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Kenichi Finally Confesses to Miu PART 5!

Goal: who needs a Goal anyway ^ ^


Part 1 (08-08-11)

Part 2 (06-13-12)

Part 3 (08-31-12)

part 4 (54 days before the 5th update?)

Part 5 (12-28-12)

Scenario 17

Kenichi: I LOVE…

(Kenichi gets hit in the mouth with a snowball)

Miu: what was that Kenichi?

Scenario 18

Kenichi: I LOVE..

(Kenichi trips on Ice and falls into Miu's cleavage)

Kenichi: boobs?

Miu: Kenichi you Pervert!

(Kenichi gets punched into the sky)

Kenichi: it wasn't on purpose

Scenario 19

Kenichi: I LOVE YOU!

Miu: I Love You Too!

(Kenichi and Miu run towards each other)

(Kenichi is under the Mistletoe with Renka)

(Renka kisses Kenichi)

Kenichi: what the?

(Miu walks away)

Kenichi: wait Miu, it's not my fault

Scenario 20

Kenichi: I LOVE YOU!

Miu: that's not important right now

Kenichi: …

Miu: right now we are suppose to thank our fans for reading so far, and to wish them a merry Christmas

Kenichi: plus the Author would appreciate it if someone could make fan art for this series so that he could make a mini series on YouTube based on this

Miu: so please feel free to send it to him either through private message or another source

Kenichi: plus next time he updates he'll let you pick the topic!

Miu: thanks you for reading so far