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(Chapter 7)

(The Rescue)


all the people there looking at Naruto saw a bright blue twisting orb going towards the red shirt leader and when it made contact with him all he felt was pain and saw the world around him spin then crashing hard against the wall behind when that event happen everyone was silent for a few minutes until two people came on the scene, one in complete black body suit and helmet with an energy axe in hand.

The other had gravity defying silver hair, who had a black headband covering her left eye and a veil covering the bottom half of her face, she was wearing a tight blue tank-top, grey hoody sweater and tight blue jeans with black boots. When Naruto saw her he was shocked at whom it was "Kashi-nee-chan! Is that you?" he asked making Kakashi look at him with a wide-eye. They then heard guns cocking making them turn their heads towards the other masked people with their guns pointing at them "fuck" were all he could say before they started firing.

Naruto dodge and deflected the bullets that was coming at him as was Kakashi doing the same thing while the one in the body-suit just stood were she stood letting the bullets bounce off the suit "Type-S1 equipment" she said then a purple glow came from her hand and a staff appeared taking the place where the axe was and dashed forward and swung at the closest person knocking him in the side and continued to plow through them hen stop in front of the only one not on the ground making him drop his gun and run away.

"prioritize your target" said a man on her radio "hai" she said turning her attention towards Eris then an energy blade appeared on her staff she dash in front of Eris and Kio making Eris look up at her then she swung the staff upwards to the right but Eris jumped out of the way the suit woman ran after Eris and did a series of arm thrusts hope to strike her target but Eris just dodge all of them then the person in the suit did a jump kick and manage to hit Eris making her fly back but Eris flipped in the air and landed on her feet "she light, well then" she said and dashed forward but only to have Naruto appear in front of Eris with a kunai in the right hand and a sawed off shotgun in the left pointed right at her but before she could swing her staff at him she was grabbed by the waist "stop it" she spun her staff in her hand to have the bladed side pointing at the person holding her but stop as she saw who it was "I said stop it" Kio said looking serious "what did Eris-san ever do to you" he said holding on to her thigh with the help of the asset-droids making the lady look at him for a few minute then lowers her spear then pointed towards Naruto and Eris.

When Kio saw this he knew she was telling him to go so letting go of her and getting up walking towards his brother and friend "thanks" he said to her then she jumped over a railing and walked away "mission terminated" she said to her contact "wait you can't just terminate a mission finish the job" said he contact over the radio "already did" she told him.

Naruto looked to his right and saw that Kakashi was still there they looked at each other for a few second but then a blue American muscle car rode up and the driver shot darts at Eris, Kio and Naruto knocking them out then a red jeep drove up a flight of stairs with the driver being Yuuichi "Naruto Kio" he shouted their names then threw a flash bang grenade.

Kio opened his eyes and saw a shoulder length orange hair girl and waist length blond hair woman picking up Eris and Naruto then heard the orange haired girl say "geez you didn't need to shot Kio-kun you know" she said but do to his blurry vision he wasn't able to see her face but he did saw her watch and knew who it belonged to then blacked out

(With Kio)

Kio opened his eyes slowly and saw a car roof then sat up quickly "Naruto! Eris!" he shouted then looked to his right and saw Yuuichi driving his red jeep "looks like your finally awake Kio" he said getting a nod from Kio "What happen? Where's Naruto and Eris" Kio ask worried about his brother and new friend then looked behind him to see if they were in the back seats but only saw all of the assist-droids that were with them.

(With Kazumi)

Kazumi was running back to camp to tell the others that she has seen Naruto and he was captured by a person driving a blue car. When she got back to camp she saw Hibara and Kurenai sitting around the fire they made when they both look at Kakashi they knew something happened "Kazumi-chan what's going on! Why were you running?" Kurenai ask worried something bad happen.

Kazumi stared at them for a few minutes trying to catch her breath then said "I-I found him! I found Naruto-kun" when she said this both Kurenai and Hibara went wide-eyed but before they could ask where he was and why wasn't he with her Kakashi continued on

"but before I can talk to him he was knocked out but a dart of some kind and the three people he was with one was a short brown haired kids around Naruto-kun's age and an orange haired girl with cat-ears and tail who looked to be the same age as well, Naruto and the girl were taken by a driver in a blue car and he brown haired boy was taken by a man in a jeep I made a clone and had it follow the man with the jeep while I followed the people in the blue car but I lost it a few minutes later my clone is still following the jeep so let's go and find Naruto-kun" she told them wanting to hurry and find Naruto.

