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Rated M for a several reasons. Because it's me and, well, you know anything can happen . . . .


Argue, argue, argue. That's all we've done since he's taken an interest in that pointless human.

"If she's his mate, she'll come lookin' for us. For her." Jazz asserts, losing his tenuous grip on his accent under duress, as he always does.

"Don't be melodramatic!" Edward howls.

Sanctimonious prick. It's his fault we are even having this argument. And no one is going to listen to Jazz since his latest mistake was to attempt to dine on the unfortunate human in question.

Carlisle and Esme exchange pained glances.

Oh just get on with it. I growl inside my head. We all know you will side with the prick, why make the rest of us suffer?

Edward shoots me a look and I make sure to broadcast my thoughts loud and clear.

Wincing he looks away.


Eventually we vote. Surprise, surprise no one is going back for the innocent and naïve human we dragged into our lives. Oh I know they all think he'll go back of his own accord eventually, but really, despite Jazz's expertise on the matter they all seem to be sublimely oblivious to the fact that while they play at doing the right thing she might end up dead.

God I hate having a sense of responsibility.

The others drift away leaving me alone with my mate.

"What are you scowling about?" He huffs, pouting so much his lower lip is practically on the floor. "I thought this is what you wanted?"

I turn on my heel and flounce away.

This was what I wanted. But now it isn't.

Excuse me, but I didn't come with an instruction manual.