Return of Memories Long Gone

It was a beautiful day, but instead of being outside training, Farren, Jinx, Kamakura, and Scarlett had an idea to finally cure Snake-Eyes of his amnesia. Scarlett agreed and the 4 set off to find Snakes, who was roaming the halls of the pit. Scarlett smiled to herself as she appeared next to the tall, scarred blonde and grabbed his hand. It startled him until he saw who it was.

Leaning in to kiss him, she was shocked that he almost pulled away, but in the end he leaned into the kiss.

After she pulled from the kiss, Scarlett asked," Do you remember who I am now?"

Snake-Eyes leaned in and kissed Scarlett long and passionately.

*The love of my life* he signed.

Scarlett said," I love you more than I will ever show."

Snake-Eyes smiled as he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring from his pocket.

Snakes almost fainted when she said yes. Farren, Jinx, and Kamakura gave eachother high fives as Duke approached the small group.

It was true, obeying orders on this base kept you alive, but sometimes not obeying orders resulted in a marrage proposal between two people who love each other very much.