written for fiefgoldenlake dot proboards dot com's SMACKDOWN

"I talked to Jonathan today," Kel whispers, turning over in bed. Dom cracks open one eye.

"Oh?" he asks, his voice rough with tiredness. "What did he say?"

"It was nothing important. I think he merely wants to see me sometimes, needs idle conversation. I think he's a very lonely man."

"You do the right thing even if he doesn't," Dom says. "Odd, too- the king is surrounded by people."

"That's a significant part of it," Kel allows. "Anyways, it was- he brings you up in our conversations, and I can't help but wonder why."

Dom pulls her closer and she curls into him, grateful for the warmth. "It's not that he wants to remind you, Kel," he tells her. "It's that he needs to remind himself."

"I haven't been with him for such a long time," she mutters, her voice exhausted. "And I won't again ever, and he knows that. I can't."

His hand strokes up and down her back, calming her.

"I should have been wiser in picking my lovers," Kel announces bitterly. Dom's hand stills.

"You know you couldn't have predicted Jonathan's actions," he reminds her. "Maybe just- try not to be alone with him again."

"We'll see," Kel sighs, and closes her eyes. Dom tries to return to sleep, but instead lies in their bed watching Kel's chest rise and fall, and worries.