Surprise darlings! Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me!

Now let me start by saying I am so so so profusely sorry for having been gone for… *checks date* almost eight months! Wow. Has it really been that long? Pretty sure it's been even longer for some of my other fics. Anyways, again, I am extremely sorry. My KHR muse has been awol for the past while, and I've been trying to track it down. You know, in between becoming crazily obsessed with Supernatural and Sherlock and Merlin and Dragons: Riders of Berk in order to get my mind off of my crazy life.

But yeah, this has been quite a stressful year for me, with graduating high school and the fact that I'm still reeling from the passing of my father a bit over a year ago and just a whole lot of shit. But I'm sure you all don't really want to hear about that.

Just know that I am indeed making my return to the KHR fandom, but it'll be a while before I get new chapters out because I'm actually hoping to touch up all earlier chapters of this fanfic a bit. Fix some characterization issues and plug up some plot holes and the like. But rest assured, there will definitely be a new chapter some time in January!

That's all for now, but before you go, let's have a head count to see how many of y'all are still waiting on updates for RaF? Remember, your kind comments and words of encouragement are what motivate me, loves!