They told him the house was haunted. They told him the house was strange. Five families had moved in, and never made it out. Alive anyway. He had already survived two days with his second night in his new home, what could possibly happen?

A whispered name.

He stirs in his sleep. A pale, vaporous moon lights the room. Shadows are deep. He twists his head, turning towards the window so that his face becomes a soft mask, unblemished, colourless. But the
boy's dream is troubled; beneath his lids, his eyes dart to and fro.

The whispered name:


its sound is distant.

The boy frowns; yet the voice is within his own slumber, a silky calling inside his dream. His arm loosens from dampened bedclothes, his lips part in a silent murmur. His floating thoughts are being
drawn towards consciousness. The protest trapped in his throat like a form, emerges as he wakens. And he wonders if he has imagined his own cry as he stares through the glass at the insipid moon

he found a piece of paper on the middle of paper it read

"she wrapped her fingers around his heart, bring it
to her lips and sucking it, like a fruit until no blood is left in any
fibre. Feeding on it till even the colour of blood is out of it.

The boy is frozen. His mouth is locked open, lips stretched taut and
hard over bone, the scream begun but only breaking loose a moment or
two later, a shrilling that cuts through the threatening quietness of
the house. His cry diminishes, dissolves, and the boy's eyes close
while he seeks refuge as his absent-mindedness becomes inflexible…"

His voice was shaking as he read it out loud the paper wasn't there when he went to sleep and no one had entered his room as the door was still locked how did it get there he was shocked yet scared he backed up and fell on his bed the window busted open he gave a slight shriek he ran and shut his window the midnight moon beaming down on his face as he peered out side looking for anybody who could of put the note in his room


His eyes shot open as wide as they could go he turned around slowly no one was there he looked around the room


He was so scared he ran to his bed and pulled the sheets over his head he repeated to himself

'No ones in here no one is in my bed room'

He put his eras to his hand and started to cry he sobbed all night until his alarm clock went off in the morning at 8:00 in the morning.

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