of where I wanted to work. I love computers so my job involves working in the Dauntless Head quarters' control room. Max and Erik walk into the control room as I watch over the city. Erik was in my initiation class, and hates the fact that I beat him. I came in first, he came in second. He was selected as a new leader even though I could have had the job if I really wanted it. Max is our current leader so Erik has to following him around.

"Max, Erik, what brings you here?" I asked

"Lauren volunteered to train the Dauntless born initiates. We need someone to train the transfers" Max said.

"And you thought of me?" "Why?" I question, looking at Max, and then at Erik, I wonder if they still thought of me as a stiff.

"Because they need to be trained by the best and that's you". Max says

"Isn't it his job to train people as they come in?" I ask pointing to Erik.

"Yes it is , but I can't give the newbies all the attention they deserve. You can." Erik replies

I sat there and pondered what would be the right thing. I really didn't want that burden but what if there was someone in the new group that was like me? Shouldn't I watch out for someone else?

I looked at Max and said "Fine I'll do it, but I have control over this, and you'll have to find someone to over the control room". I say, looking at Max

"Of course," Erik says with a smirk. Man I really didn't like him.

Later that evening, I walked into the dining hall. We don't have separate homes, we all live here, and have apartments, but meal times are often done like a school cafeteria. I find my friends Zeke, Lauren, and Zeke's younger brother, Uriah. Tomorrow he will choose and I'm surprised they aren't having dinner as a family.

"Hey guys" I say

"Four," they say in unison. God I hate that nickname. But it suits me and suits my life here. Some day someone will see me as Tobias again.

"Who's going tomorrow?" Uriah asks.

"I'm staying here," I say.

"What don't you want to go say hi to your family?" Zeke asks. Abnegation will be conducting the ceremony tomorrow. We take turns conducting the ceremony. This year it's Abnegation's turn. My father will be the one leading it.

"Faction before blood," I utter. It is the only response that is needed.

"Can I have your attention?" Max bellows out. We all shut up and listen.

"Tomorrow is the choosing ceremony. Our 16 year olds will soon have to choose if they want to live with us or move on to something else. Choose wisely for you will not get to choose again."

Erik stands up.

"This year we are going to be training differently. The first part will still have people the Dauntless born and the newbies in different classes but after that they will be treated as one class."

Zeke leans over and whispers to me. "I wonder who they got to train the initiates this year?"

"Lauren will be training the Dauntless born, and Four will be training the newbies. That's all and will see what happens tomorrow." He finishes and the all of us start stamping our feet and hooting. It's our way.

"Hell the how did they rook you into that one?"

"I had a moment of weakness." I reply