After a few minutes of deciding on who should stay with Kushina which was Kurenai since she knew a little bit of medical ninjutsu both Kazumi and Hibara left fast hoping to catch up with Kazumi's clone.

(Back with Kio)

"We have to help them" Kio said sit up in his seat "I know we need to get Naruto back but it sounds like you taken a liking to this girl" yuichi said to his nephew. "no it's not that she's a visitor from another planet, she's threaten and kidnapped, what kind of an impression of earthlings does this make on her, we have to help her and help Naruto as well or they well use him for experiments to find out how they can us his powers for their own ambitions" Kio said with determination in his voice leaving his uncle to wonder what powers Naruto has.

(Manami's Bedroom)

Manami was laying down In her bed exhausted Until *ring ring ring* her phone ring a few times sitting she grabbed her phone and answered 'Manami' a guy ask "Kio? Kio what's up" she ask 'where are they Manami?' Kio ask "where's who" she ask hoping he wasn't asking about Naruto and Eris 'Naruto and Eris! where are they? where have you taken them' he ask "taken? Why are you asking me this" she said hoping he would stop asking 'I saw it Manami' when Kio said this she gain a confused face and he continued 'I saw your watch! Someone has a watch that looks like yours with a crack in the exact same place" Kio said when that was said Manami looked at her watch "that was you wasn't it?" Kio ask.

Manami closed eyes and had a sad expression on her face "yes" she just simply said "why did you do it?" Kio ask wanting to know why she just sold out Eris and his brother "I wanted to get some field experience, I'm trying to get a job at Kadeha airbase more Spacificly I'm trying to get into the CIA" she told him with a sad expression on her face "alright but can you tell me where they are now?" Kio asked her

(With Kio)

Kio hang up his phone "Alright both Naruto and Eris are being held at hanger F at Kadeha airbase, it's not the most easiest place to get into" Kio said to his uncle

"I have a plan but I'm almost curtain it's going to get hairy" he said taking one of his hands off the wheel and begun to dig in his glove box then pulled out a revolver and hand it to Kio

"huh what is this" he ask

"S&W M6 86 it shots tranquilizers, I use it for work" he told Kio earning a look of uncomfort from his nephew

"umm uncle what kind of work do you do for a living" he ask him and continued driving unaware of two shadowy figures fellowing them jumping from streetlight to streetlight

(Scene change)

*Ring ring ring* A cell phone was ringing the owner of the phone pick it up and answer "hello Aoi speaking" the now identified Aoi answered.

"Um hello Aoi? This is Kio" he said answering her.

"Oh hi" answering him back

"hey um I know we made plans to hang out tomorrow but something came up and I won't be able to make it" he said to her

"What? Why?" she ask with concern in her voice

"sorry but I have to take care of something I'll be gone for awhile" Kio said to her earning a look of worry from the girl

"what's going on?" she ask worried wanting to know what was happening to him.

"it's a long story I'll explain it to you when I get back alright" he told her not wanting to go into details right now "um sure" and hung up the phone and looked out the window with great worrieness.

(Few hours later)

"So when did the DIA take-over" Jack ask the agent in front of her dropping off both Eris and Naruto at a military base "since you got the Intel" the agent said having a few scientist take them into the bases laboratory facilities with that jack turned around and got back into her car and left the base.

(Scene change)

A small bar with a few people in it had guns laying on their tables in front of them some sighing well others taking stiff shot they were all exhausted from their little experience earlier tonight "damn it the glowing ball hurt like hell" the red shirt man said having just finished getting his wound on his stomach bandaged up but it still hurt the man to even move around or sit down "if I ever see that little basterd again I'll shot him" he added with a pissed off expression on his face

"we blow it" sighed the female leader of the group looking a shamed of herself

"even so, one of my sources told me that no way was the government going to enter a diplomatic relationship with" but was cut off the the leader

"now they know that the both of them are earths first alien contact and it also doesn't help since one of them was my student" she said out loud earning a look of surprise from the members of the Beautiful Contact group then the door was kick in and two people came bursting through the doorway and was pointing guns at them

"alright don't move and we won't have to shot" Yuuichi said pointing his gun at them

"wait who the hell are you" Itokazu shouted then Kio saw who it was

"Itokazu-sensei" he said looking at his sensei making her lower her head looking away from him

"say cheese" Yuuichi said then a flash of light appeared they looked down and saw little red and white androids taking their pictures

"what the hell are you doing" one of the people in the small bar said

"these pictures well be on the web posted as members of the Beautiful Contact secret faction and it won't be secret unless..." he drag on the unless part having everyone in the bar look at him with dispair in their eyes.

