Title: Let Me See the Best in You

Author: Luciel89

Rating: Mature, for later chapters

Pairings characters: Dean/Castiel, mentions of Sam/Jess and Dean/OCs, Gabriel, Jo

Spoilers: None, this is AU

Warnings: Mentions of slavery, past non-con, mentioning of character death of an OC, graphic violence, wing!kink, graphic sex, sexual situations, bad language (did I get it all?)

Summary: In a world where the supernatural is known, Dean has recently lost his long-time friend and hunting partner. When he returns to work 3 months later, he finds out that his new partner is an angel – Castiel. Neither is impressed to be partners, and they hate each other's guts. Or do they…?

Author's note: Just so you know, this is not the sequel to "Come Back To Me" – this is a total different AU story, which has been poking at my brain for a long time now, and I just had to write it. But I am working on "Come Back To Me" as well, no worries.

In this story, angels are a little different from the angels in the Supernatural canon because they do not take vessels, they have their own bodies and they have families – they breed and get old. So keep that in mind. Otherwise, they are powerful like in the series. Supernatural creatures exist in this story and are known to all humans. Angels work together with humans (they're the creatures humans get along with the best, but not too well) to fight against the supernatural.

It is written mainly from Dean's POV, but will sometimes switch to Castiel's, though rarely.

This fic is rated M due to sexual contents in the later chapters.

Now, on to my story! Enjoy :)


The sudden sound of the alarm clock going off, and the echoing through his bedroom irritating his ears, was enough to wake Dean up. His right hand fumbled across the night stand until it found the source of the noise and turned it off.

Dean groaned, sleepily, and rolled onto his back. The alarm clock just ruined a dream that might have been about two brunettes and a piece of pie… But Dean can't really be sure.

"Dean, get up already. It's your first day at work for three months – you can't be late!" Sam yelled from the kitchen.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Dean yelled back; voice hoarse from sleep. He bit back a curse and sat up on the bed, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

It had been three months since he was severely injured during a hunt. He and his partner, Jim, had been sent to track down a pack of werewolves in a forest outside of town. Everything had gone as planned, until one of the werewolves had found their hide-out and attacked them; catching them off-guard and alerting the other wolves. Jim was killed, and Dean barely made it out alive before back-up finally arrived.

He had been off work for three months now to recover, and today was the day he would go back to work. He didn't really want to go. He knew his friend wouldn't be there when he came back.

Dean finally got up and moved into the kitchen where Sam had already placed cereals and milk on the table for him.

Sam had moved in with him after the incident. He studied Law at the university, and apartments were difficult to find, so Dean was more than happy to take him in for a while. He had needed his help while he was injured anyway.

Dean sat down by the table with a sigh. "Seriously, you're not my mom, Sammy."

"Well, I'm just helping you out here a bit. It's your first day at work for a while and you shouldn't be late," Sam argued and sat down beside him. "Now eat already, you only have 15 minutes before you gotta go."

Dean finished his breakfast in a hurry and went off to shower. Then he dressed himself quickly and headed for the door.

"Okay, I'm going, I'll see ya later, Sam."

"Sure. Good luck."


Dean was working at the local Hunting Police Department. They were the ones who hunted down all kinds of supernatural creatures which posed a threat to humankind.

The creatures had been known by humans for centuries, and even though humans had always fought them, they just kept coming. Actually, humans even used to breed them, as it was once a sign of status if you had a supernatural creature as your slave or pet. But the creatures had gotten out of control, their numbers had increased, and they were becoming more aggressive and less afraid of humans. Now it was banned to have them – especially angels. They were the most intelligent and powerful of all supernatural beings, and humanity had recently started working together with them to fight the threatening creatures. Though, both species still had a hard time accepting the other.

The moment Dean entered the office department he was greeted by his colleagues who were happy to see him back. He had sort of dreaded this moment. He felt shame at being the only one coming back alive.

"Hey, Winchester!" said Allan, his colleague, and threw an arm around his shoulder. "It's good to see you back! I was just starting to think you preferred your bed and pillow over us," he grinned.

"I certainly prefer them over you, Allan," Dean replied with grin.

"Aw, you hurt my feelings."


Dean turned around and was met by Jo whose arms went around him and pulled him into a tight hug that almost cut off his air supply.

"Urgh, Jo, I'm choking here," Dean muttered against her shirt.

She released him and stared back at him with an almost angry expression. "Why didn't call me? You have no idea how concerned I was about how you were doing, and you never picked up your damn phone when I called you!" She hit him on the shoulder, making Dean wince.

"Ow, Jo… Jesus. I'm sorry okay?"

"You're forgiven," said Jo with a grin and turned around to walk back to her desk.

Dean stared at her with a frown. Silly women, he thought and shook his head.

While his other colleagues gathered around him to welcome him back, the door to the department opened and in walked their superior.

Everyone quickly went back to their tasks, but soon, people starting whispering and gasping as the boss walked over to Dean.

Dean frowned in confusion at their behavior, until he noticed that his boss was not alone.

