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Here's Chapter1. At first, it'll be Kukamu but then it'll be Amuto . . . I think . . .

Chapter 1

Amu's POV

"See, that girl? I hear that she smokes and brings new guys to the roof to have sex." Some girls whispered.

I sighed and covered my face with one hand. As if my life wasn't hard enough. I had just transferred here yesterday and yet, I was suddenly treated like a disease.

"KYYYYAAA! Here they come! The school's dark nights (a/n: Oh, damn, that's lame)!" Some girls squealed, peering through the window.

I leaned over to see and there they were. A boy with scruffy brown hair, one with golden hair, one with long purple hair, and one with midnight blue hair. And they were bullying a little kid. Except the one with brown hair, who seemed to be telling the one with blue hair to stop.

I jumped through the window and landed on the ground, not a single scratch. I knew new rumors were spreading this instant as I ran but I didn't care.

As the blue haired kid drew back his head, ready to kick the little kid again, I jumped up and punched him in the face, sending him flying (a/n: like in One Piece, when Luffy punched the Celestial Dragon and sent him flying but Ikuto didn't make that much of a mess).

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" I yelled as he got up after crashing into the huge tree in the yard. I saw his three friends back away nervously.

The blue haired boy got up and walked up to me, looking extremely pissed. "Who are you?" He asked, cowering over me, as if threatening me.

"Why are you bullying this little kid?" I cried, pointing at the small child shaking on the ground, clutching a small black wallet. Then, I suddenly understood. "You wanted his money?" I asked disbelievingly. Who in their right mind would try to take money from a little kid?

"Shut the fuck up." He commanded angrily and grabbed the front of my white and pink striped shirt, lifting me up.

I scowled at him and tried to get out of his grip but to avail. I was just dangling in the air. "Let go of me!" I demanded, digging my nails into the arm he was holding me with but the kid didn't flinch. Okay, I seriously needed to sharpen my nails (a/n: Ahaha, my best friend does that. She files her nails and in the end . . . they're insanely sharp!).

"Let go of me!" Ikuto mocked. Okay, this time . . . he had gone too far.

I kicked him where it hurt, tearing my shirt in the process. So, a summary . . . I was in the middle of the school yard . . . wearing a lacy black bra. Why did it have to be today?

I heard some boys whistle from above, considering that I had double Ds. I sighed angrily and tried to cover myself with my pale, skinny arms.

I saw the blue-haired boy get up, still holding his special spot. "You'll regret this, bitch." He muttered and started walking in the opposite direction.

I saw the long, purple-haired kid and little blondie glance at me with a hint of worry, and then run off to Mr. Attitude. The boy with scruffy sepia hair got up and I expected him to follow them but he didn't. Instead he ran off . . . to me!

When he approached me, my eyes narrowed. "What do you want?" I hissed.

The boy took off the sweater he was wearing and I immediately backed off. "Whoa, don't rape me!"

I covered my face but instead, the boy gently fitted his sweater onto me. "Sorry about Ikuto." He murmured.


"The guy with blue hair."


"He's really not that bad."

"Yeah right." I muttered sarcastically. "Then why was he bullying this little kid?" I asked, pointing toward the small child still shaking with fear, watching our every move. My eyes immediately softened and I walked over to him. The boy covered his face but I rested my hand on his head. He looked up at me curiously. "Don't worry," I murmured. "They won't hurt you anymore. You can keep your money." The child stood up, still shivering a bit and bowed.

"Arigatou, Onee-chan!" he thanked and ran off, but I knew he was smiling a bit.

"Be safe!" I called out and stood up, dusting the dirt off my black skinny jeans.

"You're different . . ." I peered down at the still sitting boy with sepia hair and raised an eyebrow. "You helped a child when everyone kept laughing at him . . ."

"Is that so wrong?" I asked, hands on my hips.

He laughed and I recoiled, surprised that it sounded so spirited. It actually felt contagious. "Nice to meet you." He introduced, offering his hand out. "I'm Kukai Souma."

I shook his hand, offering him a small smile. He didn't seem so bad. "My name's Amu Hinamori."

"Yeah, I know." Kukai tilted his head and gazed at me. "Y'know, you don't seem as bad as the rumors."

I gave a light laugh. "Well, I'm a transfer student. You'd be surprised if none came up."

"So . . . none of them are true?" Kukai asked, cocking his head.

"No, some of them are actually really offensive." I admitted, sighing. "I heard she brings different boys to the roof to have sex. I hear she works as a stripper. I hear she's lesbian. Blah blah blah!" I mocked. "This stuff is seriously rude."

"Don't worry. I'll clear up the rumors." Kukai winked. "Now I better get going or Ikuto's gonna murder me. See you around?"

I hesitated for a moment and nodded. "Sure." I breathed and crouched down when he ran off. Kukai, huh?

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