Questioning Destiny

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a/n: I was immediately inspired by MajinBroli's Forced Love. And I've been working on it for a while.


He took over his reins

Inherited all the power

And brought nothing but pain

To those who refused to follow

His ways that would always result in

Separating a family or tearing apart friends

And the merciless slaughtering of thousands to millions

Of Teenagers, females, and men

Not excluding babies or even children

So, without any decent protection

No world or its inhabitants could be an exception

Therefore soon, on a planet the Saiyans would arrive

And only a small percentage would manage to survive

And the Earth that Goku cherished

Could do nothing but crumble into ash and perish

Her nimble hands trembled as she slowly and hesitantly opened her eyes. Part of her didn't want to. Opening her eyes would mean that she would have to stare into the faces of the people before her. She would be forced to look into the very depths of their eyes while taking note of the way their skin creased upon their forehead due to wretched prediction she placed into their head. And that would finally bring reality to this situation. A Reality, in which they would have to accept. A reality where they would have to fight. A reality, by which no matter how hard they would try, everyone would die.

But they've always overcome situations that were more challenging. Take King Piccolo, or even Piccolo Jr. Goku was always there to miraculously save them. What makes it different now? He could do it right? He's the strongest in the universe. Isn't he?

Baba let these thoughts flow through her head as she finally looked at the people standing before her in Master Roshi's living room. And surprisingly, only one had a worried look upon their face. The others were abnormally calm.

"There's nothing to worry about Baba. I'm sure that once these so called Saiyans get a taste of our power, they will back down and leave us be. We aren't your typical humans. Isn't that right, babe?" Yamacha proudly said as he placed his arm around Bulma's shoulder, whom irritably pushed it off.

"Don't touch me after the way you were looking at Launch! I don't know why I put up with you. You and your cocky attitude. We don't know these Saiyans. So how can we be sure that Goku, much less you, are even strong enough to take them on?" Bulma crossly stated as her eyes narrowed at those before her.

"Oh come on Bulma. This is Goku we're talking about. I'm sure he can do anything. And even if he's having a little trouble; me, Tien, Yamacha, and even Chaotzu will be there. Those Saiyans won't know who hit 'em." Krillin boasted.

"Don't you dare forget about me!" Launch stated as she used Krillin's bald head as an arm rest to lean on, much to his annoyance. She pulled out an AR-15 machine gun as she smugly said, "I'll just give them a good taste of some heavy metal."

"But what if it's the other way around?" Bulma complained.

"Stop being such a worry wart. You'll get wrinkles faster that way. And the last thing you need is to age faster." Oolong joked as he carelessly sipped from his glass of orange juice.

"Say that again to my face, you fat perverted swine!" Bulma screamed as she swiftly grabbed Oolong's collar and lifted him up, knocking the juice down to the carpet. His feet kicked and swung, before she tossed him over to the chair.

"That's what I thought." Bulma said as she smirked and crossed her arms.

"Speaking of Goku, where is he?" Baba interrupted.

"He's a newlywed, remember?" Krillin replied with a mischievous smile.

"Yeah probably busy doing it." Yamacha said, pointing out the obviously. His eyes then went over to Bulma and he smiled as he said in a dreamlike state, "To be younger than me, married, and live in a decent house with a woman is a wonderful thing. Give you any ideas?"

"Hmm." Bulma said as she cupped her chin in thought. "Maybe I need to move out Capsule Corporation to my OWN house."

Yamacha bowed his head in defeat.

"Either way, I can't seem to get in touch with Goku. And I have other business to attend to. Can one of you make sure you tell him of my prediction?" Baba asked.

"Sure. But I'm telling you there's no need to stress out about this. Our hero, Goku will handle this," Krillin proudly claimed.

"But my predictions are right, most of the time. I think none of you should take this so easily and solely depend on Goku. You act like he's some God when the truth of the matter is, no one is invincible. Even a strong swimmer can drown," Baba said before floating out on her crystal ball.

"Can you believe her? Getting us so worked up," Yamacha said as he shrugged off his apprehension.

"Yeah, since she makes it seem like the Saiyans are tough and since strong swimmers can drown, then doesn't that mean that they will lose against Goku." Krillin uneasily added as he forced a smirk.

Master Roshi placed his cup of tea loudly enough on the table to draw everyone's attention to him. Even though he wore his normal shades, anyone could see behind those the way his eyebrows wrinkled. And how the corners of his mouth seemed to turn down into a frown. The air became so uptight, that the chest of most began to stiffen at the anticipation building up for Master Roshi to say something.

He brought his fist up to his lips, to cough and clear his throat. Once he brought his hand down next to the cup on the table, he said, "I believe the future is unpredictable."


Master Roshi put his hand up to silence Yamacha before continuing to say, "However, the reading Baba gave us, seemed different this time. I felt edgy and I even found that chills came across my skin as the words flowed out her mouth. That's why; I know we shouldn't take this lightly. All the warriors we have should continue to train even more. "

Master Roshi then threw his cane at Krillin and Yamacha. It hit them like a boomerang. Bouncing off of Krillin's head to hit Yamacha in the face and effortlessly coming back to Master Roshi's hand.

"Didn't I tell you morons that there's always someone out there that's stronger than you. And Goku is no exception to this!" Master Roshi furiously stated.

"For once, me and this old coop are on the same page." Bulma added as she shook her head. Master Roshi grinned and slid over to stand right next to her.

"For once, I would like it if me and you were on the same bed, nake…"

Bulma hit Master Roshi right upside the head, causing him to fall over on the couch.

"And now, we're not." Bulma spat.

"You all need to stop being so worried. You'll see that the Saiyans are no match for us," Yamacha continued to boast.

"Plus, even if we were to train, how much training could we get done in a week? They'll be here by then," Krillin added.

"If it was Goku, then that would mean a lot of training. But since we're talking about you…." Oolong began to say before Krillin interrupted, "Then it should be a lot more with better results. I don't know what I was thinking; silly me."

They all laughed, washing away the unsettling feeling that had stained the room.

"Yeah, the day you would be better than Goku is Never." Bulma joked.

"I'll catch up to him one day." Krillin said, full of motivation.

"I hope you're not talking about in height," Oolong mumbled.

"You're one to talk, pig. I'm taller than you." Krillin snapped back, since everyone had heard Oolong's mumble.

Oolong replied, "But I'm at the average height for my species, while you on the other hand…"

They chuckled at Krillin as his entire head turned a deep crimson as if he was about to explode out of anger and embarrassment.

Outside, she stared to the window as she floated upon her crystal ball. Her head shook from side to side as she disturbingly observed those before her. She deeply inhaled and exhaled, much like a troubled sigh, before mumbling to herself, "They're nothing but fools."

Baba then took off across the ocean.