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Two weeks of absolute bliss. Sunshine, solitude, Em. I'm me again. Pampered, spoilt, idolised and back at the top of my game.

We've agreed to stop off in New Hampshire to catch up on the gossip and I stretch languidly as Em turns the truck down the drive.

"Happy?" He asks, patting my knee.

"Oh yes." I reply with a satisfied smile.

"Looking forward to getting home?"

"Yeah." I sigh. It's a new sensation but what can you do? You have to work with what you're given. I have a family of my own now and god help me I've even missed Pete.

Carlisle and Esme, the picture perfect couple, are waiting for us on the steps.

"Rose." Esme greets, enveloping me in a welcoming hug. "Your vacation has obviously agreed with you."

"Yes, thank you. It was wonderful."

With hugs all round we settle ourselves in the living room to exchange post vacation pleasantries.

"So?" I ask eventually.

"Well." Esme titters. "We were right. The Milan trip was definitely about a man. His name is Roberto and apparently he's as rich a Croesus."


She hands me her cell with a smirk.

"Wow. A small but perfectly formed package." I'm impressed.

"Ahuh." She coos, taking it back and setting it to scroll the images.

I flip through and then can't contain my laughter. There, hovering in the back of every photo of the happy couple he hasn't taken, is Emo Ed, The Phantom Head Dipper.

"That must have been some rousing courtship." I snicker.

"Rose." Carlisle warns me.

I hand the cell to Em.

"Oh come on Carlisle. That poor vampire, meets and falls in love in a romantic Italian city and gets tailgated everywhere by Broody McVampire, Mind Reader Extraordinaire. How creepy is that?"

"Either the guy's got balls of steel or they didn't tell him." Em agrees.

"Rose." Esme sighs. "If it makes any difference to you I don't think he had a very good time, he's still quite sad right now and I doubt he found it easy to see Alice fall in love too."

"Nosey didn't fall in love, she willed it." I huff. "There's a difference."

"Back of the open minded queue?" Carlisle drawls.

"You know it." I toss my hair back. "After beauty there was hair, then nails . . . ."

"I'm so sorry." He nods toward me courteously. "I forgot, how silly of me."

"Anyway." Esme rushes on. "He isn't terribly happy at the moment and when they get back next week he's asked to go down to the island for a while."

I can't help it. I start humming. All by myself. Don't wanna be, all by myself anymore . . . .

"Rose!" Carlisle coughs, trying not to laugh. "I fancy I know the lyrics of that song better than you do but nevertheless your sentiment is entirely inappropriate. Your brother has behaved somewhat like a horse's ass but he is the one who is suffering the consequences."


"I thought it would be." He smirks, flicking some imaginary dust off his sweater.

"So." Esme continues. "Alice has got me planning the wedding . . . ."


"Well, no, not quite yet. Being able to see the future is very helpful I suppose . . . ."


"And I wondered if you wanted any help with yours?"

"Excuse me?" Em and I like to re-tie the knot from time to time, but really, there's no rush at the moment.

"Jasper and Bella?"

My father actually laughs and I shoot him a withering glare that has him inspecting his sweater again, shoulders heaving with silent mirth.

"Yes, Alice said they'd only want something simple but she did say they wouldn't want to wait . . . ."

Mom's still talking. "She thinks Bella will want to get married before Charlie, so he can come to hers without any awkward explanations about why the wedding party are all sparkly and since Bella is technically missing, well you know the issues . . . ."

". . . ."

"Babe." Em says gently, pushing my mouth closed with his finger and planting a soft kiss on my forehead. "It's okay, it'll be fine."

I need another vacation.

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