She had feared it. She had feared it from the day she'd moved here. And here it was, happening right before her very eyes. Amy had a very tight grip on her shirt, and she was running to the car as fast as she could.

"Honey," she heard her husband say while she was putting Amy in the car."Where do you plan to go?" His voice was swimming in panic and worry. She took one look at him and knew right where she was going.

"Mark," she said, trying not to choke on her own words "we have no choice." She got in the drivers seat of the car and quickly started it. Mark walked up to the window and put his head in.

"I think you should stay there too." He said, looking straight and deep into his wife's eyes, "just until this is over."

"No." she protested, "I need to be here. Plus I can get some weapons where I'm going, I'll bring them back and we will have more of an advantage."

"Chell, if any thing happens to you I will never be able to live with myself." He said, now slightly annoyed with his wife's stubbornness.

She, not hearing what he is saying, said back "I'm going to leave Amy and then I will be back soon. Stay alive at least until then, ok?" He was very reluctant, but nodded. She drove off and almost broke the speed barrier doing it.

"Mommy," a small voice from the backseat cried, "Mommy, I'm scared.".

"It's going to be ok. Mommy will handle this." Chell replied, though she was not convinced herself.

They drove, in silence for what seemed like hours (even though the facility was only about 15 minutes away.) Chell could only think about how long it had been. After she was let out of Aperture, she had enrolled in a college, where she met Mark. Not one month into it, she began having a strange emotion. It wasn't sadness, or worry; it was a longing, but for what? She had told herself that she could never EVER miss that homicidal manic of an AI! But she did. So she had gone back, and went back weekly for the next 2 years. The last time she saw her was when Amy was born, and never again. Amy was now 4, and had never met nor heard of her. At that moment, Chell's train of thought was broken by her car hitting a bump, resulting in her hitting her head against the roof of the car.

Amy saw this and yelled out "Mommy, are you ok?" in a worried tone.

"Mommy's fine dear. She just hit her head a little." Chell's head did hurt a little, but she was too focused on the task at hand. She looked down at the gas gauge only to see that she had enough gas to get home, but not enough to go the rest of the way to the facility. She figured that it wasn't that far away, and shut the car off.

"Where are we?" Amy chimed in from the back seat. Well, they WERE in a middle of a wheat field not to far form Aperture Laboratories, but saying that would just spark more questions from Amy. Chell just ignored the question. While she was getting Amy out of the car, it all started to sink in again. How much danger her husband was in, how much danger her friends were in. Once she got Amy out, Chell started running, no, SPRINTING towards the old shed. She saw that it was not far, but with every step, it seemed to get further. The wheat surrounding her kept whipping her face, and Amy's grip grew tighter on her shoulder (in her other hand Amy held her teddy bear). She started to wonder if GLaDOS would recognize her. Well, her hair was still in that carelessly put-in ponytail, as was Amy's, and she hadn't changed that much from the last time she was here. As soon as she made it to the shed she started banging her fists on the door. She didn't know why she was putting so much force into it; its not like GLaDOS had not let her in before. But, in her state of panic, all of her energy was put in to wanting in. The door opened and once inside she could see that the elevator was coming up. Yep, she remembered her. The elevator opened and she stepped inside, it made a loud "CLANK" noise as it started its decent. Now, Amy's hand was so far dug into her shoulder that Chell was sure she was going to start bleeding in a minute.

"Amy," Chell said, "Would you please release some of your grip on mommy's shoulder." Though being as terrified as she was, she only griped harder. Chell sighed and took Amy off of her shoulders and held her in her arms. She didn't know if GLaDOS was angry at the fact that she hadn't come in a while, so Amy wasn't going to leave her sight.

The elevator came to an abrupt halt and opened to face a long, cold hallway. This hallway Chell knew to well, as it held many memories for her (some good, some bad, but memories all the same). As she started down the hallway, she could feel the cameras following her as she walked, but she didn't look. Amy did, however, and strung her arms tightly around her mother's neck.

Chell walked into the large, unadorned room to find exactly what she expected…her. Still hanging there, and who-knows-what was going through her brain when she looked at Chell and Amy.

"Well," she said, with that same tone in her voice that she had always had, always "look who it is. After all this time you finally managed to drag yourself down here and say hello. You know, it been a very long time. I could have easily deleted you from my memory banks and not have known who you were just now. Then what would have happened when you just marched your self down in here?". She was expecting Chell to respond with one of her usual comebacks (after Chell had gone to that "speech therapy", the two had always poked fun at each other)

"I need your help." Chell said in a voice that was so cold the sun probably froze over. GLaDOS picked up the stress in her voice almost instantly.

