One year after Samus' famous Zero Mission, tensions throughout the Galaxy were high. Full scale war between the Space Pirate Confederacy and the Galactic Federation had been going on for years, and was intensifying. The other superpowers of the cosmos, the Kriken Empire and the Vhozon Kingdom, were considering which side to join. In the mean time, the Cylosian Reich, which had gone through a resurgance as the Federation's war efforts against it began to falter, had formed an alliance with the space pirates and had the benefits of a lend lease plan with the Kriken Empire. Other Great Powers, such as the Ulumethean League, the Atralian Commonwealth, the United Likus States, the Hraphilian Republic, the Grand Duchy of Typhus, the Principality of Sytran, and others had either already chosen sides, or were considering.

But Aeons past, ten million years ago to be in fact, long before there was any such thing as a Galactic Federation or Space Pirate confederacy, there stood a great Chozo Empire. It was a proud and advanced nation, with a strong ethical code that preached compassion, understanding, and defense of the weak. It had powerful trade relationships with the Alimbic Empire, the spacebourne Luminoth, the Ylla, the N'kran, the Cybertronians, the Reticulan Heirarchy, the Diamonts, and other Hypersapients. In these times, the Hypersapients roamed and built nations that stretched across the universe while most of the species that dominated now were primitive proto-bipeds. But most of the hypersapients were free of arrogance, and they willingly shared their advances with their lessers. In careful moderation of course, lest they go farther than they can handle.

But there was one nation ruled by a species of Hypersapients that did not seek to coexist peacefully with it's neighbors. They were the Xik'kri'vik. Sillicon based life forms from an incredibly distant homeworld, the Xik'kri'vik were a violent, fanatical, and utterly imperialistic race. Compared to the rather slow reproduction rates of their fellows, they were a fecund species, who did not undergo senility. Thus they always needed more territory, until evolution impressed upon them an imperialistic drive akin to the Krikens of today. They did not share the desire to coexist with the less advanced as equals, but sought to dominate and rule over them. The Chozo and their allies sought to temper their lust for land, but their ruler, Lord High Dominator Zyc'kra'val refused, for he was both an evil tyrant who hungered for more worlds to call his own, and he shared his race's deep envy of those other hypersapients who could transcend death. As the Lord High Dominator was seen as a living god and the mouthpiece for the Xik'kri'vik's bloodthirsty deities, the Xik'kri'vik obeyed his command absolutely.

And so began a war, a war between those who rallied behind the Chozo and fought for freedom, and those who flew the banners of the Xik'kri'vik dominion and dreamed of Tyranny. But the free league, outnumbered by the Dominion, began to lose hope, but for aeons they fought on, clinging onto the hope that justice would prevail. The Chozo's Great Watcher and leader of the time, Xa-kar, embarked on a ship that carried incredible advances in technology that would win the war for the free league. But as he embarked to the front lines, his ship was tragically lost in a hyperspace accident. Thus, his men were forced to fight on without him.

Despite the Xik'kri'vik's greater millitary culture, superior industrial base, and greater numbers, the Free League held out, and after nine million years worth of battle, they were able to force the Xik'kri'vik to the negotiating table. A treaty was signed, one that swore that neither of the factions would interfere in the other's business for as long as their kind remained to uphold it. A cosmos that for nine million years knew only the scourge of total war that saw whole galaxies scoured of life every day finally was able to rest. With this new age of peace and prosperity, the hypersapients entered a second golden age. But it was not to last, for as their populations were devastated by war and most swore to lower their reproduction rates lest they fall to the same greed for space that befell the Xik'kri'vik; most began to decline and fade.

The Luminoth continued to roam the stars, they would not settle on a world until long after humanity stretched to the stars, the Alimbics, now mostly kept to themselves in the Tetra Galaxy and it's neighbors while keeping their empire strong. The Diamonts lived peaceful, thoughtful lives, their culture thriving in their nation's beating heart of Mondreus. The Reticulans built a powerful empire and soon fell to the same xenophobic and imperialist evil that befell the Xik'kri'vik. In the year that the humans marked as 2012 on their calender, they invaded the planets Earth, Urtraghus, Vho, and Krike amongst others as part of one of their many expansion waves. But the old league reformed, and they repelled the Heirarchy, forcing them to sign a treaty that forced them to abandon their conquest of other sapient species. But even after this, most of the Hypersapients continued to decline, being phased out by the more fecund rising powers, especially by four species, Humanity, the Urtraghian Space Pirates, the Vhozon, and the Krikens.

One by one, tragedy befell many of the hypersapients, civil war beset the Cybertronians, the Alimbics were consumed and destroyed by Gorea save for a small enclave that was then wiped out by the superweapon known as Frank, the Luminoth fought a decades long war with the Ing, a mysterious tragedy wiped out all but one Diamont, and the Chozo were assaulted on all sides by an population too old to reproduce, Space Pirate and Kriken raids, the loss of Tallon IV to a leviathan seed, and the rebellion of Mother Brain.

But the Xik'kri'vik never underwent decline, instead...they grew stronger, they licked their wounds and built up their Dominion to a vast size. They looked upon the new races that had grew in their absence with eyes of contempt and envy. Contempt for their inferior nature that all but cried out to them to be "civilized", and envy for the worlds that they inhabited, worlds that they wanted for themselves. But the Xik'kri'vik waited until the league that had once fought them to a standstill was no longer in any condition to do so again. But that is not to say they were idle. They placed great sleeper cells all over the territory of their declining foes, dormant armies who would awaken when the time was right to spread the will of the Lord High Dominator.

Years passed without further incident, until word of the Alimbic's final demise and the flight of the Chozo came to them. Then the evil Zyc'kra'val ordered his soldiers to make their final preparations before they would begin their hell march to glory. To countless millions of galaxies, what they would bring...was Doomsday.