(A/N: I am making this a little different then in the Pumpkinhead movies, also Sara is half demon, when she was a baby she was tested on, they mixed her DNA with demon DNA. She was never told that so she doesn't know. Sara doesn't know how she got the powers. Sara can also die. This FanFic is after Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud.)

SARA (Main Character): 19 years old. A Brunette, hair stops at her hips. Has nails that grow rapidly into claws when she wants them to, her claws can grow to be 3 inches long. She has a tail that can appear whenever she wants it to (looks like Pumpkinhead's tail in Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes to Ashes and Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud.) Stands to be 5 feet tall. Has 2 wings that can appear whenever she wants them too. Her wings have feathers, a thumb and 4 fingers like a bat but are hidden by the feathers but are so long they show 2 inches past her flight feathers. Her wings are 6 feet long. Without her tail, claws and wings she looks completely human.

Mia (Sara's little sister): 16 years old, Black hair, knows about Sara and what she can do (Tail, claws and wings) doesn't know Sara was tested on when she was a baby. Stands 6 feet tall, Lives with Sara.

Chapter 1: Criminals

I wake up to the sound of birds outside. I get out of bed and change my clothes and go out of our room and downstairs and sees Mia sitting on the couch watching TV.

I sit beside her, "Whatcha watchin?" She looks at me and back at the TV, "nothin just the news." I look at the TV and see a reporter standing outside a prison, I listen…

"A group of 9 men broke out late last night. The group was led by 32 year old Aeron Atwell. Aeron has been guilty of committing First-degree murder, along with 28 year old Axel Atwell, Aeron Atwell's younger brother who was the second to escape. Both teamed up a year ago and murdered a family of 5. The third man was 30 year old Jakob Baker, was guilty of rape of 2 women. The third to escape was 26 year old Baron Boyd, was guilty of murdering 16 year old Mary Larker. Baron Boyd's twin brother, 26 year old Michael Boyd was the forth to escape, guilty of murdering his wife, Alley Boyd. The sixth to escape was 27 year old Martin Junius, guilty of First-Degree murder. Seventh to escape was 20 year old Tommy Davus, guilty of shooting 3 people two years ago. The eighth man to escape was 30 year old John Tatum, guilty of murdering his 13 year old daughter and 29 year old wife. The last man to escape was Denis Walker, guilty of killing 8 people last year."

They show pictures of all the men.

I look at Mia, "dang… all those people escaped and are on the loose…" Mia looks at me, "yea, its good we have the doors locked…we better stay inside until the police find them."

Mia looks at me, "Or you could find them and knock them out and drop them off at the police station." She smiles.

"No we need to leave it to the police."

"You could do it, besides the police station is only 2 miles away from our house."

I sigh, "Ok but your staying here, I don't want you to get hurt, ill go when it gets dark."

Mia smiles, "ok. I'll stay here and wait for you."

"Ok." I smile back at her.


I look outside our bedroom window, its sunset. I look at Mia and she looks at me, "ok I'm going to go after the criminals now, stay here and keep the doors locked, ok."

Mia smiles, "ok."

I smile back at her and hug her and jump up onto the window seal and jump out the window and my wings appear and I flap them before I hit the ground.

I fly into the air and fly toward the police station, looking around for the criminals.

I see a man that looks suspicious, I make my claws and tail appear and I dive down to him and land behind him and whack him in the back of the head, sensing it is John Tatum and he falls to the ground, unconscious.

I pick him up by the back of his shirt and fly towards the police station.

Just as I get into the air I hear a gun shot and feel a sharp pain in my chest, I was shot in the heart.

I drop John Tatum and turn around in the air and see 5 of the criminals, all armed with guns, Aeron, Axel, Baron, Martin and Denis.

I growl and my claws grow longer and I land on the ground and look at them, "go back to jail!"

Aeron chuckles, "were not going back to that shit-hole."

I feel the pain increase and I growl again, wondering where the other men are. I take one step closer to the men and they all shoot at me and I fall to the ground, hurt bad.

The men chuckle and Axel picks up John, who is near me and I stab my tail into Axel's chest and out his back and he yells in pain and I throw him onto the ground, breaking his bones and killing him.

"Axel!" I recognize the voice to be Aeron's and he shoots me again and I black out…