"What is it? What's going on?" GLaDOS said (with a little too much care in her voice for her liking).

"My town is being attacked," Chell said. She hated having to say that, because she knew for the past few months that she might have too. "By some people who have been threatening our town for a while now."

"Oh, I see." The AI said. She wasn't exactly sure where the former test subject was going with this.

"Everyone is fighting to try to save it, and it isn't safe for Amy." Chell said. GLaDOS looked over at Amy, which made Amy bury her head into her mothers shoulder, but not out of shyness, and Chell could now feel Amy trembling. "Please let Amy stay here, just until this is all over."

So THAT'S where she was going with this. Amy was now looking up at her mother, and whined out a small "Mommy….".

"WAIT! You want ME to watch after a child?" GLaDOS said with a tone somewhere between sarcasm and shock. Chell didn't say anything, though she did nod. "Fine then. But you're staying too." GLaDOS said as if she was stating a true fact.

"GLaDOS," Chell said, very calmly "I have to go. They need me there. Please watch over Amy.".

"She's doing it again" GLaDOS thought "whenever she REALLY wants something, she'll give you a few reasons and then ask again. Where did she pick that up?". GLaDOS' silent thought must have been taking a while (a while being 3 seconds) because Chell opened her mouth to say something but GLaDOS cut her off. "Fine, I'll watch her. But you better be fast.". A small, very fake smile came across Chell's face.

"Thank you." She said. Amy's eyes widened as she realized that her mother was putting her down on the floor. Amy was now sitting down looking up at her mother, but Chell was looking up at GLaDOS. "Now, may I please have my portal gun and a few turrents?" Chell asked, very seriously.

Normally GLaDOS would have responded with "Why should I give YOU any of MY resources?" But given the current events, she made a panel rise up with the gun and 3 off-line nano-turrents. Chell walked over and grabbed the gun and nano-turrents.

She walked back over to where Amy was, bent down, hugged her and said "Mommy will be back soon. I love you.". Chell got up to leave when she felt a small hand grab the back of her ankle.

"Mommy…" a small voice chimed, "don't go.". You could hear it in her voice that she was crying. And hearing her daughter say that almost made Chell cry too, but she knew that if she did Amy wouldn't be able to be consoled. Chell turned around and got down to Amy's level. She put her hands on Amy's shoulders and looked straight into her tear-filled eyes.

"Sweetie," she said, taking her hand and putting it on Amy's cheek, "Listen, mommy has to go right now. So I need you to be a good and brave girl, ok?" The look in Amy's eyes showed that she still wasn't convinced, "Amy, she will take good care of you. I promise it will be ok. Now, I need you to be a brave big girl and please do this for me." Amy turned around to GLaDOS, and then back to her mom and nodded. "That's my girl." Chell said with a small smile. GLaDOS was convinced that, if she were human, she would go over there and smile at Amy the same way that Chell did, but she couldn't, so she just hung there, awkwardly staring.

Chell kissed Amy on her forehead, stood up, looked over at GLaDOS with an I-trust-you-but-if-you-try-anything-I-will-kill-you look, and walked out. With every step she took, the more guilty she felt. How could she? How could she leave her only daughter, the only blood relation she had (ok, there's Caroline, but she's not technically living), with the person who tried to kill her SEVERAL times? Her only hope is that Caroline would not let GLaDOS kill her. But at the same time, she didn't believe that GLaDOS would try to kill her. She just, didn't. Something was telling her that Amy would be fine. She could still hear Amy's quiet sobbing echoing throughout the hallway, and wanted more than ANYTHING to turn around and cradle her in her arms. But she knew it wasn't safe for her out there, not now. So she had to just keep walking, her tears unstoppable.

Back in the chamber, GLaDOS was getting the elevator to take Chell back to the surface, and the only thing that was on her mind was, "what now?" She had a child, a small, terrified child. She saw Amy still facing the door her mother left out of, slightly crying. What does she do now? She had dealt with humans plenty of times, but never a CHILD! She quickly started pulling out files with videos from the daycare center, but to no avail. All of the videos had the answer, but every one involved having to go and actually hug and cradle the crying child. Which was kind of impossible for her, being a huge dangling-from-the-ceiling AI and all. She let out a frustrated sigh that made Amy stop cold. Amy slowly turned around to look at her, and clung to her teddy bear with all of her might. GLaDOS made a note to herself to do research on why children had so much attachment to such a useless thing.