Behind him walked a figure dressed in a suit and a tan trench coat; covering the guy's slender frame. He walked stiffly, and stared around at the people who were staring right back at him. He looked very uncomfortable and out of place.

"Dude, the boss brought an angel with him," he heard Allan whisper next to him.

Only then did Dean notice the huge, white wings behind the strange guy's back. They were drawn in close to his body, as if trying to hide them, and Dean had nearly missed them.

Dean had seen angels before, but never up close. He had never actually met one, let alone talked to one. They mostly tended to avoid humans at all costs and were often hostile against them, given how cruel humans had treated them throughout history.

The angel seemed to sense his gaze and stared back at him as he approached. Dean's breath almost got caught in his throat. The angel's eyes were so fucking blue, he had never seen anything like them before. Something in the angel's eyes changed and became darker, and now he was almost glaring at Dean. He wondered what he had done to piss the angel off.

Dean snapped out of his thoughts as his boss stopped right in front of him, and he tore his gaze from the angel back to his boss.

"Dean, it is good to have you back," his boss smiled, and patted him on the shoulder.

"Thanks, it's good to be back," Dean answered, feeling a little awkward. The angel was no longer glaring at him, and was now staring around the office with a grim expression.

Dean's co-workers were finally going back to their own business, but he still felt their gazes on him, and it made him uneasy. He knew his boss was planning something. Probably something involving that angel behind him.

"Well, good to know," the boss said, before switching topics. "Dean, I want you to continue your work as you have always done it; finding the damn creatures, kill or capture them, but after what happened with Jim… I was thinking you need a new partner for this job, as it can't be done alone. The creatures are killing more and more of our men, so we have made an alliance with the angels so they can help us restore order in this world, as we do not have the power to do it alone."

He stepped aside, revealing the angel behind him, whose gaze met Dean's again. It sent shivers up Dean's spine as the piercing blue eyes met his, and he suppressed a shudder.

"This is Castiel, he is an angel solider, and he will be your new partner," his boss said; his words pulling Dean back to reality.

"What? My partner?" Dean exclaimed, shocked.

He heard his co-workers gasp, but quickly minding their own business again as their boss glanced at them.

His boss wanted him to partner up with an angel in order to do his job?

He glanced at the angel who seemed just as upset about this new partnership as he was; judging from the way his eyes narrowed and how he tensed up beside the superior human.

"Well, a few of the hunters in the C and D departments have already been partnered up with angels while you were absent, so it's not an entirely new thing here… And their hunts actually went much better after that, so no complaints about that," his boss told him with a shrug.

"You two will be together on any major hunt from now on, and will be working on tracking down creatures in the city or near it. Today, however, I want you two to get to know each other and get settled. Dean, you pick up phone calls and see if there are any useful calls about creatures, and maybe sort out some of the folders in your office. I want you to take it easy today. Tomorrow the two of you can work on a case."

And with that the boss turned left the office; leaving Dean alone with his new angel partner, who had still not moved one bit.

Dean glanced around at his co-workers, and he saw Jo who simply gave him a thump-up for encouragement, before going back to work.

He glanced back at the angel, whose arms were twitching at his sides.

Seemed like the guy was a rather tense one, Dean thought to himself.

"So, uh, I'm Dean," he said, lamely, and rubbed his neck in a nervous gesture.

"Yes, I am aware," answered the angel. His voice was gruff and his tone sounded rather irritated, which made Dean wince a little.

What a nice first meeting.

"Right," said Dean. "Um, anyway, since we're gonna be partners… we're gonna share the same office, so let me take you to my office to get familiar with it."

The angel simply nodded, stiffly, and Dean took a deep breath before he led him past the cubicles where the phone people worked, and into his office at the back of the room. The active hunters each had their own office with their own files and information in it.

Dean entered the office, which was big enough for two people, and felt Castiel follow behind him. The angel hesitated slightly before he entered the office and looked around curiously.

It felt weird not to have Jim in the office anymore and some strange angel instead. Dean bit his lip as Castiel's gaze fell on the mostly empty desk that once belonged to his deceased partner and friend.

"Anyway, there are books and files on the shelves about any supernatural creature if you need information, and there is also a logbook of every hunt I've been on so far… for reference. But I'm not sure how much you need any of that," Dean said.

The angel didn't reply and continued to look around the office; his eyes then falling to a picture on Jim's desk. It was a picture of Jim with his wife, Allison. Dean bit back a feeling of anger, as the angel studied his old friend's personal stuff.

He took his gaze elsewhere and it accidentally fell to the angel's wings, which were still pressed against his back. He knew angels were very protective of their wings, and didn't like it when someone stared at them, but Dean couldn't help himself. They were beautiful – and huge; probably a little over 5 meters in wingspan when spread out, and their tips almost touched the ground as they hung behind the angel's back.

The feathers looked soft. He had once heard that an angel's wings were the softest thing to touch… Dean wondered if that was really true.

He switched his gaze from the wings back to the angel's face, who had just turned his head around and caught him staring. Dean felt a shiver of fear travel up his spine.

"Do not stare at my wings," Castiel growled, and Dean could have sworn he had seen a glimpse of almost fear in the angel's eyes for a moment.

