Liz's favorite ice cream is vanilla. She likes the taste – pure and clean, without all that other stuff cluttering it up.

Liz used to feel like vanilla ice cream. The plain, simple, straightforward one. Nobody didn't like her; she had no enemies. But she wasn't exactly a shining star either. Just an all around good kid.

Then Max Evens saved her live. And suddenly she was doing things she never thought she'd do, like lying to her parents and skipping school and robbing a convenience store. Suddenly life had colour, zest. Suddenly Max was the centre of her world.

She sits in the front seat of the rusty VW van, watching Max as he drives, his hands loose on the steering wheel.

It wasn't that he changed her that day in the Crashdown, Liz realizes. She's still Liz. Still vanilla ice cream. It's that he's added to her. He is sprinkles and chocolate sauce and a cherry. And suddenly she's so much more than just plain vanilla Liz Parker.

He catches her gaze.

"What?" he asks.

"Nothing. Just thinking."

He smiles and takes her hand.

She's vanilla ice cream, but Max is the toppings.

He's made her into a sundae.