"Ok then. It seems that you will be here for, most likely, the rest of the night." GLaDOS finally managed to say, Amy just looked up at her in awe of how big this thing was. Even though she was only about 49 feet tall, Amy thought that she was about 1,000. "So, you will need a place to sleep. I will just get Atlas and P-body to bring up a bed." On the screen behind GLaDOS was video surveillance of them testing. Both GLaDOS and Amy's attention went to that screen.

GLaDOS said over the intercom "attention all testing robots, we-oh, look, that's just you two. Good, now go into the hospitality room and bring back a bed." The two robots just looked at each other confused and then back at the camera. GLaDOS sighed and streamed them the way to the hospitality room. "There," she said, in a I-can't-believe-I-have-to-go-out-of-my-way-for-you tone, "Now you know where it is. Now go." The robots just stood there. "NOW!" GLaDOS yelled. The bots slammed into each other when she said that, and fell on the floor. Amy saw and giggled a little. The two robots ran off and Amy seemed to calm down a little bit. Amy was now looking around the room, trying to take everything in. But there wasn't that much.

"Hum," Amy said in a very quiet and timid voice, "who was that?". GLaDOS turned to her, which scared Amy a little, as she put her teddy bear up to her face. GLaDOS made another note to herself to research why children had so much attachment to those things, yet offered them up in a second.

"Well," GLaDOS said, "that was Atlas and P-body. Their two testing robots that were made specify for testing. If you notice Atlas being slightly," she paused, thinking of a word she could use for him that a child would be able to understand, "not as good, it's because humans designed him. P-body is all mine, which is why she is so much better." GLaDOS slightly gloated.

"Oh. I see." Amy said, even though she really didn't. "So, if their names are Atlas and P-body, what's yours?" Amy asked, tilting her head slightly.

"GLaDOS." She said, in her matter-of-fact way.

"That's a cool name!" The little girl said, getting excited. GLaDOS noted that when she smiled like that, she had her mothers smile.

"T-thank you." GLaDOS said, not really sure how to respond to that. At that moment, two panels popped up from the other side of the room and Atlas and P-body walked in, carrying a cot. "Just put it down over there." GLaDOS instructed, gesturing beside her. The two put the bed down and looked over at Amy, and back at GLaDOS. "Yes, it's a human. You two can go back to the hub now. We'll pick testing back up in an hour." GLaDOS said. The two bots just looked back at Amy. Amy smiled and waved at them, they waved back at her before GLaDOS let out a fake cough. The two bots walked back out of the panels.

Amy looked over at the bed and then walked over to it. "Is this my bed?" she asked.

"Yes," GLaDOS answered, "and you've had a long day, I suggest you make use of it." Amy crawled into the bed and got under the covers.

"I can't go to sleep." She said, putting her head down on the pillow.

"Why not?" GLaDOS asked, suspecting it was something childish that was keeping her from going to sleep.

"Its to dark. I need a night light." GLaDOS was right. GLaDOS made the top panels of the room pop out to make a light blue glow throughout the room. Amy slightly whispered a "wow.". She was very tired, and she knew that her mom would come back in the morning, but she kind of hoped it wouldn't be till later. This place was cool and she wanted to go look around. She imagined all of the cool things she would do as she quietly fell asleep.

It was now 8:00 in the morning and Amy was still sleeping. All night GLaDOS had heard her quiet breathing. Her chamber was filled with the sound of it, and it was odd because usually the only sound was the sound of her talking to the robots (which was pretty much like talking to herself). She very quickly streamed the local towns newspaper to her main frame. And, of course, the front-page headline was "LOCAL TOWN ATTACKED. MANY LIVES LOST.". There was a list off every one who had died, and, let her tell you, it was big. GLaDOS knew that the town was not that big and that it would have been more time conservative if they just listed the people who lived. The first name she came across who she knew was Mark. "Oh no." GLaDOS thought. "Chell is going to be heart broken. When she comes back I'll make sure to-


What's that?

No, that can't be right.

It must be some mistake.

That can't be her name.

It must be a typo.


Not her.

Not her best friend.


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