(Scene Change)

Manami was sitting on her bed with a look of sadness on her face and sighed "I bet Kio must hate me" she told herself and why wouldn't he she just sold out his brother for her own career and as well as his new friend even she felt disgusted with herself for betraying both of her friends.

*Ding Dang*

The door bell ringed making her get up up to answer the door. As she open the door and peek outside she saw a dark blue haired girl with glasses she was wearing a blue T-shirt with an white thin dress that stopped at her mid thighs and was wearing tight dark blue pants "hey your..."

(Kadeha Airbase - Front Gates)

A van was at the toll bouth in front of the airbase the red shirt man handed the guard his card and the guard gave it back to him after a few minutes of studying the card then the red shirt drove through "well that was easy" kio said getting a nod from his uncle

"it's not really easy it's more as just the men on this base are trekies and want to watch star trek when it's on and not bother with anything else" the red shirt

(Inside Hanger F)

There was a lot of siencetist around wearing a orange containment suits and they were looking at the computer screens while in the middle there were one pod that held Eris who was still asleep then woke up she open her eyes she looked around to see where she was and saw many people walking around in orange containment suits

'huh where am i' she thought to herself then notice a scientist walking by

"excuse me hello" she called out trying to get his attention 'why won't they answer me' she thought to herself again then someone came up to her pod.

"I see you have questions" a guy in the containment suit said bringing her attention to him and notice she couldn't understand him and raised a hand up to her neck and tapped on her bell which acted as a translator for what he was saying

"alright I'll answer them" he said

"first why am I here?" she asked wondering why she was in a containment pod in a military base

"so we can terminate you, your arrival here is problematic you see we deem you a threat to our national interest" he bluntly told her

"but why all the secrecy why not just publicly refuse relations with my people" she said then a thought crossed her mind "unless you are already have a deal with some other race" she ask getting a tch from the guy

"I don't have to answer that to the likes of you" he told her not wanting to give out the other race they sign a secret contract with

"your right you don't have to I can smell the scent of dogs on you" making the man in the containment suit widen his eyes

"I see that's not good dealing with the dogisans thats against galactic law but I guess you didn't know that" she said with narrowed eyes but before he could saw something the whole base shock making some of the seincetist in the room fall on their ass then all the light shut off bringing the back up light to turn on making the guy turn around and shout

"what the hell is going on" wanting an answer.

(Hanger E - Laboratory)

We find our blond hero inside another containment pod with many guards equip with ACR-11's assault rifles and a few scientist running scans on him "this is remarkable" said the head scientist looking at the scans showing energy readings flowing off of the boy

"what is remarkable?" ask one of the soldiers walking up to him as the scientist turn his attention towards him and saw it was the leader of the group

"this unknown energy that is flowing in this boy's body, it shows that it makes his muscles stronger, his reflexes more heighten, his speed faster and his healing factor can heal any damage at an astounding rate" the scientist said with amazement in his voice making the soldier look back at Naruto

"so what your saying is he is stronger, faster and harder to kill then" he said still looking at the boy

"what I'm saying is that from the blood sample we took from him he is human but what baffles me is that he is more superior then compared to us" the white coat said opening a file that has Naruto's DNA in showing the soldier what he was amazed at

"but this power how does he have it if he's human, there's no way a human should have this power then" the soldier argued not believing the man.

Then an alarm went off on Naruto's mentor screen showing he was waking up making the soldiers jump into action pointing their weapons on him then a puff of smoke began to fog the pod

"what's going on? where did that smoke come from?" the leader shouted running up to the pod then turn to the scientist

"hurry and clear the pod of the smoke" he added having a bad feeling but before the scientist could vent the smoke their all begun to hear something coming from the pod then they saw static discharge around the pod

"what the hell is going on" the leader shouted not liking what was going on with the pod then they saw a ball of electricity shot through the containment glass of the pod.

