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Chunky couldn't see anything. He couldn't hear anything, either, except for a ringing in his ears. His whole body felt numb.

Slowly his vision began to return, and the ringing in his ears faded away. Chunky stared at the sky in shock. What had just happened? Slowly, he started to hear the thunder again, and eventually his hearing recovered enough for him to hear the rain falling.

The numbness in his body was wearing off, so he sat up and looked around. The bone-kritters lay in pieces beside him, and there was a patch of blackened ground under one of them, emitting smoke into the air. Chunky's boggled mind began to put the pieces together. One of the bone-kritters had been struck by lightning. Chunky and the other bone-kritters had been close enough to be affected by it too, but the bone-kritters, being made of only bones, hadn't withstood the impact as well as Chunky had.

Eventually, Chunky was able to stand up, although it did hurt, as if he had been sunburned. Other than that, Chunky didn't notice any other immediate problems caused by the lightning strike-except for his left arm. It still felt completely numb. It must have been closer to the lightning then the rest of him.

Suddenly, Chunky heard voices. "I wonder why Chunky came here, anyways. There isn't anything here that could help K. Rool, is there?" Chunky recognized the voice of Diddy. Oh no, he thought to himself. The other Kongs came to stop me.

Chunky quickly stood up and began running up the board walk which wound around the castle, doing his best to ignore the pain that movement brought. After a while, he saw the door labeled "Library." Bingo! That was what he was looking for. But then he remembered that in order to open the door, you had to pound a switch farther up the boardwalk. Chunky ran a little farther up the boardwalk until he came to an unlabeled door with a switch in front of it. That switch opened the door marked "Library." Except there was one problem. This switch was specifically meant for Donkey Kong. It wouldn't matter how hard Chunky pounded it, it wouldn't work for him.

But then Chunky remembered that the unlabeled door also led into the library. Donkey Kong had told the Kongs that after he had ventured into the library the first time. But there was no knob on the outside, so it must only open from the inside. Darn it! Chunky thought.

Desperate to avoid being confronted by the other Kongs, Chunky did the only thing he could think of: he punched the door with his right hand, putting all his strength into the punch. The door flew apart, splinters scattering everywhere.

Chunky entered the library cautiously. He was in a small, empty room, but ahead of him was a hallway lined with bookshelves. Flying in and out of the shelves were books, obviously haunted. Angry little eyes stared out of the books and at him, daring him to even try walking down the hallway.

Chunky gulped. Donkey Kong had been able to use his invincibility power when he had been here, but Chunky didn't have use of that power. He would just have to hope he could get through without getting injured too badly. He stood there a moment, gathering his wits, then ran forward. He felt a book hit the side of his head. Disoriented, he stopped running and and realigned himself to face the other end of the hall.

He ran forward again, head bent. Books hit his legs, nearly knocking him over. They hit his arms, too. When a book hit his right arm, he felt it, searing like fire because of the burns from the lightning strike. But when a book hit his left arm, he realized with alarm, he didn't feel a thing. No feeling had returned to it at all.

Finally, bruised but not injured badly, Chunky made it to the end of the hall. Chunky walked down a few empty corridors, feeling apprehensive because he didn't hear anything making any noise. It was a little too quiet.

Suddenly he heard some squeaking noises and a few big, purple bats flew toward him, but he managed to avoid them pretty well. Finally, he entered the main library room. Shelves lined every wall, and all the shelves were filled with books. In the center of the room, three huge, red-covered books sat in a pile. Chunky was curious. What in the world could be inside them? He lifted the cover of one, only to find it was blank. Strange.

He turned to look at the shelves filled with books. After ten irritating minutes of searching he finally found a book that might be useful. It was entitled "Kremling Diseases, Illnesses, and Other Ailments." Chunky flipped open the book. The first page described, in detail, the life and education of K. Ure, the author, who was apparently a very famous Kremling Doctor. So, Chunky thought to himself, Kremlings do have doctors. Apparantly K. Rool didn't think he would need one, though. Chunky continued flipping through the book, past "Alligator Aches", "Crocodile Chills", and "Demoralizing Diarrhea", until he finally found the illness the had been searching for.

Kremling Kough- A Kremling gets Kremling Kough from spending too much time in the damp and cold. It is a severe chest infection that is almost always fatal. There had only been one case that has not resulted in death. This is because the only known cure for Kremling Kough, the Soleil Mushroom, is extremely rare. It has been found growing next to trees in woodland areas sometimes, but only once in a great while. It has an unusual golden color.

Chunky stared at the page, feeling discouraged. "rare" and "once in a great while" were not very encouraging words. It seemed Chunky's chances of helping K. Rool were pretty slim. But he still had to try. He just had to!

Chunky noticed it was getting rather warm in the library. He took his baseball cap off his sweaty, furry head and set it down on one of the giant books. What sort of woody areas were around here? Chunky wondered. Then, suddenly it came to him, like a light bulb turning on inside his head. Fungi Forest! Of course! Eager to see if his hunch was correct, Chunky raced out of the room, leaving the open book and his baseball cap on top of the pile of giant books.