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This isn't your average story.

It starts typically enough: A boy and a girl, brought together by fate, finally find each other. There are trials and tribulations, but they make it through the storms. They love each other. It's just the way it is. In your average story they call this 'The End.'

No, this isn't your average story at all. Because after all is said and done, what if nothing could keep the two together? What if fate wasn't strong enough? What if they learned to love people who weren't each other? What if it was never really love?

What if it was?

And so we follow our two favorite protagonists in a boy-meets-girl whirlwind of epic proportions, because the only thing harder than falling in love is staying in love.

They have different problems. For her, it's the decision between following her heart and following her dreams. For him, it's keeping up with her, his sports, his friends, and popularity. They both know that being together won't be easy. Not by a long shot. But they've both made a decision; they've both made a promise.

All they have to do is keep it. And the might be the hardest part of it all.

He's a giant. She's over a foot shorter than he is. His vocabulary is limited, to say the least. Hers is of immense proportions. They're black and white. Sure, opposites attract. But that doesn't mean they always fit. She's Rachel Barbra Berry. He's plain old Finn. She thinks they were brought together by forces much bigger than them. He thinks that they were in the right place at the right time. That doesn't matter, though. Their beliefs are theirs and theirs alone. It's the things they share that matter the most. She tries something new at every restaurant they visit. He always orders the same thing. He can't watch a movie more than once. She lives on Funny Girl. Their interactions are far from normal, but neither of them would ever have it any other way.

Summer, away from the pressures of school and friends and the future, felt like magic to the both of them. Lazy days stretched forever. They realized what it means to love someone with every ion of your being.

They've decided to stay together no matter what happens. They both know how unsuccessful they are at being apart (even if their success rate is lower together). It's the first day of senior year, and everything is about to change for better or for worse.

We'll follow them through daily struggles and victories, no matter how small, and learn more about them as they learn about themselves. We'll be along for the ride.

Will you join us?

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