What if Snake-Eyes went missing and the joes gave up all hope of finding him? Will his young apprentice to take matters into her own hands?

It wasn't uncommon for Snake-Eyes to disappear from the pit for a couple weeks at a time, but at least he left a note or told Scarlett that he was leaving. So, it was very unusual when Snake didn't leave a note or told Scarlett anything. Scarlett worried for his safety when she didn't know anything, and this usually ended up with a hug because she was happy that he was safe. Farren sat in the rec room with Storm shadow, Jinx, and Kamakura who were talking, but she was staring at the clock on the wall.

Suddenly Farren said," It's official, Sensi has been gone for 5 years now."

Jinx said," Yes, I know that. About this time of year, Scarlett is so down."

Farren asked Kamakura," Sensi is coming back, right?"

Kamakura replied," I know you think he will Farren, but I'm afraid sensi won't be back."

After that Farren left the room and went to the kitchen. Roadblock was baking cookies and she sat on a stool in front of the counter.

"Roadblock, is sensi coming back," Farren inquired.

The chef responded," I know you want him to come back, but he's been gone for 5 years today. He's not coming back."

Farren nodded and ran off to the gym. At least she could train with the nunchucks and go through a few katas.

Farren mumbled to herself," If everyone else has given up hope, then maybe I should take matters into my own hands."

Soon she was done practicing the katas and went to her room to draw up a plan.