Chapter 1: Nerd

I hated this. I hated my parents. I hated my life. I ran down the demolished streets of Los Angeles as a battle rang around me. I just had to get away. I needed to get away from all around me.

You're probably very confused right now and asking yourself a million questions. Let me start from the beginning of this week...

I walked trough the hallways in Treetop Valley High School. I stalked up to my locker and started turning the combination. I opened it and started shoving books inside from my backpack when a hand connected loudly with the locker next to mine.

"Hey Annie." I rolled my eyes and ignored the person. "Hello? Anyone there in that big fat head?" I finally turned my head to see the person.

"What do you want Emma?" I asked, clearly annoyed. Emma Shannon, my enemy. She had long flowing blond hair and cold, deep, brown, eyes. She was currently wearing her cheerleading outfit. It was a short skimpy red and silver outfit, our school colors. On the front had a big "HC" which stood for Head Cheerleader in big sparkly letters. She was known as "Queen of Everything" because that's what she thought she was: Queen of Everything.

"Well hello to you too. Anyway, I wanted to tell you something," she said.


"You're blocking my locker, so move your butt," she sneered at me. I went back to ignoring her and quickly got my things. I felt her watch my every single move, as if judging all my faults. After I slammed my locker I turned to her with a fake smile.

"Happy now?" I asked. She nodded and returned my fake smile. I walked away. I walked into homeroom. I took a seat in the front and adjusted my glasses. A few people were already there already chatting with their friends. I had none here. I was a nerd, I wasn't afraid to admit it. I looked and dressed a lot like one too.

Today my long dark chocolate hair was tied into a low ponytail. I wore regular jeans and a blue T-shirt with a black vest. On my feet I wore black flats. I wore red square glasses that make my dull blue eyes even more noticeable, to my displeasure. I know I don't sound like a nerd, but if you saw my appearance you would. My face was pale white, and round and I had a very thin figure. I wasn't the prettiest girl in school, I didn't care if I was the ugliest. No one liked me anyway and I didn't really like anyone.

I always felt like an outsider. Which is why I don't try to make friends here. You could say this is a sad story, but once I move out of this quaint little town, I won't have anything holding me back (besides my family). That was my dream. I always dreamt of leaving and moving to a place where I belonged. The day that I find out where I belonged, I would know it in my heart.

I was reading a book when my phone vibrated in my back pocket. I checked to see it was my cousin: Justin. I smiled. Justin was my only friend in the whole wide world, besides my little brother and sister Lucas and Fiona. Justin and I were the same age, but he lived in Washington, thousands miles away from Treetop Valley, Maryland. I hadn't talked to him in months. He had brown shaggy hair and blue eyes like mine.

Lucas and Fiona were twins. They both had black hair and blue eyes. They were both in their junior year. Lucas was on the basketball team, the athletic one. His hair was more messy and his eyes were a little brighter than Fiona's. He was the older twin and he always made me laugh.

Fiona was always the performer. She was in the school play and loved ballet. Her shoulder length hair was always held back with a hairband and her eyes were more midnight blue. She always comes to me for advice and other issues.

Hey, how've you been?

I texted back furiously.

Hey, good, you? What've you been up to?

After I sent it someone snatched the phone out of my hands. I looked up to see shaggy black hair and pale green eyes. I glared at the person.

"Give me back my phone Brad," I snapped. Brad Erickson, school jock. He was currently dating Emma, no brainer, and he was captain of the football team. He wore his football jersey, jeans, and high-tops. He just held it up, expecting me to jump to retrieve it.

"Who are you texting? Who would text a nerd like you?" He asked, lowering the phone to his face and scrolling through my messages. I took the opportunity and snatched the phone from his grimy hands. I glared at him.

"Keep your dirty paws off my phone if you want to keep them," I threatened. He snorted and walked off. I never seemed intimidating enough to people, that was cause I didn't think anyone was worth my real fury. I huffed and sat back down, seeing that Justin had sent me another message.

Fine, I've been pretty bored. Anyway I have to go. I just wanted to tell you that I'll be visiting in 2 weeks. I can't wait to see your family

I smiled to myself and quickly stuffed my phone into my bag. The teacher walked in and homeroom began.


I sat in a tree. My backpack was hung on a branch and I made a fairly medium sized opening in the leaves and branches. I stared at the sky above and buildings that dotted the bottom. This was my little space. I just come here to think, do homework, etc. I didn't eat the school's lunch, disgusting. I waited until I got home to eat.

I stared through the opening, gazing at the wide open sky. It was a clear day today, with only a few stray clouds floating around. It was beautiful bliss. Up in the tree, I could get away from this town, get away from the world, and go into my own little world. I closed my eyes and breath in the fresh air.

I fingered with the item around my neck. It was my lucky charm so I never took it off. My great-grandfather was an explorer and went on a lot of adventures. Before he passed away a few years ago he gave me this necklace saying it was his lucky charm and wanted me to keep it. It was a clear circular sphere with bright blue liquid on the inside. It had an unusual glow to it and sparkled whenever I held it up to the light.


Peace over. I began to climb out of the tree while pulling my backpack out. I ran inside and sighed. Back to normal boring life.

Hey guys, now my regular readers might be confused now, but I've been dying to post this up for a long time. I got this idea after I watched TF: RoTF. then this obsession started to build up and yeah hehe.

Anyway I hope everyone that reads it likes it :)