"Start Fresh"

By Tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Summary: Post-Heartbreaker. What exactly is a 'fresh start'? Alek navigates his way through Chloe's words.

Some spoilers for the next episode. Based on my speculation from the previews.

Alek stared unhappily from the coffee shop where he was leaning heavily on its wall. He had the perfect vantage for watching Chloe. Unfortunately, at this very moment, that meant watching her talk to her human, Brian.

"So, I hear you and Chloe have a 'fresh start'!" an annoyingly perky voice spoke from behind him. Alek unwillingly turned around to see one of Chloe's best friends Amy, "What does that even mean?" Alek raised an eyebrow, glad he wasn't the only one unsure of what a fresh start meant. Amy rambled on, "Because I think that means she wants to be wooed."

"Wooed?" Alek parroted incredulously, finally responding.

Amy looked indignant on behalf of her best girlfriend, "Yes. Wooed. You can't just randomly plant a kiss on a girl and expect her to be your girlfriend," She eyed the older blond, "There needs to be dates and romance."

He raised an eyebrow, suddenly remembering something he had overheard in his early days of watching over Chloe, "Didn't your boyfriend plant a kiss on you and expect you to be his girlfriend?"

The petite girl blushed bright red, mortified that her life long crush knew that about her, "That was different," at his skeptical look, she insisted, "It was! Neither of us were expecting it whereas you were interested in Chloe before. Plus, neither of us had any competition whereas you have Brian," She nodded toward the duo who were still talking seriously behind Alek. Alek automatically scowled at the mention of the human causing Amy to smile in triumph, "Chloe and Brian have been out on countless dates- coffees, dinners, galas," She reminded, "You have a lot of catching up to do." Amy watched as Alek seemed to digest what she was saying. Sensing that he was coming around, she spoke her last bit, "You know… as her best friend, I have some insight on how to give Chloe the best first date ever."

Alek's eyes automatically shot to hers, suddenly suspicious, "You want to give me advice on Chloe? What's the catch?"

Amy's eyes widened, "No catch," but the Brit continued to look at her suspiciously, "Look, I was pushing her toward Brian before because I wanted her to be happy. I didn't know you were interested in her. All Brian gives her is heartache. You're Mai, she's Mai. It can actually work out between you two. I need to make up for helping break my bestie's heart, okay?"

Strangely enough, the blond actually managed to follow that logic- a clear sign he was spending way too much time eavesdropping on Chloe's conversations with the girl, "So what do you have in mind?"

Squealing in excitement, Amy grabbed Alek's hand and dragged him to sit at one of the coffee tables so that Chloe wouldn't see them talking, but Alek could still keep an eye on her, "Okay, so what kind of date were you thinking?" She asked plainly, going from squealing to serious in a split second.

Alek hesitated, getting the feeling he was in over his head without knowing quite why, "Kind of date?"

The small girl rolled her eyes as if to say boys. "Chloe mainly likes two kinds of dates. Romantic and sweet or adventurous and exciting. Romantic and sweet shows her the caring side of you and helps to make her see you in a 'more-than-friends' light. Adventurous and exciting gives a huge first impression that she'll remember for the rest of her life. But since this is just the first date, I recommend sticking with a romantic date."

Alek nodded. At least he understood the words she was saying, even if he wasn't sure what they meant.

Sensing that her companion still wasn't quite sure what she was trying to convey, Amy's shoulders sagged. Clearly this boy needed a lot of her help if he wanted to win her best friend's heart. "Chloe hates going out to fancy dinner dates. She only goes on those when she's really comfortably so that is not first date material. I'm going to give two suggestions that I know Chloe would love. 1) A romantic dinner back at your place in which you cook. I'd recommend cooking together. That will give you a chance to talk and still leaves room for some playfulness. After dinner, you two can cuddle up on the couch for a movie. I'd recommend something old and classic," Amy's eyes clouded as she thought out loud, "Maybe a black and white… maybe film noire… Oh!" her eyes brightened in realization, "Chinatown! Chloe loves that movie!"

Alek nodded, taking everything in and memorizing the idea. He could sort out his plans after Amy had finished. He was getting pretty good intel out of the girl.

