Questioning Destiny

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"Owww," Goku groaned. He rubbed his face before he stuck out his hand that contained the tiny slip of paper that had fallen.

"Here," Goku said, pushing his hand closer to that individual. Yet their eyes remained closed as they massaged their throbbing forehead. Goku could do nothing but sigh as he waited for this person to take the paper away. He was becoming bored by the second, holding his hand out in mid air like this. He sighed again, his eyes wandering to the top of that person's bowed head as he tried to patiently wait for them to look up.

And they did, their eyes slowly opening to greet his… At that moment, Goku's mouth fell open. His breath got caught in his chest. Quickly, he stumbled, frantically searching for the right words, before finally whispering as he tried to catch his breath back, "Chichi?"

Sweat dropped down their face. Their eyebrows wrinkled in confusion and that person said in an unfamiliar voice, "My name is Daikon."

Goku eyes scanned once more over the person in front of him. Chichi's hair was always long, silky, and darker than late night shadows. She had high prominent cheek bones that gave her an appearance as the princess she was while her nose was quite defined and thin. More importantly, she possessed these eyes that were comparable to oil; so viscous, obscure and cool with the potential to provide so much fire and power when necessary. But, this individual. Goku's face automatically scrunched up. Their hair was short and a bit spiky as it carried a shade of a murky moss green. Their cheek bones were not as prominent while the nose was a bite wider but not by much. And then their eyes were hazel… But still, they held that power. And Goku just knew that regardless of all the differences this definitely was Chichi.

"That's funny Chi-Chi. My name's Kakkarot, but you call me Goku," Goku surely claimed, laughing off what she had just said.

Daikon dismissed, "I've never met you before in my entire life sir. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to do some shopping for milady Papeara." He proceeded to walk around Goku.

Yet Goku stepped in their way, protesting, "But Chi-Chi. I thought you were my wife."

"Wife?" Daikon questioned, clearly perplexed.

"I mean mate or some sort," Goku replied.

"Look, I'm nothing of yours," Daikon snapped, clearly disgusted. "I'm damn sure not your mate. And I think you've got me confused with some female but I'm definitely a male."

Goku reached to pat Daikon in his private area but surprisingly, he swiftly grabbed Goku's wrist before such could happen.

"If you touch me there, I'll break every single one of your fingers slowly, not caring that this will result in a thousand lashes from milady," Daikon threatened, aggressively throwing Goku's wrist back towards him.

"Wow you sure are strong. Do you want to spar?" Goku asked, ignoring the warning as his eyes blazed with excitement.

"Look I have more pressing matters to attend to. I have to shop for milady. If you wish for my presence of some sort, then you should consult with her and maybe buy me out if someone of your status can afford a slave," Daikon answered, his voice clearly laced with doubt. As he stepped past Goku he quickly said, "Until then I shall depart."

"Alright sure thing Chi…"

He stopped as Daikon snapped around to give him a deadly glare. A glare in which he recognized, since they held those deep beautiful...

"It's Daikon, you imbecile!" he spat, interrupting Goku's thoughts before he turned around to briskly walk away.

"Okay!" Goku happily replied. He stood there a second, pondering on what to do next before deciding to follow him.

Daikon heard the thumping of feet behind him and turned right back around. With his vein pulsating at his temples, he asked, "Sir…why are you following me?"

"Where are you going?"

"Sir…please refrain from answering a question with another question."


"Well?" Daikon asked, waiting for the appropriate response.

"I am. I feel just fine. You?" Goku replied.

Daikon hit his self in the face. He said through clenched teeth, "No...You were supposed to answer my question. Why are you following me?"

"No, no no," Goku chastised, waving his index finger in front of him as he grinned. "You said not to answer a question with a question. You have to say whether you're feeling well or not."

Daikon fists clenched. He had an impulse, a strong impulse to punch this idiot in his face. He better count his lucky stars that he had a position to maintain with his Lady Papera or he'd really beat the crap out of him.

"So, I got a question for you now. How come I can't feel your ki? Are you suppressing it?" Goku asked.

Gritting his teeth even harder, he replied, "If I answer this easy question known by every inhabitant on Vegetasei except you, will you leave me the hell alone?"

"You know this is the second time you've answer a question with a question."

That's it. It was no avoiding it now. He had to kick his ass. He had to kick his ass, drag him by his legs and then throw him off a cliff somewhere. Hopefully, this bastard wouldn't be able to fly. Yes, that sounded like a plan. And then after I beat his ass, I can hurry up and get these groceries for milady. Daikon chuckled inside. This imbecile had no idea who he was dealing with.

