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Chapter 2: Tragedy and Resurrection

I wake up and look around, wondering where I am and what happened. I see Axel's dead body and start remembering what happened. I stand up, blood all over me from the gun shot wounds, I don't care. I need to get home before they hurt Mia!

I jump into the air and fly towards home.

Mia's POV:

A few minutes ago three criminals broke down the door and chased after me, I don't know where Sara is, I hope they didn't kill her…I look out the closet door, I don't see anyone.

I sigh quietly, trying to calm down, knowing they are still in the house.

The next thing I know someone breaks the closet door and grabs me by my hair and yanks me out of the closet and throws me against the wall. I yipe at the pain and gets grabbed again and thrown on the ground.

I remember that I can speak to Sara through telepathy, Sara taught me how to do it, "sara! Help!" I hear Sara reply, sounds like she is out of breath, "What's happening? Are they in the house?"

"Yes..." I look at the person who threw me, its Aeron and he doesn't look happy…

I hear a crash and I look over and see Sara beside the now-broken window, watching Aeron.

I get grabbed by my hair again and Aeron holds me in front of himself as the two other criminals walk into the room and point their guns at Sara, as Aeron holds a knife on my neck. Aeron says, "Take one more step and she dies!"

Sara's POV:

I am now very angry and sad at the same time. I look at the other two criminals named Martin and Denis. I look back at Mia and Aeron, my claws grow to their full length.

Martin looks at Aeron, "just kill the little bitch, she already killed your brother!"

Aeron smiles, "my pleasure." He slits Mia's neck, blood going all over her body. "MIA!" Aeron tosses Mia's body onto the ground, away from him. I sense she has died…

Tears appear in my eyes and I look at Aeron and the two other criminals and I roar demonically, my teeth sharpening into spike-like-teeth, my claws become black instead of the normal white.

I sense the fear coming from them and I throw my tail at Aeron but he dodges it, I throw it at him again and stabs Martin instead. I throw him into the wall hard.

I get shot at by Denis but I cant feel any pain. I throw my tail at Denis and stab him in the face and throw his body out the window.

Aeron runs out of the room, I sense he isn't going to come back anytime soon…

My teeth and claws go back to normal. My wings and tail disappear and I walk over to Mia's body and kneel down and pick up her body and start crying.

"I shouldn't have even left...I'm so sorry..."

"You knew something bad was going to happen, why did you go?" I jump at the sudden voice in my head, my first guess was that Aeron came back, but the voice is coming from my head, the voice sounds different then Aeron's. It's someone who is speaking through Telepathy. Apparently it's a male voice.

"Who are you?"

The voice chuckles, "You've heard of me before."

"I don't think so..."

"You still haven't answered my question."

"I went because I wanted the criminals to be taken back to the jail so no one would get hurt..."

"Your attempts in fighting them were weak."

"I am aware of that..."

"Your fighting skills approve when you are angry."

"Yes, I also get different features, just a couple."

"Go on."

"I'm done talking, my little sister just DIED! I don't even know you!"

"You will soon."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I sense you want something, am I correct?"


"What is it that you want."


I hear the voice chuckle and reply, "That's good. I can help you receive that."

"Where are you?"

"In a well about a mile away from your home."

"A well?"

"Yes, bring your little sister too."

"Ok..." I wipe the tears from my face and look down at Mia in my arms, "They will pay." I walk over to the window and fly out it and fly towards the well.

I soon see a large well in the middle of a woods and land by it.

I look down into the well, I see nothing but darkness and I smell the smell of death in the area."

"You're down there?"


I jump onto the side of the well, "Ok if I jump down there I won't die?"

"No, you will be ok."


I hold Mia's body and jump down into the darkness of the well and fall for 3 seconds and land on my feet at the bottom of the well and see a body, all bones. (There is only one body in the well because Pumpkinhead's body disappears after he dies, the last person who rose Pumpkinhead, their body turns into Pumpkinhead's body when he is resurrected.)

"Is that you?"


"Y-you're dead?"

"At the moment I am, you and your little sister's blood combined will resurrect me."

"What are you exactly?"

"I am a demon of vengeance."

"Ok. For Mia..."

I kneel down by the body and puts Mia down next to me. My nails grow longer into a claws and I cut my wrist and hold my wrist over the body, my blood going onto the body, my blood burning when it makes contact with the bones as if it was acid.

I take Mia's wrist and cut it and cup my hand under Mia's wrist to catch the blood and I move my hand over to the body and tilt my hand so Mia's blood goes onto the bones.

The body starts forming, more features appear on the body as it gets bigger.

I start feeling weird, like I'm very lightheaded, I fall over on the ground of the well.

I hear a roar and see a creature...I recognize to be...Pumpkinhead. I've only seen pictures of that creature...

"Y-your Pumpkinhead..."

He nods.

I blackout...