"Romantic Option Number 2," Amy continued, "Chloe loves the water… which is weird because of the cat thing," she digressed, but quickly got back on topic at Alek's glare, "Anyway, I suggest a romantic picnic on the beach followed by a moonlit stroll. Clichéd but so worth the cheesiness," the girl smiled sweetly, clearly picturing it in her mind before shaking her head to clear her thoughts, "Moving right along to adventure dates. Chloe's been in a lot of harrowing situations because of the whole Mai Uniter thing. She deserves to have some excitement that doesn't come from dodging ninja stars," Amy lectured briefly before settling down to continue, "Anyway, adventure date: option 1- There's this group who organize bungee jumps off the Golden Gate every weekend. Chloe's been dying to go for years, but doesn't want to go alone. Now, I'm scared of heights and Paul's scared of… well, everything. But you aren't," She smiled widely, "It would be perfect!"

Alek raised an eyebrow. He had no idea Chloe was interested in extreme sports. Since when was she a risk-taker? Then again, given the sheer number of times she'd gone off and done something stupid and dangerous on a whim, perhaps he should have known…

"Option 2) There's this great spot a little out of the city that we used to go to all the time when we were younger. I can give you exact directions later. Anyway, it has this huge cliff that's great for climbing and Chloe used to love going cliff jumping off of them."

The blond nodded. He had a lot to think about. Smiling, Amy left the Mai to his thoughts. He turned his sensitive hearing toward Chloe to discover she was still talking to her human. Doesn't her store ever have actual customers, he scowled. Checking his watch, he realized that it was almost 4; almost time for her to get off work. He quickly texted out a message to Jasmine telling her he wouldn't be there for Chloe's training. Alek was about to head over to Chloe when his cousin texted back demanding to know why. He typed that he wanted to set up a dinner date with Chloe and needed time to do it. As an after thought, he added that she had to vacate the apartment from 7 to 11 that night. Luckily, Valentina was in Vegas for the weekend so he didn't have to worry about clearing her out.

Alek walked into the vintage store, ignoring the eye Lana always gave one of Chloe's friends when they walked in. Brian visibly tensed when he saw the blond causing Chloe to turn and face Alek. Her eyes widened in slight panic.

"Alek! What are you doing here?" She asked before wincing at the stupid question. Alek was here doing what he did every day: watching her, "I mean, what's up?" She tried again with a friendly smile as she noticeably moved away from Brian and toward the blond, "Is it 4 already?"

The blond smiled. Chloe may not have realized it, but she just accidentally dropped to Brian that she and Alek had plans for later, "No." He answered simply, giving a small smirk.

There was an awkward silence after his words like he knew there would be before Brian chose to speak, "Hi. I'm Brian."

Alek raised a brow, "I know," He said, illustrating to the other man that Brian may not have known about Alek's relationship with Chloe but Alek sure as hell knew about Brian's. At Chloe's glare, he introduced himself as well, "Alek," He spoke simply before totally ignoring the guy to look at Chloe.

The strawberry blonde sighed, figuring that was as good as she was going to get from him, "You came over because…?"

"Ah," Alek nodded smirking, "Yes, you see, I realized that I have yet to be almost-killed today and you have yet to be almost-killed today."

Chloe smiled in recognition whereas Brian blinked at confusion. "Yes, it does appear that way, doesn't it?" She asked with a playful smirk to match Alek's.

"What are you doing tonight?" Alek answered, appearing to Brian or any outsider, really, to have changed the subject. Only Chloe and Alek knew that his words were related.

"I don't know. What am I doing tonight?" Chloe responded teasingly causing Alek's smirk to widen.

"Pick you up at 7," he replied simply before walking away.

"Wait!" Chloe cried out, "What are we doing?" She asked, a large smile on her face.

Alek turned back and gave her a wink, but said only, "Wear whatever you like. It won't matter," and walking out the door.

Chloe fiddled with a strand of hair girlishly before remembering that Brian was still behind her and turned to face him awkwardly. Alek had a way of making her forget about everything else. Granted, he was usually using it in such a way that she was so annoyed with him that all her other problems faded away.

"Uhm, you were saying?" She asked awkwardly.