Daikon, swung his right fist, aiming for the crook of Goku's nose before it disappeared… Daikon head snapped to the left then to the right. Anxiety and confusion made their way to his mind as he wondered where this man went until… He felt a tap upon his shoulder. Daikon slowly turned his head around.

"Hey so you do want to spar right?" Goku asked, glee filling his eyes once again.

"Ehh…" Daikon squeaked.

"But first you have to tell me if you're.."


"Hey Kakkarot."

He heard it and he was going to ignore it. Goku continued to say, "But first you have to…"

"Hey Kakkarot…"

He could ignore it if he believed. "To tell me if..."

"Hey Kakkarot! Answer me! I know you hear me!" Oranga spat through their communication device.

No. He couldn't ignore it. He could not ignore the incessant screeching of his so-proclaimed mate.

"Hold on a second," Goku ordered Daikon before he turned around to reply to Oranga through his scouter.

"Oranga…" Goku deeply sighed to suppress his frustration before asking happily, "Yes, did you want something? Are you calling to ask about that Spinac man?"

"Noooooo," Oranga whined.

"Then what is it?"

"It's an emergency…" Oranga whined some more.

"What? Are you hurt? What's the emergency," Goku was quick to ask.

"Kakkarot. I'm horny and need some good meat."

"What?" Goku asked, clearly lost with what she was asking.

"I said I'm horny and need some good meat so bring your ass home now!"

"Oranga, if you have horns sticking out of your head then you need to go see someone else about that not eat some meat. So yeah, bye!" Goku replied, hanging up on the scouter and silencing it before he turned back around. With a cheerful expression, he expected to find someone waiting to continue their spar but… Goku's face dropped into a confused one, realizing that no one was there anymore. And just like that, he had lost her again…

He dragged his feet to nowhere right now. It was as if he was walking around aimlessly, without a care in a world. But really, what was there to care for now? All of his friends except for Bulma were gone… and then Chichi... Goku reflected, remembering how those hazel eyes stared back at him earlier. That had to be Chichi right? He believed she was alive somewhere, so it had to be her right? He wouldn't have mistaken someone for Chichi because he was told that she died, right? All of this wasn't a big hallucination, was it?

Goku just knew it was her. Yeah, it was her; he continued to reassure himself as he began to walk towards his room. Yet he steadily questioned that notion. If it was her, why didn't she recognize him? Was she still mad that he couldn't protect her? That he could only watch her scream in desperation as he pathetically walked towards her; being blasted to death by the Saiyans he now called comrades... A repulsive feeling overcame Goku's stomach as he dwelled on such thought. To think that he had to become friends with those men troubled him so. The same callous men who had forgotten even touching his Chichi or whom she was given to.

Goku grasped at his stomach, feeling…disgusted with himself again. He wouldn't blame her for being mad at him. To think that he had become something like them in a matter of years, he was angry too among other things. But if he just explained to her what had happened with that promise to his father and its conditions then she would have to understand. Chichi was his wife, so of course she would understand…But, alas, one problem remained with this idea Goku just proposed to himself. Where in the hell had Daikon, no he meant Chichi, had gone?

"Nowhere," a voice said.

"What?" Goku scratched his head. He sensed someone behind him and turned to face them, a smile turning his lips upwards as he recognized him.

"You're staring off into nowhere again Kaka-"

"It's Goku, Frosty," he interrupted.

"Okay so what are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about-"

"Doesn't matter. I just delivered some information concerning the trip to Namek. It seems as if my Lord wants the best of the best to join this mission," Frostbite seriously said. He glanced around to make sure no one was around before he happily said, "With you, it's going to be fun!"

"You betcha! And we have to spar someday."

"Why so I can kick your butt!"

"Only if you can keep up with it…But are you sure your legs are long enough to reach it?"

Frostbite laughed, "Good one Goku. But don't let the size fool ya."

"Sure so where are you headed off too? If I'm not mistaken your room is in this direction," Frosbite said pointing one way.

"Yes, how about we go meet my parents."

Frostbite's face dropped as he said flat out, "No."

"Okay come on," Goku said, grabbing Frostbite's forearm as if he had not heard one word he had said.

"I said no…" he stopped mid-phrase as he already stood in front of a small cottage like house. Goku banged loudly on the door, with the biggest grin on his face.


"Goku," he corrected.

"So…why are you avoiding Oranga?"

"Psst. I have no idea what you're talking about. I just don't want to see her right now," Goku waved off his notion. He disliked his father. But it's sad to say that he disliked Oranga even more. He didn't want to help her with her horn problem. What's he supposed to do with horns? He didn't even know what to do with her!

Frostbite fixed his mouth to reply but the door snapped opened with an angry female screaming, "What the fuck is your problem…" She calmed down seeing her grinning son's face, "Oh it's you Kakkarot. You must be hungry!"