As they were looking at the ball they saw a hand holding it then they heard a mighty roar

"Raikiri" the glass shuddered into shards and with the shockwave from the technique making the soldiers and scientists push back hard some hit the ground, well some hit the walls and with a few hitting the equipment. When they all look up to see what happen they all saw the blond haired whisker marked teen standing above them with a crimson red shroud surrounding his body.

As they were observing him they saw his spiky hair got more wilder, his whisker marks got more defined and when they looked at his eyes they were shitting bricks from seeing his blood red eyes with slits glaring at them "where is she" he growled at them getting a few scared confused looks on their faces

"w-who?" one of them ask timidly afraid of him

"my friend! where is Eris-chan? tell me nooooowwww" Naruto shouted at them in a darkly tone scaring everyone even more

"s-sh-she I-is in h-ha-hanger F" the scientist said not wanting to die.

Naruto then raised a his hand up and the shroud shot out and wrapped around their necks lifting them up chocking them as well as burning their skin do to the corrosive properties of the Kyuubi's chakra "which way is hanger F" he ask the scientist not knowing where to go.

"t-to th-the w-wes-west of thi-this one" said the scientist chocking out his answer.

Satisfied with his answer Naruto then flung the soldiers and scientists to the concert wall knocking them out then the Kyuubi's cloak faded leaving Naruto still standing on the pod panting lightly.

Naruto looked around the room trying to find the exit 'maybe I should have ask where the exit was as well' he thought to himself then heard a bell coming from behind him making him turn to see an elevator open showing more soldiers walking in.

As they walked in they saw Naruto standing on the pod looking at them blankly "well at least I found the exit" Naruto said disappearing from their sights and reappeared behind them with an DDP-10 SMG in his hands and shot the soldiers with special bullets that had seals on them to shock the soldiers out cold Naruto then turn to the elevator and walked in pressing the main floor button.

(Hanger E - Main floor)

As Naruto got to the main floor he poked his head out the elevator and looked around to see if anyone was there not seeing nobody he ran towards the hanger door but before he can get out the hanger door begun to open on it's own making him stop in his tracks looking left and right then up and jumped landing above the hanger doors watching a humvee drive in. Naruto stayed there watching the people step out of the military SUV then a shocked look appear on his face at seeing a person he seen from his vision a long time ago.

the grayish light brown hair woman stepped out looking annoyed at being here "so tell me why I'm here sergeant" she ask getting the man to turn his head towards her

"well you see miss Jan from what the scientist told us this boy has an unknown energy signature coming off of him" he said walking towards the elevator as he said that Jun gain a look of interest of hearing this

"and he also said that after taking a blood sample from him he found a match to a woman by the name of Kushina Uzumaki" he added getting a shock look from the dog-eared woman

'so we have Kushina's child within our hands and if I play my cards right I might have gained a new pawn' she thought to herself thinking how she can use him.

Naruto hearing this decided to get out of this hanger find Eris and get far away from the base as he dropped down just as the elevator door was shutting Jun saw Naruto land and ran out the building she tried to stop the door from shutting but closed on her then a shockwave shook the building and the base making the elevator stop "what's going on" she shouted at the soldiers in the elevator with her making them flinch.

(Outside Hanger F)

As Naruto got on the roof of hanger F he saw Yuuichi shooting the tires out of a humvee and drove away in a van getting shot at by the soldiers inside the car and saw a few humvee's driving after him.

Naruto looked down and saw Kio sneaking around the corner of the building Naruto gained a grin jump down and landed right behind him silently and shouted "put the gun on the ground right now" scaring the shit out of Kio as he spun around pointing his .35 Smith & Wesson at Naruto and fired at him.

When Naruto saw Kio fired his gun at him he had only a fraction of a second to dodge so he lean back as fast as he can and dodged it slightly as a bit of the tip of the tranquilizer dart grazed his cheek leaving a scratch and a bit of blood rolling down his cheek "holy crap take it easy Kio it's me, it's me" Naruto said holding his hands out trying not to get shot when Kio saw it was Naruto he was both shock and relieved see his brother standing in front of him

"Naruto where did you come from" Kio ask him still trying to get over his scare "and sorry about shooting you" he added

"it's alright, I came from that hanger over there" Naruto said pointing towards the hanger he came from

"now come on we have to save Eris-chan" he said running inside the steel building with an SMG in his hand with Kio following behind him wondering where he got the gun from.

