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This was an Idea that came from a prompt XxAlyssaxX sent me once, and it finally yelled at me to write it.

Green Green Leaves

Charlus and Dorea Potter sat on their porch watching as two children ran around and giggled. They were chasing a butterfly and right before they caught it, the little butterfly would slip through their fingers, tickling them, and sending the boys into another giggling fit. They had been chasing the butterfly for 10 minutes before they grew tired and slowly trekked back to the porch to beg for juice and cookies.

"Granma, can Gaara and I have cookies please?" Their grandchild Harry asked.

Charlus had been furious when he found out that Dumbledore had tried to hide their grandchild away from them. The night Harry was left at the Dursleys, Charlus had stormed the Ministry, pulling every contact he had, throwing words, spells, and money around until he had his grandchild in his arms.

They had taken Harry away and travelled around. Dumbledore had tried following them but they had always managed to give him the slip. One day while they were in Egypt, Harry had been five at the time; Harry had run into a tomb and through a hole that only he could fit. Dorea had been beside herself with worry, but an hour later a little head of black hair popped back out of the hole and revealed their grandchild. Dorea had instantly scooped Harry up into her arms and hugged the boy tightly. Only the soft exclamation from her husband had caused her to divert her attention from her grandson to the hole, where a head of red hair appeared.

Charlus had bent down and helped the child out. What they saw was a boy around Harry's age with wild red hair, green eyes, and brown clothes. Dorea's mother instincts kicked in for a second time, and placed Harry down before checking the boy. He seemed fine, as did Harry so she tried speaking with him. He hadn't responded and stuck to Harry's side the entire time. They had asked Harry where he went and all he could saw was that he ended up in a village and saw the boy by himself. He offered him a cookie and together they walked back through the tunnel.

Charlus had asked around but there were no villages near the pyramids and no reports for a lost child. They finally got the child's name, Gaara, but he seemed to have no past. After two weeks, Charlus and Dorea applied to keep him as a ward.

"Of course dear, let me call a house elf." Dorea responded to her grandson. She called for Nibby, and once the elf appeared with cookies, the two little boys dove at the plate. Once recharged, they took off again, looking for a new game to play. Dorea smiled fondly at them.

After they had gained custody of Gaara, they returned to England. Gaara was quiet and had sleep issues, but they took him to a mind healer and had a schedule for when he could and could not take sleeping potions. The boys mind was a mess of pain and anger, so over months and months, the healer managed to calm it, and Gaara started sleeping on his own.

The nights he couldn't, he would be found in Harry's room. He claimed he was protecting Harry from the monsters of the night, and his strong declaration and pudgy cheeks, stopped any protest from the old couple. He was too adorable to deny. Two years later, Gaara still spent his sleepless nights protecting Harry and Dorea still couldn't bring herself to make him return to his own room.

"They look like James and Lily." Charlus said from beside her.

Dorea looked at the two children and smiled. Harry's wild black mane was exactly like his father's when he was younger. His bright smile and glasses helped the image but he had a lot of Lily's features. Gaara had that same vibrant dark red hair that Lily had, and green eyes. His face was more masculine than Lily's and Harry's but still cute with its baby fat.

"Gaara is just as possessive as James was as a child." Dorea commented. It was true. They had taken them to a park once that other Wizarding families like to frequent, and Gaara had refused to share Harry with anyone. Harry didn't seem to mind and happily played with his friend, ignoring the other children as they ignored Gaara.

"What will Gaara do when Harry goes to Hogwarts?" Charlus asked.

"Follow him I expect." Dorea answered instantly. She could picture Gaara running after the Hogwarts expressed and jumping on, searching all the compartments until he found Harry and refusing to leave him. Gaara wouldn't let anything separate them.

"He doesn't have magic." Charlus pointed out.

"He doesn't need it to protect Harry."

That was true. They have found out early that Gaara had a way with sand. He wasn't a wizard and probably never would be, but he could control sand. He could wield it to his will, and his will was always to protect Harry. Once while they were in town, a man had tried kidnapping Harry, but Gaara used his sand to slam the man against a wall and keep him there. When they police were about to arrive, Gaara dropped the man and Charlus had taken over, calmly telling the muggle officers that the man had tried stealing his grandchildren. The oblivated spectators helped support his claims.

"Do you ever worry about that?"

"Never." Dorea answered with conviction.

"Do you ever ask yourself if we made a mistake taking him in?" Charlus asked. Dorea wasn't sure which child he was talking about. Looking out at the two boys she watched as Gaara walked over to Harry, his arms full of green summer leaves.

"Harry... th-they remind me of your eyes." Gaara said as he presented his armful to the small black haired boy. Harry's face split into a large grin as he took the leaves into his own arms. "They're just not as beautiful as your eyes though." Gaara said with a frown.

Dorea watched as a blushed spread across her grandson's face and he looked down at his pile of leaves. Quickly Harry was on his toes and kissing his friend on the cheek before running towards them, leaves flying behind him.

Harry presented his armful of leave, and with pleading eyes looked at Dorea. "Granma can you put that forever charm on these?"

Leaves... Gaara had given Harry leaves, but he seemed intent on always cherishing the gift.

"No I never regret it." Dorea answered as she took out her wand to perform the charm for her grandchild. Once she finished the boy set them down nicely at her feet and ran back to Gaara where he gave the other boy a hug.

"Neither do I." Charlus stated, looking at the boys with a smile on his face.