"Did…you cook mother?" he asked, with fear lingering in his voice.

"I got your lazy ass father to do something." Nectari moved in, to whisper with a smirk to her son, "While I'm going to bring the dessert."

"Oh can I have some?!"

"What?" Nectari asked dumbfounded.

"He wants some dessert. And as for I, I'm okay." Frostbite answered. Nectari peered over Goku's shoulder to see the little Saiyan standing there. She walked closer to him; before she slightly squatted down to get a better look of him. Nectari eyes stayed locked upon his face, scrutinizing his very appearance until…

"Kakkarot you left the damn door open! Go close it before you sit down and eat something," a voice boomed in an irritated manner.

"You must be…"

"Frostbite, miss." He introduced himself.

"Oh you're the one who raised hell and then some during the meeting?" Nectari asked, with appraisal hidden within her voice.


"Well get your ass in here and let's eat!" Nectari said as she stood up and then pushed Frostbite inside the house. The interior was not what he had expected from this group of Saiyans. It seemed so homely and welcoming. It was definitely bigger in the inside than on the outside. There were iron and wicker furnishings covered in floral fabrics while secondhand cherry wood furniture complimented the room with its fresh appearance. The colors of the room were botanical, ranging from light apricot to various shades of green. Even the kitchen that was to his left and the dining room that was to the immediate right shared the same decor. Frostbite then noticed that in the dining room there was a large red oak table with six matching chairs. On the table, there was every type of meat possible with a few grains and vegetables here and there. The feast laid out before him had his mouth watering.

Nectari sat Frostbite at the table before sitting right beside him. She ushered him to dig in before continuing their talk from outside, "I'm glad you taught Potate a lesson. That boy's been needing to get some sense knocked into him."

"Hey Borgos can't help the way his boy turned out to be," Bardock commented while he chewed roughly on another piece of meat.

"Shouldn't have spoiled the child," Nectari retorted as she took a big bite of her food.

"You're one to talk!" Bardock snapped.

"What?" Nectari feigned innocence with a mouth full of food.

"You gave Kakkarot my cake!" Bardock pouted, almost angrily.

"Speaking of cake, is that the dessert mother has after dinner? I want some!" Goku said excitedly, picking up his pace to which he ate.

Bardock damn near choked on his food, while Nectari replied, "I'm surprised you don't know that."

"I don't know why the hell not. You are talking to Kakkarot." A voice joked upon entering the house. He slammed the door behind him and walked over to the table.

"I thought I locked the door. What are you doing here Turles," Nectari complained, beginning a sidebar conversation with him.

"Anyways before we got on cake, I was going to tell you Kakkarot that Raditz has gone on another mission," Bardock said, putting another handful of food into his mouth.

Goku shrugged as he gnawed at another rib.

"That's quite a careless attitude. You should at least get along with your brother. I wish you two would every once in a while," Bardock said before grabbing another plate full of food.

"Don't you have your own family to go home to?" Nectari spat already irritated with Turles' antics.

"You know you like me Auntie," Turles replied as he rudely sat down at the table, pushing Frostbite to the side so he could sit comfortably in his chair. "Plus your dear Kakkarot here owes me for a little favor involving Oranga." He winked at Goku who only chuckled a bit before continuing to eat his food

Bardock momentarily paused to look at Turles, questioning, "What are you talking-"

"It's okay dear," Nectari interrupted, immediately assuring him.

"So does it have anything to do with mating," Frostbite bluntly asked. He had remained quiet while he ate his food but this entertaining and vibrant family made him want to join in on their conversation. Goku rubbed his head, doing his cheesy smile before casting a look towards his mother.

Turles smirked and pointed with his thumb at the kid saying, "I like him. He should come over more often."

Nectari then tried to play off the awkwardness by asking, "So... Kakkarot have you been able to communicate with Oranga yet?"


"About damn time-" Bardock began to say.

"Through the scouter, we talk all the time." Goku finished, cutting him off.

"You know that's not what I meant Kakkarot," Nectari commented.

"Well… no then." Goku mumbled.

Bardock gasped, "What? It's been over four years now. It took me and your mother only a year to be able to do that. And that's the norm. This is taking way to long. Are you even trying?"

"You said I had to keep my promise. You said nothing about actually trying. As long as I'm with her, should it matter?" Goku asked with a grin that could only irritate Bardock, who fixed his mouth to say something.

"You know what enough of this! Eat up before I beat you all to it!" Nectari snapped as she began to engorge herself.

But before everyone became too consumed with eating, Goku looked up and asked Nectari, "So how do you purchase a slave from another Saiyan?"

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