As they got to the elevator two people appeared in front of them in a puff of smoke making both Naruto and Kio point their guns at them but stop at seeing an all to familiar face for them (more Naruto then Kio) "Kazumi-chan" Naruto said out loud in a shaky tone at seeing the one person he wanted to see again Kashi for her part was shocked at first at seeing Naruto then became extremely happy knowing he was safe

"your late you know that" Naruto said to her getting an eyes smile from the gravity defying hair woman

"you were probably reading your porn books you sex addict" Naruto added with a smile on his face when he said that Kazumi became a little miffed but was also grateful for her mask covering her face to hide the blush

"sorry I was lost on the road of life" she said scratching the back of her head getting sweatdrops on the back of both Naruto's and Kio's head.

They shook their heads then notice another woman staring beside Kazumi making Naruto wonder who she was "hey Kazumi-chan who's that beside you" pointing beside her making Kazumi turn to her partner.

"oh this here is a person you should remember Naruto-kun after all she saved you a couple of times as well" she said raising her hand and gestured Hibara to step forward.

"it's good to see you are well Naruto-kun" said Hibara in her monotone voice with a light smile on her face.

As Naruto heard her voice he was reminded of a weasel mask female anbu saving him a few times from the villagers of Konoha "weasel-chan! it's good to see you again" Naruto said with an happy expression on his face from seeing one of the few people that saved him then Kio decided to point out the situation.

"Naruto remember we're here to save Eris-san" getting Naruto's attention.

"oh right well let's get going" Naruto said with Kazumi and Hibara getting on the elevator.

When they got to the bottom Naruto was the first to step out with his SMG ready to shot anyone that wasn't Eris then Kio, Kazumi and Hibara.

As they entered the room they saw bodies all over the ground with bruises littering their faces then they looked up and saw Eris tying someone up "Eris-chan" Naruto called out getting her attention.

"Naruto-kun, Kio-san did you two come here to save me" she ask them getting a nod from the two teens.

"I'm really glad your safe Eris-chan" Naruto said relieved and happy she was alright then notice who she was tying up.

"who is that Eris-san" Kio ask looking at the man behind her tied up making everyone in the room to look at him.

The man had sleek back hair and was wearing a light grey suit he had a look of shame from being caught by the cat-girl "well I guess the rescue wasn't really needed since your alright Eris-chan" Naruto said with a smile.

As Eris heard him say that she felt happy then wrapped her arms around his head and buried him in the softness of her E cup breast then Kazumi and Hibara saw Eris breast size they only had one thought going through their heads.

'there the size of a soccer balls' feeling a little self-conscious of their own breast.

(With Yuuichi)

Yuuichi jumped out of the van as it was tipping over when he hit the ground and stopped rolling he looked up at the van and saw it was on fire "well at least it ain't my van" he said then brought his hands up to shield himself from the bullets the bases MP's then a blue Ford Mustang skid to a stop in front of him blocking the bullets soaring through the air.

"hurry and get in" said Manami pulling her seat forward allowing Yuuichi to jump in and they drove off.

"where's Kio and Naruto?" Manami ask turn her head towards the man who had a cell phone pushed up to his ear.

(With Naruto and Company)

We find our blond friend and company in a car his teacher hot-wired with Kio finishing talking to his uncle "alright now all we need to do is just get to the rondeveiw point and meet up with uncle Yuuichi, Manami and Aoi" Kio said telling everyone in the car what's going on.

Naruto looked at his brother and couldn't help but have a smile on his face at seeing Kio leading the rescue party and chuckled earning everyones attention "what's so funny Naruto-kun?" Eris ask her ear twitched as she ask that question.

"ohh I'm just thinking how brave Kio is" he answered looking at Kio "and also how much of a leader he can be during situation like these" Naruto added feeling a little pride of his brother.

As Naruto was praising Kio who was a little embarrassed Kazumi was looking at Naruto and couldn't believe how grown up he was and also how handsome he became after all these years.