"Sorry, it wasn't on purpose," Dean muttered, feeling a little ashamed. "So, err, why are you even in this department anyway? Orders?" He asked, casually.

"I don't see how that's any of your concern," Castiel replied, coldly. "But I certainly didn't ask to come here, if that's what you think," he added, almost snapping.

Dean was taken a little aback by that before he hardened and glared at the angel. "You think I asked for a new partner? An angel at that?" He snapped.

He was trying everything to be nice to this angel, who had suddenly been announced as his new partner, and whom Dean hadn't even asked for, and all the angel did was to treat him coldly and with disinterest – and now he was snapping at him?

It was starting to piss Dean off.

"Let's rather focus on our task instead of talking," the angel growled.

"Fine, you're no fun talking with anyway," Dean snapped at him before he gathered a few folders from the shelf and left.

He found a spot in an empty office. The owners were out on a hunt so Dean could use it temporarily. He just wanted to get away from the angel. A few of his co-workers found him and asked him questions, but Dean was not really feeling like talking to them about it right now. Jo had nagged him for ages until he told her that his new angelic partner was nothing but a dick. She seemed a little disappointed by that. Dean wondered what she had expected from the angel anyway.

He had never missed Jim as much as he did right now.

A few hours later when Dean was done sorting the documents in the folders and taking care of some phone calls, he returned to his office. He saw through the small window in the door that the angel was still there. He bit back a curse before he entered the room.

Castiel barely looked up as he entered. Not that Dean cared anyway.

He noticed, however, that the angel had cleaned the room and tidied up Jim's old desk. The rest of his old stuff he had put in the box in the corner, which contained most of Jim's old things. Now, the angel was apparently looking through the logbook which contained all the information about hunts that Dean had been on in the years he had worked for the department.

Dean swallowed down a comment, which was only going to start another fight anyway, and went over to the shelf to place the folders back where they belonged.

"I'm gonna go home soon. Nothing to do here when there is no case," Dean muttered, mostly to himself.

Castiel remained silent. Not that it surprised Dean much. He sighed and sat down by his desk; rubbing his hands over his face.

"Was your partner killed by werewolves?" Castiel suddenly asked, softly.

Dean froze. He had not expected the angel to talk, much less ask him that. He looked over and saw that Castiel was looking at the last file in the logbook.

The werewolf-case.

"Yeah," Dean replied after a moment of silence. "I barely made it out myself."

The angel seemed to digest that information for a while, before he stood. He walked over to Dean and handed him back the logbook. Dean accepted it, and stared up at Castiel in bewilderment.

"I'm sorry for your loss," the angel said before he turned around and left the office.

Dean stared at the door before he left the office and went home too.


Sam wasn't there when Dean came home. But as soon as he came home in the evening, he asked Dean about his day. He was rather surprised – and excited – when Dean told him about his new partner.

"Seriously? They gave you an angel as a partner? Dude, that is so awesome, angels are cool, man," Sam exclaimed, seemingly very enthusiastic about it.

"Not really, this one's a dick," Dean muttered and took a swig of his beer.

"Everyone's a dick to you," Sam grimaced. "I'm sure you're just misunderstanding him."

"'Misunderstanding him'? Dude, the guy doesn't even talk; he just coldly ignores me. And when he does talk, he snaps at me and gets upset over everything I say."

"Well, you gotta see it from his perspective… He is the only angel in a hunter's department full of humans, and I am sure he hasn't met many humans before. I bet he's just scared out of his mind," Sam argued.

Dean snorted. "No reason for him to treat me like dirt."

"Dean, c'mon…." Sam sighed.

Dean wondered how he was going to survive tomorrow and the rest of his career with the angel if the guy kept being such a cold, stubborn son of a bitch. Suddenly the loss of Jim it him even harder, and he'd give anything to get his old partner back instead of the angel. Heck, he'd prefer anyone over him.

If only the angel would treat him nicer, then it maybe wouldn't be so hard to accept him.


Castiel returned to his apartment in the afternoon. He took off his coat, shoes and suit jacket and threw himself on the couch.

The apartment was rather small, but it was good enough for him. It's hard to get a decent apartment if you're an angel, and his brother, Gabriel, had helped him finding this one. He was very grateful for that.

Castiel sighed and thought about his day.

He had not asked to be transferred to the human Hunter's Department. He had begged not to be; begged to be kept away from any contact with humans. But Zachariah had insisted that Castiel was 'best suited' for the job – probably because he didn't like him and just wanted him out of his face.

Castiel hated humans.

He feared them.

He had sworn to himself he would never get anywhere near one again, and now he was going to be surrounded by them all day long. He did everything he could to distance himself from those… creatures. The last thing he needed was for one of them to be glued to him all day long.

Humans were mean and selfish creatures; that much Castiel knew. It was better not to get too close. It made him more comfortable, made him feel safer.

And yet, he couldn't help but feel bad about how he had treated Dean; his 'partner' seemed nice. For a human, at least.

But Castiel would never let Dean get too close to him. He would never give Dean the opportunity to hurt him.


To be continued…


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