Chunky seemed to be frozen in place. In front of him was the biggest cannon that he or any other Kong had ever seen. It was the cannon that would propel a monkey to Creepy Castle, Chunky's personal least favorite place to go in the entire world. Why, oh why does the only library I know of have to be in Creepy Castle? Chunky wondered worriedly to himself.

He really, really didn't want to go in that cannon. Maybe he could just forget the whole thing. NO. A stubborn voice inside him told him he couldn't just forget it. Someone was in trouble and he had to do his best to help.

Suddenly images of all the fear, pain, and suffering the Kongs had gone through because of K. Rool flashed through Chunky's head, trying to give him an excuse not to go. But he pushed them away. He was going and that was that.

He took a few steps forward, and then he was launched into the air, higher and higher, into the dark clouds above.


Suddenly Chunky landed, and not on a soft, fluffy cloud, either. On hard, cold earth. He slowly stood up and sighed. Here he was. Creepy Castle. Cold rain pelted his fur, and wind howled, sending a shiver down his spine. He looked around. Great, he thought as he realized he had landed on the small floating island separate from the rest of Creepy Castle.

There was a bridge between this island and the rest of creepy castle, but it was very long and skinny. I hate this bridge... Chunky thought ruefully. He slowly stepped onto the bridge. It groaned. It was soaking wet, so it was pretty soft and bent under Chunky's weight. I really hate this bridge...

He slowly made his way across, trying desperately to not look down. He knew what he would see if he did: darkness. No solid ground. If he fell, there was absolutely no way he could survive. He was too high up. The farther out Chunky went, the more the soggy bridge bent.

But it didn't break. He made it all the way across and it didn't break. He bent over and kissed the ground when he reached the other side. Of course, his relief did not last long. He had only passed his first obstacle. He had a long way to go before he reached the library.

The rain and cold seemed to soak right into Chunky's bones. The very air seemed to whisper of despair and loneliness. It was worse than last time. At least then he had the other Kongs at his side. This time he was utterly alone. He walked across wet grass and climbed up rickety wooden ladders. So much of this place looked so similar. Chunky lost all sense of distance. All he knew was that he must keep going.

For a long while he saw no one. There seemed to be nothing here, living or undead. You might think this was a great relief; but it made Chunky feel worse. His feeling loneliness was increasing by the second. He felt deserted, as if he was the last creature in the whole world and he would be stranded alone forever. Then, without warning, there was some rustling in the dead branches of some bushes.


Meanwhile, at the entrance to Creepy Castle, all of the Kongs except Candy had crossed the bridge. "Come on, Candy." Lanky called.

"That thing doesn't look stable." Candy said nervously.

"Aw, don't worry. We all made it across okay." Diddy encouraged her.

"Fine, fine." She cautiously made her way across. Everything seemed fine until she was almost on the other side. But suddenly the bridge groaned loudly and sagged. Candy gasped.

Donkey Kong jumped onto the bridge, picked Candy up, and threw her safely to the other side. Then the bridge gave way, and Donkey started to fall. Candy screamed. She ran to the edge of the floating island. She reached down and grabbed Donkey's hand before he fell too far. Donkey was heavier than Candy, so she started sliding closer and closer to the edge. Tiny and Lanky rushed forward and each grabbed one of Candy's feet. They pulled her and Donkey up. Diddy ran to Donkey and hugged his uncle, glad he was safe.

For a few minutes no one said anything. The shock of what had almost just happened silenced them. Candy stared at the ground. After a few minutes, Tiny broke the silence. " We better get moving." So the whole group started walking again.


Farther into Creepy Castle, Chunky was having his own problems. Three bone-kritters jumped out of the bushes. For a second, Chunky was relieved to finally see a living (well, sort of...) thing besides himself. But then he became worried. How would he fight off all three at once?

He punched one of the bone-kritter's heads off, but the other two ganged up on him. Each one grabbed one of his arms and twisted it behind him. Pain shot through his arms. He kicked one of them. The bone-kritter's grip loosened, and Chunky pulled his arm free. But then, two more bone-kritters appeared out of nowhere. I am so dead. Chunky thought.

But then, a blinding light filled his eyes and a deafening roar filled his ears. Searing pain shot through his left arm. Slowly, the roaring he heard ebbed away, and his vision also faded, until he could see nothing.