She blushed a little as she thought that then was brought out of her thoughts when Kio turn his attention towards them "so who are you two and how do you know Naruto?" he ask wanting to know who they were and why they would want to help his brother Naruto.

"Kio I'll explain who they are when we can get out of here alright" Naruto said not wanting to explain right now.

Kio nods his head knowing that they need to get out of the base before they get caught by any military personal that wasn't chasing Yuuichi "Alright we're at the rondevour" Kio said getting Itokazu to stop the car.

As they got out of the car they saw Aoi, Manami and Yuuichi pulling up beside them "Kio/Kakazu-kun" both Aoi and Manami shouted getting out of the blue Ford Mustang "please tell me you guys has a plan of getting out of here?" Itokazu ask getting out of the car wondering how the hell their going to get out of the base.

"We wait here until the helicopter gets here" Kio said looking up in the air trying to spot the aircraft "there it is" Eris said pointing towards the helicopter with an assist-droid pointing it's head out waving to show it was them flying the aircraft.


A loud explosion was heard then the helicopter burst into flames falling to the ground on fire and as that happen everyone was shocked then looked up towards where the bang came from and saw a battalion of tanks moving towards them "oh man now we're screwed! talk about rotten luck!" Yuuichi said worried "I don't suppose you got anymore fancy weapons on you Aoi?" Manami ask hoping she did but didn't receive a response from said girl.

"I do" Eris said getting everyones attention "so just leave those battle mechs to me and the assist-droids" she added with all the assist-droids standing around her "hey the assist-droids survive the crash" Kio said aloud happy that the assist-droids are still alive.

"now then assist-droids lock on to those mobile mechs and demilitarize them" Eris ordered pointing towards the tanks.

The assist-droids complies to the order and raised their paws in the air and a bright light flashed for a few seconds then took form and shaped itself into a double sided hammer as that was happening Kio spoke up not liking the idea "but their going to get destroyed if they do that" showing his concern to his friend and the assist-droids.

"Don't worry Kio-san they won't be destroyed and neither well I" Eris said with a smile on her face then tapped her bell which glowed for a sec and a giant hammer appeared in her hands the same way the assist-droids did "it's just like she said Kio there's no reason to worry because I'm going with them as well" said Naruto standing beside Eris with his trench knives in his hands that had chakra encasing the blade in a long blade-like energy as he did that it shocked everyone but Kio, Kazumi and Hibara from seeing him do this or it being a common thing to see though both Kazumi and Hibara were both surprised at how good he has become at controlling his chakra not to mention his elemental chakra.

"Alright guys let take those mobile mechs and turn them into dust" Eris ordered tapping the bell that was attached to her suit and glowed the same the assist-droids got their hammers.

When a light died down Eris twirled her giant hammer and gripped it and started running towards the tanks.

The tanks cannon then move locking on to Naruto, Eris and the assist-droids. When they locked on to their targets they all at once fired making Naruto, Eris and the assist-droids jumped high into the air "alright everyone activate Artificial Matter Splitter Hammer and knock their socks off among other things" Eris said bringing her hammer back as well as the assist-droids while Naruto extended his chakra encasing the blades making it extend to six feet.

Eris then hits the first tank and a second later the spot where she hit started to disintegrate then the whole tank became a bright flash of lights as well at the others that the assist-droids hit while the one Naruto got sliced into little chunks of metal well the people inside were trap under the heavy pieces of metal.

When Naruto turned around her saw the light die down and the only thing left from the tanks were soldiers without their clothes. Naruto walked up to Eris then looked towards Kio and the others and saw they were amazed by what they did "come on Eris-chan let's go back to the others and get back to my place" he said getting a nod from the cat-ears girl.

"So how are we getting out of here" Itokazu ask wanting to get away from the base.

"I'll get us out of here" Naruto said getting everyones attention "how are you going to do that Naruto" Kio ask curiously wondering how his brother well get everyone there away from the base then Naruto reached into his coat and pulled out a tri-prone kunai with strange writing on the handle.

"Alright everyone grab onto me and we'll be off" said the blond shinobi closing his eyes to concentrate on his father's signature jutsu that made him both famous and infamous "Hairashin no jutsu" shouted Naruto disappearing with the others in a flash of yellow.

(End Chapter)

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